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Official results for Castlemaine Schools session 1

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Name: Castlemaine Schools session 1
Organiser: Bendigo Orienteers
Date: Tuesday 16 May 2017


66 starting competitors
1Castle Sth Eli Harry20030:52
2Castle Nth Charles Floyd20031:27+0:35
3Castle Nth Sophia Isobelle20032:15+1:23
4Castle Nth Spencer Silas20032:27+1:35
5Castle Sth Maliki Pip20032:44+1:52
6Castle Sth Tommy Noah20034:11+3:19
7Olivet Stella Haelie20034:18+3:26
8Castle Sth Nick Izzak20035:26+4:34
9Olivet Aston Ashley20035:45+4:53
10Castle Nth Finn Sam20035:49+4:57
11Castle Nth Archie Dan20037:02+6:10
12Castle Sth Xavier Jordan20038:18+7:26
13Castle Sth Mika Ollie20039:25+8:33
14Castle Sth Blake Taylor20039:35+8:43
15Castle Sth Tori Izzy19032:58+2:06
16Castle Nth Eva Miffy19033:34+2:42
17Castle Sth Izak Thomas19038:13+7:21
18Castle Sth Klarrisa Virginia19041:23+10:31
19Olivet Orin Noah19042:31+11:39
20Castle Nth Violet Zoe19042:42+11:50
21Castle Nth Emma Ordell19044:15+13:23
22Castle Nth Rosa Ava19044:51+13:59
23Castle Nth Arwen Josie18036:50+5:58
24Castle Sth Emma Sophie18041:56+11:04
25Castle Nth Ashley Shania18042:03+11:11
26Castle Sth Tashi Chelsea18042:26+11:34
27Castle Nth Ashton Alex18045:27+14:35
28Castle Nth Astrid Lucia17035:31+4:39
29Castle Nth Sam Alex17035:52+5:00
30Castle Nth James Boriss17042:28+11:36
31Castle Sth Max Sam16038:27+7:35
32Castle Nth Michael Spencer16041:46+10:54
33Olivet Lydia Kiah16043:12+12:20
34Castle Nth Ace Max16043:27+12:35
35Castle Nth Tate Brodie16046:46+15:54
36Castle Sth Laura Sianna16047:48+16:56
37Castle Nth Allegra Rose15036:36+5:44
38Castle Nth Gemma Steph15041:52+11:00
39Castle Nth Matilda Indigo Benjamin15043:46+12:54
40Castle Nth Bianca Anna15045:23+14:31
41Olivet Claire Shylah Crystal15046:45+15:53
42Castle Nth Bridget Abi14033:59+3:07
43Castle Sth Marni Eve14038:29+7:37
44Castle Nth Mischa Holly14042:33+11:41
45Castle Sth Mayson Josiah14044:10+13:18
46Olivet Ben Douglas14045:39+14:47
47Castle Sth Summer Emma13044:05+13:13
48Castle Nth Aiden Gobika13047:11+16:19
49Castle Sth Harry Nick13048:53+18:01
50Olivet Nova Hayley13048:21+17:29
51Castle Sth Alissia Zoe12034:04+3:12
52Castle Nth Nyah Oscar12038:36+7:44
53Olivet Jackson Danial12039:10+8:18
54Castle Sth Alyssa Charlie12043:59+13:07
55Castle Sth Lara Anna12045:16+14:24
56Castle Sth Lucy Kira11046:39+15:47
57Castle Sth Abbi Ainsley11048:07+17:15
58Castle Nth Sophie Rose11049:03+18:11
59Castle Nth Keelan Lachie10043:20+12:28
60Castle Sth Moby Rhonan9034:38+3:46
61Castle Nth Lily Paige8037:22+6:30
62Olivet Jaykob Ky8047:55+17:03
63Castle Sth Alex Eboni7038:47+7:55
64Castle Sth James Kaya7043:34+12:42
65Castle Nth Oonagh Rosie7044:20+13:28
66Castle Nth Sarah Sophie046:54+16:02

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