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Official results for Park O - Foot - BCC Wavell Heights

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Name: Park O - Foot - BCC Wavell Heights
Organiser: Enoggeroos
Date: Saturday 3 February 2018


13 starting competitors
1Adrian Garbellini 2Enoggeroos13:45
2Paul Garbellini 3Enoggeroos14:21+0:36
3Alvin IsenstromEnoggeroos16:00+2:15
4Rhonda BowlingEnoggeroos23:15+9:30
5Stephen MorrisTFO27:52+14:07
6Helen PanizzaNo club membership27:56+14:11
7Josh Cullen 2No club membership28:26+14:41
8Emily Cullen 2No club membership28:34+14:49
9Dan Cullen 2No club membership28:42+14:57
10Mel Cullen 2No club membership28:45+15:00
11Hayden Curtis 2No club membership28:58+15:13
Joseph KromeSOmispunched
Michael KromeSOmispunched

Moderate Short

11 starting competitors
1Dane CavanaghEnoggeroos25:39
2Paul GarbelliniEnoggeroos27:15+1:36
3Brendan HenrySO30:52+5:13
4Robin SpriggsUgly Gully Orienteers32:09+6:30
5James ShulmeisterUgly Gully Orienteers34:31+8:52
6Jim BowlingEnoggeroos43:00+17:21
7James MulhollandNo club membership43:11+17:32
8Chris SpriggsUgly Gully Orienteers43:12+17:33
8Benjamin WalkerNo club membership43:12+17:33
10Lisa IsenstromEnoggeroos43:59+18:20
11John ClarkEnoggeroos1:00:00+34:21

Moderate Long

10 starting competitors
1Sam GarbelliniEnoggeroos39:29
2Lachlan HowardEnoggeroos40:56+1:27
3Owen RichmondEnoggeroos45:56+6:27
4James EllisonEnoggeroos47:17+7:48
5James WechNo club membership48:35+9:06
6Henrik IsenstromEnoggeroos58:01+18:32
7Duncan HallNo club membership1:04:43+25:14
8Melissa BullNo club membership1:13:27+33:58
9Mandy CaldwellUgly Gully Orienteers1:13:30+34:01
10Jacquie RandUgly Gully Orienteers1:14:28+34:59

Very Easy

16 starting competitors
1Paul Garbellini 2Enoggeroos7:53
2Adrian GarbelliniEnoggeroos11:29+3:36
3Tony ArnedoNo club membership12:10+4:17
4Natasha ArnedoNo club membership12:18+4:25
4Zara ArnedoNo club membership12:18+4:25
6Joz ArnedoNo club membership12:20+4:27
7Emily CullenNo club membership15:36+7:43
8Dan CullenNo club membership15:37+7:44
9Josh CullenNo club membership15:38+7:45
10Klara IsenstromEnoggeroos15:44+7:51
11Mel CullenNo club membership15:46+7:53
12Ruby TrenordenNo club membership18:01+10:08
13Anton TrenordenNo club membership18:05+10:12
14Clio YacoubNo club membership18:06+10:13
Hayden CurtisNo club membershipmispunched
Lisa CurtisNo club membershipmispunched

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