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Official results for Secondary Series #1 - Limestone Park, Ipswich

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Name: Secondary Series #1 - Limestone Park, Ipswich
Organiser: Orienteering Queensland
Date: Thursday 26 April 2018

Very Easy B

1 200 m, 14 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Curtis McNellieyHymba Yumba11:479:49
2Rondelle GrayUQ.Q12:53+1:0610:44
3Plamedi LOKOSt James Coll13:09+1:2210:57
4Noah AITCHISONSt James Coll14:08+2:2111:46
5DOKOTA TER BEKESt James Coll15:14+3:2712:41
6Emilia WATTSt James Coll16:01+4:1413:20
7Timothy KOTZURSt James Coll21:01+9:1417:30
8Lionel NIHIBITANGASt James Coll26:57+15:1022:27
9Brodee Southport Sp Schl31:56+20:0926:36
Lucas Southport Sp Schlmispunched
Arnauld MUGABOSt James Collmispunched
Jok Chol_AJANGSt James Collmispunched
Asobasi Cosmas WONGNUKUNSt James Collmispunched
Max StanesSt James Collmispunched

Very Easy A

1 200 m, 19 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Ethan James AVERYSt James Coll7:126:00
2Benjamin OGDENSt James Coll8:37+1:257:10
3Godwill THOMASSt James Coll8:55+1:437:25
4Darnell Tyson-SneddonHymba Yumba8:57+1:457:27
5Aiden HartwickHymba Yumba9:03+1:517:32
6Ahmed ABDALLA GAMARSt James Coll9:25+2:137:50
7Thanakorn (James) YAKUACSt James Coll9:49+2:378:10
8Tama Te Akau TUPAEASt James Coll13:31+6:1911:15
9Harrison GOODEVESt James Coll13:35+6:2311:19
10Soyo Southport Sp Schl17:42+10:3014:45
11P'trece SubritzkyHymba Yumba18:10+10:5815:08
12Sarah LetchfordHymba Yumba18:15+11:0315:12
13Jacob WilliamsonSt James Coll19:31+12:1916:15
14Rory HardingSt James Coll19:35+12:2316:19
15Joko AjangSt James Coll37:29+30:1731:14
Desmond Southport Sp Schlmispunched
Jorja BULLSt James Collmispunched
Jyron WALKDENSt James Collmispunched
Ngoc Van NGUYENSt James Collmispunched

A Little Harder A

1 700 m, 20 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Thanakorn (James) YAKUACSt James Coll11:016:28
2Isabella CooperSt Ursula’s Coll11:10+0:096:34
3Georgia VerdonSt Ursula’s Coll11:28+0:276:44
4Cosmos WilberforceNo club11:49+0:486:57
5Holly MillsSt Ursula’s Coll12:49+1:487:32
6Breanna SimmonsSt Ursula’s Coll12:50+1:497:32
7Plamedi LokoSt James Coll16:41+5:409:48
8Kayed SAMMOURSt James Coll17:14+6:1310:08
9Connor HanlonSt James Coll18:00+6:5910:35
10Lionel NihibitangaSt James Coll18:01+7:0010:35
11Emma BradleySt Ursula’s Coll18:55+7:5411:07
12Taylor Southport Sp Schl23:11+12:1013:38
13Tamaiti-O-Ihoa PUGHSt James Coll24:01+13:0014:07
14Brianna WestonHymba Yumba24:25+13:2414:21
15Ashley ThompsonHymba Yumba24:35+13:3414:27
16P'trice SubritzkyHymba Yumba31:01+20:0018:14
16Sarah LetchfordHymba Yumba31:01+20:0018:14
Keely McGrathSt Ursula’s Collmispunched
Ngoc Van NguySt James Collmispunched
Arnauld MugaboSt James Colldid not finish

A Little Harder B

1 700 m, 12 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Ethan James AVERYSt James Coll9:175:27
2Valhsla NaiduSt Ursula’s Coll11:35+2:186:48
3Godwill Thomas RemijoSt James Coll12:18+3:017:14
4Ahmed Abdalla GamarSt James Coll12:29+3:127:20
5Benjamin OgdenSt James Coll13:24+4:077:52
6Georgia VerdanSt Ursula’s Coll13:39+4:228:01
7JULIAN ANTHONYSt James Coll15:24+6:079:03
8Lauren DenmanSt Ursula’s Coll18:19+9:0210:46
9Holly MillsSt Ursula’s Coll19:41+10:2411:34
10Max StanesSt James Coll22:17+13:0013:06
Emma BradleySt Ursula’s Collmispunched
Rory HARDINGSt James Collmispunched

Hardest A

2 200 m, 1 starting competitor
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
Jacob WILLIAMSONSt James Collmispunched

Hardest B

2 200 m, 10 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Julia GannonSt Ursula’s Coll12:185:35
2DANIEL KERRIDGESt James Coll18:29+6:118:24
3Ahmed Abdalla GamarSt James Coll20:09+7:519:09
4Benjamin OgdenSt James Coll20:15+7:579:12
5Julian AnthonySt James Coll20:25+8:079:16
6Tamaiti-O-Ihoa PUGHSt James Coll28:48+16:3013:05
7Jyron WALKDENSt James Coll39:05+26:4717:45
8Kayed SammourSt James Coll39:06+26:4817:46
9Noah AITCHISONSt James Coll39:34+27:1617:59
Jorja BullSt James Collmispunched

MWO Long

5 500 m, 4 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Julia GannonSt Ursula’s Coll28:415:12
2Bill CruikshankNo club30:59+2:185:38
Jacquie RandUG.Qmispunched
Ann WhitehouseUG.Qmispunched

MWO Medium

3 900 m, 10 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Valhsala NaiduSt Ursula’s Coll32:128:15
2Lauren DenmanSt Ursula’s Coll32:47+0:358:24
3Erin AppletonNo club37:36+5:249:38
4Holly MillsSt Ursula’s Coll43:18+11:0611:06
5Breanna SimmonsSt Ursula’s Coll43:23+11:1111:07
6Jim BowlingEN.Q44:24+12:1211:23
Curtis McNellieyHymba Yumbamispunched
Alan W CoxTF.Qmispunched
Pam CoxTF.Qmispunched
Helen BreslinUG.Qmispunched

MWO Short

2 400 m, 10 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Darnell Tyson-SneddonHymba Yumba17:137:10
2Aiden HartwickHymba Yumba18:10+0:577:34
3Curtis McNellieyHymba Yumba18:59+1:467:54
4Isabella CooperSt Ursula’s Coll23:57+6:449:58
5Keely McGrathSt Ursula’s Coll36:27+19:1415:11
6Olivia CattonarSt Ursula’s Coll36:32+19:1915:13
7John CooperUG.Q39:20+22:0716:23
8Matthew RossTF.Q39:56+22:4316:38
9Karyn RossTF.Q39:58+22:4516:39
10Roy KalecinskiTF.Q55:18+38:0523:02

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