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Official results for Bendigo Bush Classic 8 - Smiths Reef

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Name: Bendigo Bush Classic 8 - Smiths Reef
Organiser: Bendigo Orienteers
Date: Saturday 3 June 2017


7 000 m, 13 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Bruce ArthurMF V Melbourne Forest Racers36:505:15
2Simon RouseDR V Dandenong Ranges Orienteering37:29+0:395:21
3Ben GoonanBG V Bendigo Orienteers39:33+2:435:39
4David BrownridgeBG V Bendigo Orienteers40:48+3:585:49
5Jimmy CameronBG V Bendigo Orienteers42:49+5:596:07
6Richard GoonanBG V Bendigo Orienteers45:41+8:516:31
7Lachlan CherryBG V Bendigo Orienteers47:12+10:226:44
8Warwick WilliamsBG V Bendigo Orienteers57:24+20:348:12
9Clare BrownridgeBG V Bendigo Orienteers57:48+20:588:15
10Derek MorrisBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:01:47+24:578:49
11Jayne SalesMF V Melbourne Forest Racers1:10:03+33:1310:00
12John CarberryNE V Nillumbik Emus Orienteering Cl1:19:13+42:2311:19
13Andrew WallaceBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:34:43+57:5313:31


5 725 m, 13 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Angus RobertsNO N Newcastle Orienteering Club36:406:24
2Andrew CameronBG V Bendigo Orienteers40:58+4:187:09
3Iain MacDonaldBG V Bendigo Orienteers43:04+6:247:31
4Leisha MaggsBG V Bendigo Orienteers48:21+11:418:26
5John WilkinsonBG V Bendigo Orienteers49:16+12:368:36
6Steven RobertsNO N Newcastle Orienteering Club50:24+13:448:48
7Jacqui KneeBG V Bendigo Orienteers51:38+14:589:01
8David JonesBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:01:44+25:0410:46
9Heather JonesBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:06:51+30:1111:40
10Colin WalkerBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:07:18+30:3811:45
11Mark HennessyCH V Central Highlands Orienteering1:08:44+32:0412:00
12Jenny BallBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:14:19+37:3912:58
13Rob ClarkBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:22:06+45:2614:20


4 350 m, 17 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Bryne NickBG V Bendigo Orienteers33:117:37
2Paul ElamTK V Tuckonie Orienteering Club43:17+10:069:57
3Serryn EenjesBG V Bendigo Orienteers43:40+10:2910:02
4Neil BarrBG V Bendigo Orienteers45:16+12:0510:24
5Peter ForbesBG V Bendigo Orienteers47:24+14:1310:53
6Charles BrownridgeBG V Bendigo Orienteers47:35+14:2410:56
7Gary GrealyBG V Bendigo Orienteers52:02+18:5111:57
8John ChellewBG V Bendigo Orienteers52:31+19:2012:04
9Amos WalzBG V Bendigo Orienteers55:14+22:0312:41
10Katherine McMillanBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:01:46+28:3514:11
11Viv McMillanBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:01:58+28:4714:14
12Terry DavidsonBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:09:15+36:0415:55
13Leone CarberryNE V Nillumbik Emus Orienteering Cl1:16:43+43:3217:38
14Nola JuniperBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:46:54+1:13:4324:34
Marcus BinksBG V Bendigo Orienteersmispunched
Karina CherryBG V Bendigo Orienteersmispunched
Bob CameronBG V Bendigo Orienteersdid not finish


2 650 m, 8 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Raelee EenjesBG V Bendigo Orienteers26:269:58
2Rick McDonaldBG V Bendigo Orienteers30:26+4:0011:29
3Anne GarveyTK V Tuckonie Orienteering Club31:06+4:4011:44
4Jan BaxterBG V Bendigo Orienteers35:00+8:3413:12
5Rhiannon BinksBG V Bendigo Orienteers59:46+33:2022:33
6Ian JohnsonBG V Bendigo Orienteers59:52+33:2622:35
7Susan DavidsonBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:03:24+36:5823:55
8Margaret KerteszBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:16:00+49:3428:40


2 450 m, 3 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Hugo ByrneBG V Bendigo Orienteers21:168:40
2Xavier OughAU A Australia - No Club22:42+1:269:15
Tony RadfordBG V Bendigo Orienteersdid not finish

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