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Official results for Melbourne PAS Wednesday Spring Carnival Series 11 - Heidelberg

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Name: Melbourne PAS Wednesday Spring Carnival Series 11 - Heidelberg
Organiser: Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers
Date: Wednesday 13 September 2017

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Course Setter

1 starting competitor
1HAMISH MCDONALDVictorian ARDF Groupcompleted

A (60 Min Score)

25 starting competitors
1TIM WARDROPYarra Valley Orienteering Club1:00:00
2COLIN PEARCEDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club1:00:00
3IAN DAVIESBayside Kangaroos Orienteers1:00:00
4ANDREW BAKERBayside Kangaroos Orienteers1:00:00
5GEOFFREY MCLEANBayside Kangaroos Orienteers1:00:00
6TONY BIRDDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club1:00:00
7WARWICK DAVISTuckonie Orienteering Club1:00:00
8MARTIN KOZMABayside Kangaroos Orienteers1:00:00
9ANDREW HUNTERBayside Kangaroos Orienteers1:00:00
10RICK BAILESNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club1:00:00
11JIM GLASPOLENillumbik Emus Orienteering Club1:00:00
12PHIL GIDDINGSNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club1:00:00
13ROGER SLADEBayside Kangaroos Orienteers1:00:00
14IAN GREENWOODDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club1:00:00
15DAVID PRENTICENillumbik Emus Orienteering Club1:00:00
16GEOFF HUDSONNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club1:00:00
17PETER LADAYarra Valley Orienteering Club1:00:00
18JOSIE YEATMANNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club1:00:00
19VICTOR SEDUNARYBayside Kangaroos Orienteers1:00:00
20RAY HOWEDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club1:00:00
21DALE HOWEDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club1:00:00
22TED VAN GELDERMALSENYarra Valley Orienteering Club1:00:00
23MARGI FREEMANTLEYarra Valley Orienteering Club1:00:00
24PETER MALONEYNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club1:00:00
25KASIA KASPRZAKOrienteering Victoria1:00:00

B (45 Min Score)

15 starting competitors
1TIM HATLEYBayside Kangaroos Orienteers45:00
2NICK MADDOCKDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club45:00
3IAN DODDDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club45:00
4BRUCE PATERSONVictorian ARDF Group45:00
5PETER DALWOODDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club45:00
6JAY KERLEYDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club45:00
7GRAHAM WALLISDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club45:00
8JENELLE TEMPLETONBayside Kangaroos Orienteers45:00
9JONATHAN WONGOrienteering Victoria45:00
10EWEN TEMPLETONBayside Kangaroos Orienteers45:00
11DEBBIE DODDDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club45:00
12LIBBY MEEKINGYarra Valley Orienteering Club45:00
13GREG TAMBLYNBayside Kangaroos Orienteers45:00
14SUZY SPEIRSDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club45:00
15PETER YEATESDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club45:00

Power Walkers

21 starting competitors
1MARK HAMMONDOrienteering Victoria1:05:00
2DAVE STILLWELLOrienteering Victoria1:05:00
3LEN BUDGEBayside Kangaroos Orienteers1:05:00
4BARRY GILESNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club1:05:00
5HELEN KERLEYDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club1:05:00
6GEOFF ADAMSBayside Kangaroos Orienteers1:05:00
7LAURIS STIRLINGNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club1:05:00
8IAN STIRLINGNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club1:05:00
9BERNIE SHUTTLEWORTHNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club1:05:00
10NOEL MCVEYTuckonie Orienteering Club1:05:00
11MICHAEL STILLWELLNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club1:05:00
12RICHARD LEEDOrienteering Victoria1:05:00
13BARRY CROSSOrienteering Victoria1:05:00
14MICHAEL HUBBERTBayside Kangaroos Orienteers1:05:00
15LYN GREENYarra Valley Orienteering Club1:05:00
16ILZE YEATESDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club1:05:00
17SUZANNE OCALLAGHANVictorian ARDF Group1:05:00
18GWENNYTH BAKERBayside Kangaroos Orienteers1:05:00
19KELLY LANEBayside Kangaroos Orienteers1:05:00
20TINA SMITHDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club1:05:00
21NAVIGATORS NEWBURYDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club1:05:00

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