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Official results for Park Orienteering : Walking & Mountain Bike

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Name: Park Orienteering : Walking & Mountain Bike
Organiser: Sunshine Orienteers Club
Date: Sunday 18 March 2018

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Foot Nov

6 starting competitors
1Finn McDonaldNo club membership11:52
2Kristy Tanner & Roos PennefatherNo club membership20:06+8:14
3Tania & Airlie ConaghtyNo club membership22:53+11:01
4Tania & Tao ConaghtyNo club membership28:21+16:29
5Donna Turner and Jessica DavidsonNo club membership34:49+22:57
6Levi MacDonaldNo club membership46:16+34:24

Foot Mod

8 starting competitors
1Finn McDonaldNo club membership21:59
2David ClarkNo club membership26:01+4:02
3Jayda and Amali Davidson Riley and Noah TurnerNo club membership27:58+5:59
4Esther TownsendEN.Q28:03+6:04
5Ayla HaldaneNo club membership34:15+12:16
6Hugh HaldaneNo club membership34:45+12:46
7John ClarkNo club membership36:39+14:40
8Liz HorneNo club membership43:43+21:44

Foot Long

6 starting competitors
1Cody IrvinNo club membership38:23
2Kathy PetieSO.Q40:16+1:53
3Ross McGinnisSO.Q43:33+5:10
4Stephanie SheahanNo club membership1:04:46+26:23
5Laura IrvinNo club membership1:05:05+26:42
Iain DuncanNo club membershipdid not finish


2 starting competitors
1Paul & Jess HunterNo club membership16:18
2Jeremy DeutzmannNo club membership23:20+7:02


5 starting competitors
1Stuart CoxNo club membership38:26
2Paul HunterNo club membership47:17+8:51
3David HillSO.Q49:39+11:13
4Jenny HillSO.Q49:55+11:29
5Shayne and Jeremy DeutzmannNo club membership55:00+16:34

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