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Official results for SOS (Hills District) - Castle Hill

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Name: SOS (Hills District) - Castle Hill
Organiser: Bold Horizons Event Organiser
Date: Saturday 5 May 2018


1 starting competitor
5Mark ShinglerLong Line Open (22)24:00+3:00


1 starting competitor
1Curtis PepperShort Line Primary (11)22:01


6 starting competitors
1Angus LeungLong Line High School (7)23:10
2Keelan BirchLong Line Open (22)21:08+0:08Download route in GPX format
3Peter AnnettsLong Line Open (22)21:33+0:33
19Y C LeeLong Line Open (22)51:01+30:01
20Vickie LeeLong Line Open (22)51:54+30:54
Lloyd GledhillLong Line Open (22)mispunched

No club membership

12 starting competitors
4Janet VaughanShort Line Open (5)39:00+11:39
4Joah OosterhoffShort Line High School (5)24:00+11:16
4Alon GudesShort Line Primary (11)31:56+9:55
5Luke SunShort Line Primary (11)39:29+17:28
6Barbara HillLong Line Open (22)24:45+3:45
6Ezra OosterhoffShort Line Primary (11)41:45+19:44
7Noah and Micah TaylorLong Line High School (7)51:44+28:34
7Connor MorrisonShort Line Primary (11)42:10+20:09
8Sione LangiShort Line Primary (11)43:20+21:19
9Stephanie, Marc, Livenia and Jessica SpencerShort Line Primary (11)44:12+22:11
10Kahu LangiShort Line Primary (11)46:39+24:38
Kathryn VaughanLong Line Open (22)mispunched


8 starting competitors
3Serena DoyleShort Line High School (5)16:16+3:32
4Shane DoyleLong Line Open (22)22:45+1:45
4Finn MackayLong Line High School (7)26:40+3:30
5Serena DoyleLong Line High School (7)26:46+3:36
10Jim MackayLong Line Open (22)29:30+8:30
14Helen MurphyLong Line Open (22)43:33+22:33
16Dave LottyLong Line Open (22)46:06+25:06
18Terry MurphyLong Line Open (22)50:56+29:56


22 starting competitors
1James McQuillanLong Line Open (22)21:00
1Saffron SweeneyShort Line Open (5)27:21
1Seth SweeneyShort Line High School (5)12:44
2Niamh CassarLong Line High School (7)23:45+0:35
2Janet MorrisShort Line Open (5)33:43+6:22
2Selwyn SweeneyShort Line High School (5)14:25+1:41
2Shay SweeneyShort Line Primary (11)24:14+2:13
3Selwyn SweeneyLong Line High School (7)26:24+3:14
3Sylvie ValaisShort Line Open (5)35:24+8:03
3Savanna SweeneyShort Line Primary (11)27:19+5:18
5Barry HanlonShort Line Open (5)39:34+12:13
5Martine ValaisShort Line High School (5)28:15+15:31
6Seth SweeneyLong Line High School (7)27:16+4:06
7Paul SweeneyLong Line Open (22)27:38+6:38
8Matt HackettLong Line Open (22)28:21+7:21
9Joshua BraidwoodLong Line Open (22)29:01+8:01
11Steve DunlopLong Line Open (22)36:25+15:25
11Jacinta BraidwoodShort Line Primary (11)51:51+29:50
12Ian MillerLong Line Open (22)38:20+17:20
13Linda ChanLong Line Open (22)43:01+22:01
15Malcolm GledhillLong Line Open (22)45:11+24:11
17Ted MulherinLong Line Open (22)47:35+26:35

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