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Official results for 2017 Vic State Series 5 (middle) - Chewton

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Name: 2017 Vic State Series 5 (middle) - Chewton
Organiser: Melbourne Forest Racers
Date: Sunday 9 July 2017

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1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
5Heather JonesOV Course W3 (8)1:15:08+22:5018:54

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1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Stephen BalharrieOV Course M7 (5)42:0812:57


2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
4Moira KufferOV Course W2 (7)1:00:22+15:0913:07
13Alan KufferOV Course 1 (16)1:22:03+45:2415:11


1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
3Bruce PatersonOV Course M3 (16)49:57+5:1812:33


22 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1John WilkinsonOV Course M4 (12)38:1311:04
1Jimmy CameronOV Course M2 (23)38:118:18
1Karina CherryOV Course W3 (8)52:1813:09
1Clare BrownridgeOV Course W2 (7)45:139:49
2Tavish EenjesOV Course M4 (12)41:52+3:3912:08
2Michael LoughnanOV Course M2 (23)43:27+5:169:26
2Caitlyn SteerOV Course W4 (4)1:11:20+4:2920:40
3Jenny BallOV Course W4 (4)1:14:54+8:0321:42
3Ben GoonanOV Course 1 (16)42:45+6:067:55
4Matthew SchepisiOV Course 1 (16)43:16+6:378:00
4Ross RunnallsOV Course M3 (16)50:39+6:0012:44
5Glenn JamesOV Course 1 (16)44:09+7:308:10
6Andrew CameronOV Course M2 (23)49:34+11:2310:46
6Darren EenjesOV Course M3 (16)55:36+10:5713:59
6Solomon CameronOV Course M4 (12)1:06:49+28:3619:22
7Lachlan CherryOV Course 1 (16)48:20+11:418:57
7John ChellewOV Course M4 (12)1:08:13+30:0019:46
8Daryl FleayOV Course M5 (10)1:01:55+19:3620:08
9Charles BrownridgeOV Course M3 (16)1:07:33+22:5416:59
12Campbell JamesOV Course M3 (16)1:17:59+33:2019:37
20Peter ForbesOV Course M2 (23)1:24:34+46:2318:23Download route in GPX format
21David JonesOV Course M2 (23)1:28:22+50:1119:12
Richard GoonanOV Course 1 (16)did not start

BGV Bendigo Orienteers

1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
Warwick WilliamsOV Course 1 (16)mispunched


25 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Pat MewsOV Course W8 (6)25:599:53
1Prue DobbinOV Course W4 (4)1:06:5119:22
2Liliia GlushchenkoOV Course W2 (7)54:21+9:0811:48
2Elizabeth HatleyOV Course W7 (9)1:01:43+12:1118:59
2Dennis MewsOV Course M5 (10)42:39+0:2013:52
2Evan GavensOV Course M8 (2)44:43+14:4817:02
4Helen AlexanderOV Course W6 (11)56:50+11:4722:57
4Hannah AdamsOV Course W9 (4)46:33+20:3820:14
4Suzanne OCallaghanOV Course W4 (4)1:45:47+38:5630:39
5Tim HatleyOV Course M2 (23)47:35+9:2410:20
5Claire AdamsOV Course W8 (6)46:29+20:3017:42
6Rebecca ShawOV Course W3 (8)1:19:11+26:5319:55
7Judi HerkesOV Course W5 (12)1:09:49+17:1022:42
8David KnightOV Course M3 (16)1:05:55+21:1616:34
8Matthew KingOV Course M4 (12)1:12:53+34:4021:07
9Geoff AdamsOV Course M4 (12)1:13:14+35:0121:13
11Janet KingOV Course W5 (12)1:30:10+37:3129:19
11Murray HannaOV Course M4 (12)1:17:06+38:5322:20
11Stephen BirdOV Course M2 (23)53:51+15:4011:42
12Aidan MayallOV Course M4 (12)1:26:24+48:1125:02
12Scott GavensOV Course 1 (16)1:09:29+32:5012:52
12Stephen DunbarOV Course M2 (23)54:45+16:3411:54
14Martin KozmaOV Course 1 (16)1:33:32+56:5317:19
14Greg TamblynOV Course M3 (16)1:36:14+51:3524:12
18Chris Godfred-SpenningOV Course M2 (23)1:13:48+35:3716:02
David RowlandsOV Course M2 (23)did not start
Ewen TempletonOV Course M4 (12)did not start


3 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
3Wendy TavernaOV Course W7 (9)1:09:31+19:5921:23
4Mark HennessyOV Course M4 (12)1:02:00+23:4717:58
5Sophie TavernaOV Course W7 (9)1:12:27+22:5522:17


21 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Sammy LoveOV Course W9 (4)25:5511:16
2Janine SteerOV Course W3 (8)58:10+5:5214:37
3Luca BogdanovitsOV Course W8 (6)30:59+5:0011:48
3Eric LouwOV Course M7 (5)1:05:48+23:4020:14
4James LoveOV Course M7 (5)1:19:47+37:3924:32
4Sarah DaviesOV Course W3 (8)1:11:58+19:4018:06
4Martin SteerOV Course M2 (23)44:31+6:209:40
4Arika BogdanovitsOV Course W8 (6)45:45+19:4617:25
5Debbie DoddOV Course W6 (11)1:03:09+18:0625:30
5Peter DalwoodOV Course M5 (10)56:04+13:4518:13
6Simon RouseOV Course 1 (16)45:13+8:348:22
6Peter YeatesOV Course M5 (10)1:01:11+18:5219:53
8Peter HobbsOV Course 1 (16)54:57+18:1810:10
10Stuart McWilliamOV Course M3 (16)1:12:10+27:3118:09
11Ian DaviesOV Course 1 (16)1:07:32+30:5312:30
12Pamela KingOV Course W5 (12)1:38:45+46:0632:06
15Mark BesleyOV Course M3 (16)1:41:26+56:4725:31
15Andras BogdanovitsOV Course M2 (23)1:09:59+31:4815:12
22Wayne LoveOV Course M2 (23)1:51:16+1:13:0524:11
Graham WallisOV Course M3 (16)mispunched
Amber LouwOV Course W7 (9)did not finish


13 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
2Roch PrendergastOV Course M3 (16)47:02+2:2311:49
2Dale Ann GordonOV Course W6 (11)50:30+5:2720:24
3Chris NorwoodOV Course M2 (23)44:23+6:129:38
3Blake GordonOV Course M5 (10)44:03+1:4414:19
4Heather BiceOV Course W5 (12)1:03:16+10:3720:34
7BJ JohnsonOV Course W6 (11)1:09:07+24:0427:55
7Anitra DowlingOV Course W3 (8)1:44:12+51:5426:12
9Peter JonesOV Course M5 (10)1:11:13+28:5423:09
9Judy PrendergastOV Course W5 (12)1:14:16+21:3724:09
10Rod GrayOV Course M2 (23)52:54+14:4311:30
13Ken DowlingOV Course M3 (16)1:19:31+34:5220:00
23James GrayOV Course M2 (23)1:56:01+1:17:5025:13
Richard BiceOV Course M5 (10)did not finish
Conan PrendergastOV Course 1 (16)did not start
Gary BuchanOV Course M2 (23)did not start

EUV Eureka Orienteers

1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
17Toby CooperOV Course M2 (23)1:12:54+34:4315:50


1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
2Brodie NankervisOV Course 1 (16)37:16+0:376:54


12 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Torren ArthurOV Course M3 (16)44:3911:13
1Bruce ArthurOV Course 1 (16)36:396:47
1Julie FrancisOV Course W6 (11)45:0318:12
2Cliff BarrettOV Course M9 (2)33:49+10:1614:42
2Meredith BarrettOV Course W9 (4)33:51+7:5614:43
3Eleanor BarrettOV Course W9 (4)34:23+8:2814:56
5Nicola DalheimOV Course W2 (7)1:08:07+22:5414:48
7Jayne SalesOV Course W2 (7)1:12:46+27:3315:49
8Kathleen BarrettOV Course W7 (9)1:33:40+44:0828:49
9Mason ArthurOV Course M2 (23)52:28+14:1711:24
10Fredrik JohanssonOV Course 1 (16)1:02:11+25:3211:30
Sophie ArthurOV Course W8 (6)mispunched
Glenn MeyerOV Course 1 (16)did not start

MFR Melbourne Forest Racers

2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
3Sue KeyOV Course W3 (8)1:03:33+11:1515:59
7Max DalheimOV Course M2 (23)50:11+12:0010:54


12 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Ryan CiacicOV Course M9 (2)23:3310:14
1Alicia CiacicOV Course W7 (9)49:3215:14
5Laurie NivenOV Course W5 (12)1:06:03+13:2421:28
5Ron FrederickOV Course M4 (12)1:05:01+26:4818:50
6Leone CarberryOV Course W6 (11)1:07:22+22:1927:13
7Geoff ArmstrongOV Course M3 (16)56:15+11:3614:09
8Jenelle TempletonOV Course W5 (12)1:13:26+20:4723:52
9Dorothy AdrianOV Course W6 (11)1:23:15+38:1233:38
10Joyce RowlandsOV Course W6 (11)1:39:32+54:2940:12
11Kelly BarrettOV Course M3 (16)1:17:29+32:5019:29
13Mark BaxterOV Course M2 (23)1:04:46+26:3514:04
19John CarberryOV Course M2 (23)1:15:56+37:4516:30

OV/No club Orienteering Victoria

1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
9Tasha JamesOV Course W7 (9)2:13:44+1:24:1241:08


6 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Peter PrimeOV Course M5 (10)42:1913:45
3Anne GarveyOV Course W5 (12)1:02:00+9:2120:09
3Paul ElamOV Course M4 (12)50:05+11:5214:31
5Peter BeggsOV Course M7 (5)1:22:43+40:3525:27
5Warwick DavisOV Course M3 (16)50:47+6:0812:46
10Pam PrimeOV Course W5 (12)1:22:14+29:3526:44


22 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Ruth GoddardOV Course W5 (12)52:3917:07
1Callum WhiteOV Course M6 (3)28:0611:21
1Ashley WhiteOV Course M8 (2)29:5511:23
2Emma CatesOV Course W8 (6)26:35+0:3610:07
2Ryan CatesOV Course M7 (5)52:46+10:3816:14
2Graeme CadmanOV Course M6 (3)1:19:35+51:2932:09
2Libby MeekingOV Course W5 (12)54:18+1:3917:39
3Kathy TarrOV Course W6 (11)54:49+9:4622:08
4Ralph KochOV Course M5 (10)44:16+1:5714:23
4Heather ODonnellOV Course W7 (9)1:12:25+22:5322:16
6Sheila CollsOV Course W5 (12)1:08:40+16:0122:19
6Melissa GangemiOV Course W2 (7)1:08:33+23:2014:54
7John MeekingOV Course M5 (10)1:01:18+18:5919:56
7Jocelyn WattsOV Course W7 (9)1:14:37+25:0522:57
8Jackie DempsterOV Course W6 (11)1:11:40+26:3728:57
8Brody McCarthyOV Course M2 (23)50:48+12:3711:02
9Blair TrewinOV Course 1 (16)55:15+18:3610:13
10David GoddardOV Course M5 (10)1:20:57+38:3826:19
10Tim DentOV Course M4 (12)1:13:43+35:3021:22
14Tim WardropOV Course M2 (23)1:09:55+31:4415:11
15Peter LadaOV Course 1 (16)1:43:06+1:06:2719:05
John DempsterOV Course M6 (3)mispunched

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