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Official results for Pittwater - NOL 2017 Round 1, Race 1 - Middle Distance

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Name: Pittwater - NOL 2017 Round 1, Race 1 - Middle Distance
Organiser: Orienteering Tasmania
Date: Saturday 11 March 2017

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3 975 m, 23 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time R
1Aston KeyVic Nuggets29:097:20
2Jarrah DayTas Foresters29:567:31
3Joseph DickinsonTas Foresters34:128:36
4Noah PolandACT Cockatoos34:518:46
5Ewan BarnettACT Cockatoos37:029:18
6Sebastian OHalloranTas Foresters37:249:24
7Jed FlemingTas Foresters38:109:36
8Nicholas CongediSA Arrows39:039:49
9Patrick MillerACT Cockatoos39:179:52
10Dante AfnanSA Arrows39:4910:01
11Jack NeumannQld Cyclones41:2610:25
12Alastair GeorgeNSW Stingers42:1610:37
13Duncan CurrieNSW Stingers43:2710:55
14Jake WestTas Foresters43:4310:59
15Daniel GrayQld Cyclones45:5711:33
16Stephen MelhuishACT Cockatoos48:2612:11
17Toby WilsonNSW Stingers48:4212:15
18Simeon BurrillQld Cyclones50:0312:35
19Riley de JongQld Cyclones50:1912:39
20Oliver MillACT Cockatoos51:4813:01
21Max DalheimVic Nuggets1:01:0715:22
22Johann BurgessTas Foresters1:01:4315:31 Download route in GPX format
23Luke WestTas Foresters1:11:1517:55


2 950 m, 11 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time R
1Zoe DowlingTas Foresters30:1610:15
2Rachel AllenTas Foresters34:5911:51
3Tara MelhuishACT Cockatoos36:1212:16
4Caroline PigerreQld Cyclones37:1712:38
5Asha SteerVic Nuggets38:3813:05
6Rebecca GeorgeNSW Stingers40:0813:36
7Winnie OakhillQld Cyclones40:3113:44
8Georgia JonesNSW Stingers40:5913:53
9Jo Anna MaynardWA Nomads42:4614:29
10Sarah LimSA Arrows55:0218:39
Test Runner1not competing


4 450 m, 32 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time R
1Simon UppillSA Arrows31:257:03
2Ian LawfordACT Cockatoos31:417:07
2Matthew CraneACT Cockatoos31:417:07
4Felix Späth33:137:27
5Brodie NankervisTas Foresters33:387:33
6Kerrin RattraySA Arrows34:247:43
7David ShepherdACT Cockatoos35:197:56
8Leon KeelyVic Nuggets37:328:26
9Anatoly KulikovQld Cyclones37:468:29
10Jeremy GenarTas Foresters38:268:38
11Robert BennettNSW Stingers38:518:43
12Andrew BarnettACT Cockatoos39:058:46
13Bruce ArthurVic Nuggets39:278:51
14Stefano RausSA Arrows40:069:00
15Atte LahtinenNSW Stingers40:189:03
16Warren KeyVic Nuggets40:399:08
17Jacob LindstamACT Cockatoos40:469:09
18David BrownridgeVic Nuggets40:509:10
19Simon RouseVic Nuggets42:039:26
20Matthew PattenTas Foresters45:2610:12
21Andrew BrownNSW Stingers46:2410:25
22James RobertsonVic Nuggets47:1210:36
23Paul LigginsTas Foresters47:3610:41
24Jemery DayTas Foresters49:2911:07
25Geoff LawfordVic Nuggets49:3511:08
26Jim RussellVic Nuggets50:0811:15
27John NieuwenhovenSA Arrows51:0511:28
28Blair TrewinVic Nuggets51:2511:33
29Matthew CohenTas Foresters54:3612:16
30David TayQld Cyclones1:06:3214:57
31David PolandBushflyers1:11:2116:02
Ashley NankervisTas Forestersdid not finish


3 475 m, 19 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time R
1Susen Löschs-sport31:148:59
2Natasha KeyVic Nuggets33:169:34
3Jo AllisonACT Cockatoos35:1810:09
4Belinda LawfordACT Cockatoos35:5210:19
5Bridget AndersonSA Arrows36:5110:36
6Liis JohansonVic Nuggets37:2210:45
7Grace CraneTas Foresters38:0110:56
8Anna DowlingTas Foresters40:2111:36
9Lanita SteerVic Nuggets40:3211:39
10Krystal NeumannQld Cyclones46:3913:25
11Charlotte WatsonACT Cockatoos46:4713:27
12Jenny CasanovaSA Arrows48:1313:52
13Clare BrownridgeVic Nuggets48:1613:53
14Nicola BlatchfordNSW Stingers48:3713:59
15Anna SheldonQld Cyclones50:0414:24
16Silke Van RooyTas Foresters54:5115:47
17Anna FitzgeraldNSW Stingers1:09:5120:06
18Ainsley ScottTas Foresters1:13:5421:15
Katie ReynoldsACT Cockatoosmispunched

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