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Official results for Snap Sprint Series Event 4 Blackwood High/Karinya presented by the Southern Arrows

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Name: Snap Sprint Series Event 4 Blackwood High/Karinya presented by the Southern Arrows
Organiser: SA Arrows
Date: Friday 24 February 2017

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W Open Long

3 500 m, 6 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lauren GILLISOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club26:067:27
2Amber TOMASWallaringa Orienteers28:47+2:418:13
3Alyce HEAPYalanga Orienteers30:42+4:368:46
4Meredith NORMANTjuringa Orienteers31:03+4:578:52
5Shannon NICOLSONYalanga Orienteers42:34+16:2812:09
6Jenny CASANOVA N/CWallaringa Orienteers27:47+1:417:56

M Open Long

3 500 m, 8 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Stefano RAUSOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club23:076:36
2Tyson HILLYARDWallaringa Orienteers26:41+3:347:37
3Andrew MOGRIDGEWallaringa Orienteers30:41+7:348:46
4Rhys FOGARTYOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club31:43+8:369:03
5John SINCOVICHYalanga Orienteers41:25+18:1811:50
6Cameron GREENYalanga Orienteers43:20+20:1312:22
7Simon UPPILL N/COnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club18:195:14
8John NIEUWENHOVEN N/CTintookies Orienteers25:09+2:027:11

W Vet Long

3 500 m, 3 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Robin UPPILLOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club34:249:49
2Evelyn COLWELLOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club43:45+9:2112:30
3Wendy HEAPYalanga Orienteers44:20+9:5612:40

M Vet Long

3 500 m, 13 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Ben CAZZOLATOTjuringa Orienteers27:447:55
2Adrian UPPILLOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club28:17+0:338:04
3Craig COLWELLOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club30:05+2:218:35
4David GEORGETintookies Orienteers30:51+3:078:48
5Ron SMERNIKYalanga Orienteers31:49+4:059:05
6Greg ROWBERRYWallaringa Orienteers32:45+5:019:21
7Phil HAZELLTintookies Orienteers33:13+5:299:29
8Desmond NORMANTjuringa Orienteers33:16+5:329:30
9Frank BURDENOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club40:18+12:3411:30
10Peter KREMINSKIWallaringa Orienteers42:14+14:3012:04
11Dave NICOLSONYalanga Orienteers43:51+16:0712:31
12Robin ENGLISHWallaringa Orienteers43:57+16:1312:33
13George REEVESTintookies Orienteers47:30+19:4613:34

W Jun Long

3 500 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Joanna GEORGETintookies Orienteers25:357:18
2Abigail GEORGETintookies Orienteers32:34+6:599:18

M Jun Long

3 500 m, 5 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Dante AFNANYalanga Orienteers22:146:21
2Jack MARSCHALLTintookies Orienteers26:28+4:147:33
3Toby CAZZOLATOTjuringa Orienteers26:40+4:267:37
4Max GRIVELLTintookies Orienteers27:52+5:387:57
5Finn FOGARTYOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club37:36+15:2210:44

W Open Short

2 000 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Fern HILLYARDWallaringa Orienteers21:4010:50
2Lexie ASHFORTHWallaringa Orienteers27:26+5:4613:43

M Open Short

2 000 m, 1 starting competitor
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Tristan BETTERMANNo club membership39:0019:30

W Vet Short

2 000 m, 5 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Sandra AFNANYalanga Orienteers25:1712:38
2Marian ARTHURTintookies Orienteers29:41+4:2414:50
3Ruth NICOLSONYalanga Orienteers36:39+11:2218:19
4Carol SUCHOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club39:03+13:4619:31
5Robyn CUTTENWallaringa Orienteers59:32+34:1529:46

M Vet Short

2 000 m, 8 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Morris ALLENNo club membership20:5310:26
2Clive ARTHURTintookies Orienteers22:51+1:5811:25
3Jeffrey DINNINGOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club25:33+4:4012:46
4Frank TOMASWallaringa Orienteers25:49+4:5612:54
5Al SANKAUSKASOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club28:14+7:2114:07
6Peter CUTTENWallaringa Orienteers29:10+8:1714:35
7Aylwin LIMTjuringa Orienteers30:25+9:3215:12
8Ken THOMPSONTintookies Orienteers36:22+15:2918:11

W Jun Short

2 000 m, 3 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Eliza GRIVELLTintookies Orienteers24:0812:04
2Ana PENCKYalanga Orienteers25:42+1:3412:51
3Jemima LLOYDTintookies Orienteers26:56+2:4813:28

M Jun Short

2 000 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Daniel BURDENOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club24:1912:09
2Oliver HAZLEDINEYalanga Orienteers33:51+9:3216:55

Group Short

2 000 m, 14 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lucas BURDENOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club27:2413:42
1Rachel BURDENOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club27:2413:42
2Grace HOMESTjuringa Orienteers29:07+1:4314:33
2Mark HOMESTjuringa Orienteers29:07+1:4314:33
2Sophia HOMESTjuringa Orienteers29:07+1:4314:33
3Dorothy CASANOVAWallaringa Orienteers58:08+30:4429:04
3Jim CASANOVAWallaringa Orienteers58:08+30:4429:04
4Louise PETHERICKNo club membership1:00:26+33:0230:13
4Charlie STUCHBERYOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club1:00:26+33:0230:13
4Paul STUCHBERYOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club1:00:26+33:0230:13
4Peta STUCHBERYOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club1:00:26+33:0230:13
5Scarlett ASHFORTHWallaringa Orienteersdid not finish
5Hugo WESTOVERWallaringa Orienteersdid not finish
5Michael WESTOVERWallaringa Orienteersdid not finish

. Easy

1 500 m, 9 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Annabel LLOYDTintookies Orienteers24:0716:04
2Lucinda FOGARTYOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club25:44+1:3717:09
2Sandra MCKEANOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club25:44+1:3717:09
3Marcus CAZZOLATOTjuringa Orienteers26:12+2:0517:28
4Kiana SANKAUSKASOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club26:16+2:0917:30
5Ann NOLANTjuringa Orienteers27:28+3:2118:18
6Stuart GYalanga Orienteers27:56+3:4918:37
6Keziah R-BYalanga Orienteers27:56+3:4918:37
6Pat VELAITISYalanga Orienteers27:56+3:4918:37

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