Official results for Bendigo Rocks 1 - Mt Kooyoora

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Name: Bendigo Rocks 1 - Mt Kooyoora
Organiser: Bendigo Orienteers
Date: Saturday 6 May 2017


6 300 m, 20 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time R
1Aston KeyMF V Melbourne Forest Racers42:036:40
2Kerrin RattrayMF V Melbourne Forest Racers44:30+2:277:03
3Christopher NauntonBG V Bendigo Orienteers50:30+8:278:00
4Andrew BarnettBF A Bushflyers ACT51:15+9:128:08
5Jim RussellBG V Bendigo Orienteers59:36+17:339:27
6Mikkel Kaae-NielsenMF V Melbourne Forest Racers1:00:21+18:189:34
7Geoff LawfordEU V Eureka Orienteers1:00:50+18:479:39
7David BrownridgeBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:00:50+18:479:39
9Lachlan CherryBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:01:50+19:479:48
10Belinda LawfordEU V Eureka Orienteers1:03:45+21:4210:07
11Natasha KeyMF V Melbourne Forest Racers1:04:18+22:1510:12
12Blair TrewinYV V Yarra Valley Orienteering Club1:09:26+27:2311:01
13Simon RouseDR V Dandenong Ranges Orienteering1:10:07+28:0411:07
14Ted van GeldermalsenYV V Yarra Valley Orienteering Club1:18:49+36:4612:30
15Roch PrendergastEU V Eureka Orienteers1:35:41+53:3815:11
16Stuart McWilliamDR V Dandenong Ranges Orienteering2:18:40+1:36:3722:00
Jayne SalesMF V Melbourne Forest Racersdid not finish
Richard GoonanBG V Bendigo Orienteersdid not finish
Tony RadfordBG V Bendigo Orienteersdid not finish
Ben GoonanBG V Bendigo Orienteersdid not finish


4 300 m, 15 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time R
1Shayne HillBG V Bendigo Orienteers43:3510:08 Download route in GPX format
2Jenny BourneEU V Eureka Orienteers45:55+2:2010:40
3Andrew CameronBG V Bendigo Orienteers56:36+13:0113:09
4Iain MacdonaldBG V Bendigo Orienteers57:26+13:5113:21
5Don CherryBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:01:44+18:0914:21
6Warwick DavisTK V Tuckonie Orienteering Club1:03:03+19:2814:39
7Andrew WallaceBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:10:56+27:2116:29
8Daryl FleayBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:12:37+29:0216:53
9Darren EenjesBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:14:26+30:5117:18
10Jacqui KneeBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:18:03+34:2818:09
11Peter SearleBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:19:11+35:3618:24
12Peter PrimeTK V Tuckonie Orienteering Club1:20:54+37:1918:48
13Mark HennessyCH V Central Highlands Orienteering1:25:45+42:1019:56
James GrayEU V Eureka Orienteersmispunched
Vincent LoyeOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteeringmispunched


2 275 m, 17 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time R
1John WilkinsonBG V Bendigo Orienteers24:2410:43
2Serryn EenjesBG V Bendigo Orienteers25:16+0:5211:06
3Paul ElamTK V Tuckonie Orienteering Club25:42+1:1811:17
4Archie NeylonBG V Bendigo Orienteers25:59+1:3511:25
5Karina CherryBG V Bendigo Orienteers26:09+1:4511:29
6Peter HillBG V Bendigo Orienteers26:30+2:0611:38
7Nick ByrneBG V Bendigo Orienteers27:06+2:4211:54
8Margi FreemantleYV V Yarra Valley Orienteering Club30:44+6:2013:30
9Jenny BallBG V Bendigo Orienteers32:35+8:1114:19
10Jason CarterBG V Bendigo Orienteers37:32+13:0816:29
11Raelee EenjesBG V Bendigo Orienteers46:26+22:0220:24
12Amos WalzBG V Bendigo Orienteers46:44+22:2020:32
13Dianne SearleBG V Bendigo Orienteers47:58+23:3421:05
14Judy FittBG V Bendigo Orienteers50:00+25:3621:58
15Pam PrimeTK V Tuckonie Orienteering Club50:19+25:5522:07
16Katherine McMillanBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:02:54+38:3027:38
17Viv McMillanBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:03:04+38:4027:43


2 075 m, 5 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time R
1Anne GarveyTK V Tuckonie Orienteering Club33:1015:59
2Jan BaxterBG V Bendigo Orienteers35:30+2:2017:06
3Jacqui NauntonBG V Bendigo Orienteers37:09+3:5917:54
4Elke PrielippBG V Bendigo Orienteers40:55+7:4519:43
5Judy PrendergastEU V Eureka Orienteers1:04:09+30:5930:54


2 050 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time R
1Hugo ByrneBG V Bendigo Orienteers26:4213:01
2Rebecca NeylonAU A Australia - No Club32:02+5:2015:37

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