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Official results for Victorian Autumn Series 2 - Mt Lofty, Redesdale

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Name: Victorian Autumn Series 2 - Mt Lofty, Redesdale
Organiser: Nillumbik Emus Orienteering Club
Date: Sunday 15 April 2018


1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
Belinda LawfordOV Course 1 (16)did not finish


1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
7Bruce PatersonOV Course M2 (10)1:08:22+20:1510:56


2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
2Andrew CampbellOV Course M5 (11)45:10+6:3213:17
5Rose CampbellOV Course W6 (13)52:51+12:4619:45


26 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
2John WilkinsonOV Course M4 (14)46:13+3:4310:23
2Alison RadfordOV Course W5 (14)40:23+0:5411:52
2Heather JonesOV Course W4 (6)1:05:48+1:1014:47
2Eleanor WilliamsOV Course W8 (4)29:49+8:4910:11
3Archie NeylonOV Course M3 (25)48:01+2:539:01
3Kerryn SearleOV Course W4 (6)1:05:59+1:2114:49
4Terry DavidsonOV Course M5 (11)50:36+11:5814:52
4Charles BrownridgeOV Course M4 (14)55:43+13:1312:31
4Caitlyn SteerOV Course W3 (7)1:08:44+21:2812:54
4Michael LoughnanOV Course M2 (10)59:18+11:119:29
5Jenny BallOV Course W4 (6)1:08:42+4:0415:26
5Ben GoonanOV Course 1 (16)54:45+11:187:42
7Peter SearleOV Course M4 (14)1:01:47+19:1713:53
7John SteerOV Course M5 (11)55:10+16:3216:13
7Julie FlynnOV Course W3 (7)1:25:59+38:4316:08
8Tony RadfordOV Course M3 (25)58:03+12:5510:54
8Richard GoonanOV Course 1 (16)1:00:00+16:338:27
9Christopher NauntonOV Course 1 (16)1:00:53+17:268:34
10Daivid JonesOV Course M4 (14)1:10:29+27:5915:50
11David BrownridgeOV Course 1 (16)1:04:40+21:139:06
12Jim RussellOV Course 1 (16)1:07:14+23:479:28
14Ross RunnallsOV Course M3 (25)1:02:01+16:5311:38
14Warwick WilliamsOV Course 1 (16)1:26:05+42:3812:07
21John ChellewOV Course M3 (25)1:19:45+34:3714:58
24Neil BarrOV Course M3 (25)1:46:23+1:01:1519:58
Ilka BarrOV Course 1 (16)mispunched
Dianne SearleOV Course W6 (13)did not start


26 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Kathryn KnightOV Course W7 (2)1:01:5916:51
1Judi HerkesOV Course W6 (13)40:0514:59
1Bill VandendoolOV Course M4 (14)42:309:33
1Prue DobbinOV Course W4 (6)1:04:3814:31
1Carolyn JacksonOV Course W3 (7)47:168:52
1Catherine RowlandsOV Course W9 (1)41:3221:34
1David RowlandsOV Course M3 (25)45:088:28
2Andrew HunterOV Course M7 (7)49:01+9:1513:20
2Tim HatleyOV Course M2 (10)53:05+4:588:29
3Rebecca NeylonOV Course W8 (4)36:20+15:2012:25
4Aidan MayallOV Course M7 (7)1:03:52+24:0617:22
4Suzanne O'CallaghanOV Course W8 (4)55:57+34:5719:07
4Stephen DunbarOV Course M3 (25)51:35+6:279:41
6Bob LeicesterOV Course M7 (7)1:45:19+1:05:3328:39
6Helen AlexanderOV Course W6 (13)54:57+14:5220:32
9Greg TamblynOV Course M4 (14)1:07:28+24:5815:09
9Elizabeth HatleyOV Course W5 (14)1:05:34+26:0519:17
10Kevin MorrisOV Course M5 (11)1:20:51+42:1323:46
10David KnightOV Course M3 (25)1:01:05+15:5711:28
11Richard SallmanOV Course M4 (14)1:13:38+31:0816:32
12Janet KingOV Course W5 (14)1:09:43+30:1420:30
13Matthew KingOV Course M4 (14)1:18:09+35:3917:33
17Stephen CollinsOV Course M3 (25)1:08:06+22:5812:47
Nicole BaxterOV Course W7 (2)mispunched
Alexander RowlandsOV Course M7 (7)mispunched
Mary EnterOV Course W3 (7)did not finish
Stephen BirdOV Course M3 (25)did not start


4 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Sophie TavernaOV Course W5 (14)39:2911:36
2Tom LongmaidOV Course M8 (4)39:24+5:1913:28
6Mark HennessyOV Course M4 (14)1:01:11+18:4113:44
11Wendy TavernaOV Course W5 (14)1:07:47+28:1819:56


13 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
2Asha SteerOV Course W2 (2)57:34+11:489:12
3Simon RouseOV Course 1 (16)54:14+10:477:38
3Janine SteerOV Course W3 (7)1:01:31+14:1511:33
4Peter HobbsOV Course 1 (16)54:25+10:587:39
5Ian DaviesOV Course M2 (10)1:02:06+13:599:56
5Sarah DaviesOV Course W3 (7)1:17:36+30:2014:34
6Helen WalpoleOV Course W3 (7)1:19:53+32:3715:00
7Pamela KingOV Course W5 (14)58:46+19:1717:17
9Martin SteerOV Course M2 (10)1:09:26+21:1911:06
9Peter YeatesOV Course M5 (11)58:46+20:0817:17
15Damian SpencerOV Course M3 (25)1:04:27+19:1912:06
16Stuart McWilliamOV Course M3 (25)1:07:33+22:2512:41
23Mark BesleyOV Course M3 (25)1:44:02+58:5419:32


10 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
2Dale Ann GordonOV Course W6 (13)42:55+2:5016:02
2Jenny BourneOV Course W3 (7)51:33+4:179:40
3John PrestonOV Course M7 (7)56:52+17:0615:28
3Chris NorwoodOV Course M2 (10)55:37+7:308:53
4Heather BiceOV Course W6 (13)49:31+9:2618:30
5Roch PrendergastOV Course M3 (25)53:27+8:1910:02
7Judy PrendergastOV Course W6 (13)56:10+16:0520:59
8BJ JohnsonOV Course W6 (13)1:01:11+21:0622:52
12John ErwinOV Course M4 (14)1:15:08+32:3816:53
Geoff LawfordOV Course 1 (16)mispunched
Gary BuchanOV Course 1 (16)did not start
Kay PrestonOV Course W8 (4)did not start


10 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Sophie ArthurOV Course W8 (4)21:007:10
1Aston KeyOV Course 1 (16)43:276:07
1Natasha KeyOV Course W2 (2)45:467:19
1Warren KeyOV Course M2 (10)48:077:41
2Mason ArthurOV Course M3 (25)46:20+1:128:42
2Patrick JaffeOV Course 1 (16)46:29+3:026:32
6Bruce ArthurOV Course 1 (16)56:14+12:477:55
6Jensen KeyOV Course M2 (10)1:03:44+15:3710:11
7Fredrik JohanssonOV Course 1 (16)59:21+15:548:21
11David JaffeOV Course M3 (25)1:01:30+16:2211:32
Brodie NankervisOV Course 1 (16)did not start


19 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Ian ParryOV Course M8 (4)34:0511:39
4Helen EdmondsOV Course W4 (6)1:06:34+1:5614:57
5Ian ParryOV Course M7 (7)1:41:50+1:02:0427:42
7Geoff ArmstrongOV Course M3 (25)57:25+12:1710:46
8Fiona FellOV Course W5 (14)1:04:00+24:3118:49
9Leone CarberryOV Course W6 (13)1:11:53+31:4826:52
9Mark BaxterOV Course M3 (25)58:04+12:5610:54
11Joyce RowlandsOV Course W6 (13)1:51:01+1:10:5641:30
12Schon HudsonOV Course W6 (13)2:03:48+1:23:4346:16
12Geoff HudsonOV Course M3 (25)1:01:38+16:3011:34
13Peter HillOV Course M3 (25)1:02:00+16:5211:38
13Robert FellOV Course 1 (16)1:09:04+25:379:43
14Lincoln ErmOV Course M4 (14)1:34:10+51:4021:09
18Robert EdmondsOV Course M3 (25)1:09:05+23:5712:58
19John CarberryOV Course M3 (25)1:13:54+28:4613:52
20Ron FrederickOV Course M3 (25)1:15:29+30:2114:10
22Don FellOV Course M3 (25)1:20:36+35:2815:08
25Peter MaloneyOV Course M3 (25)2:02:13+1:17:0522:57
Laurie NivenOV Course W5 (14)mispunched

no club

3 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Lawrie EdwardOV Course M6 (5)36:3613:40
3Alex Smith-SargentOV Course M8 (4)47:02+12:5716:04
4Maximillian Volante-BarberOV Course M8 (4)47:06+13:0116:06


8 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Peter PrimeOV Course M5 (11)38:3811:21
3Lindsay ThomasOV Course M6 (5)1:09:25+32:4925:57
5Jan ThomasOV Course M6 (5)1:37:32+1:00:5636:27
5Paul ElamOV Course M4 (14)57:01+14:3112:48
6Warwick DavisOV Course M3 (25)55:14+10:0610:22
10Anne GarveyOV Course W5 (14)1:07:09+27:4019:45
13Pam PrimeOV Course W5 (14)1:24:33+45:0424:52
Sylvia MurphyOV Course W6 (13)mispunched


1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
8Ian PeirceOV Course M4 (14)1:02:12+19:4213:58


1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
10Freda PeirceOV Course W6 (13)1:22:10+42:0530:42


0 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
Anna DowlingOV Course 1 (16)did not start
Zoe DowlingOV Course 1 (16)did not start


18 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Ashley WhiteOV Course M7 (7)39:4610:49
2Ted van GeldermalsenOV Course M6 (5)56:15+19:3921:01
3Dennis TrewinOV Course M5 (11)47:24+8:4613:56
3Callum WhiteOV Course M4 (14)53:54+11:2412:06
3Margi FreemantleOV Course W5 (14)44:17+4:4813:01
3Kathy LileyOV Course W6 (13)46:24+6:1917:20
4Graeme CadmanOV Course M6 (5)1:26:34+49:5832:21
4Ruth GoddardOV Course W5 (14)49:16+9:4714:29
5John MeekingOV Course M5 (11)51:31+12:5315:09
5Libby MeekingOV Course W5 (14)50:15+10:4614:46
6Sheila CollsOV Course W5 (14)52:00+12:3115:17
6Tim DentOV Course M5 (11)54:00+15:2215:52
6Heather O'DonnellOV Course W4 (6)1:31:49+27:1120:37
8Artem OsmerkinOV Course M2 (10)1:08:25+20:1810:56
8David GoddardOV Course M5 (11)57:52+19:1417:01
10Blair TrewinOV Course 1 (16)1:03:00+19:338:52
11Peter BlackOV Course M5 (11)1:22:51+44:1324:22
Alex TarrOV Course M4 (14)not competing
Ralph KochOV Course M3 (25)did not start
Moira KufferOV Course W3 (7)did not start
Alan KufferOV Course M4 (14)did not start

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