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Official results for TTOC Urban Adventure Night Series 2017 - Round 2

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Name: TTOC Urban Adventure Night Series 2017 - Round 2
Organiser: Totally Tropical Orienteering Club
Date: Wednesday 9 August 2017


34 starting competitors
1Jessica, Mark, WendyStrand Strollers255completed
2Lia, Ricky, TeganSmirking Gherkins255completed
3Andrew, TeganCadbury Topdeck235completed
4Celeste, MattDual Nations235completed
5Chilli, Lucy, PatrickBetter Late Than Never220completed
6Jacob, TimothyStrange Mappenings215completed
7Hayden, SandraSMS215completed
8Keith, RebeccaFirefly215completed
9Carli, Imogen, Macy, OwenThe Shizzle 2.0205completed
10Lachlan, MikeNearly There190completed
11Adam, Chris, Dan, KateScrambled Legs190completed
12Michael, TomTeam Tory190completed
13James, LukeRobot Unicorn Extreme185completed
14Felicity, OlgaWalking Wounded185completed
15Johanna, Krystal, MichaelJKM180completed
16Belinda, RebeccaBelinda the Cow175completed
17Kate, NathanNorthington175completed
18Hannele, LuthileChoc Wenches175completed
19Michael, Pat, RoseMcCFitzs170completed
20Bernie, Donna, Kerry, LouiseCustard Tarts170completed
21Kyle, LindaKyle & Linda155completed
22Connor, CraigThe Harleys150completed
23Amanda, Declan, Kyle, MikaylaJust In Time140completed
24Chloe, Dale, Joanne, Taylor-RoseYaselves (The Donovans)135completed
25Elijah, PeterFurious 2130completed
26Eleanor, HulaRed Hot Chillie Steppers125completed
27Brett, Diana, GeoffThe Pushers120completed
28Dannon, Julie, Reiden, RickTeam Green110completed
29Gary, Jillian, Stephanie, TerryLove Lane Stingrays110completed
30Dom, Elle, Heath, PaulDominelles105completed
31Corey, Jayden, MelanieZoes Angels95completed
32Alison, Keith, Samantha, TimmyB-Utes95completed
33Jaw, Liz, RobinMeet Grinders90completed
34Dominic, NicoleSuperCaliSwagilisticSexyHellaDopeness70completed

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