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Official results for Qld Schools Orienteering Champs Individual Long

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Name: Qld Schools Orienteering Champs Individual Long
Organiser: Orienteering Queensland
Date: Sunday 29 July 2018

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11 YRS Boys

2 600 m, 11 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Oliver PeckNo club membership16:456:26
2Miles BryantEnoggeroos18:09+1:246:58
3Adrian GarbelliniEnoggeroos20:19+3:347:48
4Eric LovellRange Runners Orienteering Club21:43+4:588:21
5Flynn Eldridge HayesRange Runners Orienteering Club22:11+5:268:31
6Caelan WilliamsRange Runners Orienteering Club22:48+6:038:46
7Lachlan FergusonUgly Gully Orienteers24:02+7:179:14
8Callum BryantEnoggeroos27:25+10:4010:32
9Thomas CaristoEnoggeroos28:33+11:4810:58
10William Day`No club membership29:30+12:4511:20
11Benjamin MooreNo club membership1:12:54+56:0928:02

11 YRS Girls

2 600 m, 9 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Cassy ReinbottRange Runners Orienteering Club20:347:54
2Skye HassallRange Runners Orienteering Club21:29+0:558:15
3Alara WilliamsRange Runners Orienteering Club27:27+6:5310:33
4Cate NemethToohey Forest Orienteers34:08+13:3413:07
5Ariona LawsBullecourt Boulder Bounders38:27+17:5314:47
6Matilda RogersRange Runners Orienteering Club40:16+19:4215:29
Kari BrennanRange Runners Orienteering Clubmispunched
Sara LoaderRange Runners Orienteering Clubmispunched
Indigo NewnesEnoggeroosmispunched

13 YRS Boys

2 500 m, 13 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Sean Lindsay-HolleyRange Runners Orienteering Club21:448:41
2Gabriel SchubertRange Runners Orienteering Club28:32+6:4811:24
3Angus BennettsRange Runners Orienteering Club29:53+8:0911:57
4Isaac BurkeRange Runners Orienteering Club32:02+10:1812:48
5Cory LeahyNo club membership33:46+12:0213:30
6Grant Eldridge HayesRange Runners Orienteering Club35:32+13:4814:12
7James FergusonUgly Gully Orienteers36:06+14:2214:26
8Samuel GladwinRange Runners Orienteering Club37:19+15:3514:55
9Lachlan MooreNo club membership38:02+16:1815:12
10Jack ReinbottRange Runners Orienteering Club40:25+18:4116:10
11Alex WrightRange Runners Orienteering Club46:24+24:4018:33
12Connor WilliamsNo club membership46:50+25:0618:44
13Jacob MaddenRange Runners Orienteering Club53:04+31:2021:13

13 YRS Girls

2 000 m, 6 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Isabella CooperRange Runners Orienteering Club20:1110:05
2Mali BrennanRange Runners Orienteering Club22:26+2:1511:13
3Jade HassallRange Runners Orienteering Club29:14+9:0314:37
4Abbie LaneRange Runners Orienteering Club33:47+13:3616:53
5Georgia BaronsRange Runners Orienteering Club37:08+16:5718:34
6Ryanda CraigeNo club membership38:32+18:2119:16

Sen Girls Standard

4 000 m, 1 starting competitor
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Georgia VerdonRange Runners Orienteering Club1:37:3224:23

Jun Boys Chmp

4 600 m, 11 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Samuel GarbelliniEnoggeroos39:448:38
2William CoxRange Runners Orienteering Club51:59+12:1511:18
3Dylan BryantEnoggeroos54:10+14:2611:46
4Paul GarbelliniEnoggeroos1:05:21+25:3714:12
5Chris NemethToohey Forest Orienteers1:06:28+26:4414:26
6Ewan McFarlandBullecourt Boulder Bounders1:13:04+33:2015:53
7Joshua NewnesEnoggeroos1:15:30+35:4616:24
8Kyle RyanNo club membership1:36:49+57:0521:02
9Kydan CharlesBullecourt Boulder Bounders1:48:10+1:08:2623:30
10Timothy NollRange Runners Orienteering Club1:54:20+1:14:3624:51
Oliver SchubertRange Runners Orienteering Clubmispunched

Jun Girls Chmp

4 000 m, 13 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Mikaela GrayUgly Gully Orienteers34:318:37
2Rani BrennanRange Runners Orienteering Club41:31+7:0010:22
3Ella RogersRange Runners Orienteering Club42:13+7:4210:33
4Laura de JongRange Runners Orienteering Club44:29+9:5811:07
5Maxine LovellRange Runners Orienteering Club48:37+14:0612:09
6Sara GarbelliniEnoggeroos1:01:33+27:0215:23
7Valhsala NaiduNo club membership1:12:31+38:0018:07
8Breanna SimmonsRange Runners Orienteering Club1:18:30+43:5919:37
9Kiara MaddenRange Runners Orienteering Club1:22:04+47:3320:31
10Holly MillsRange Runners Orienteering Club1:24:43+50:1221:10
11Madeline BallochBullecourt Boulder Bounders1:45:33+1:11:0226:23
12Trinity WellingBullecourt Boulder Bounders2:06:18+1:31:4731:34
Tyla ParkerRange Runners Orienteering Clubdid not finish

Sen Girls Chmp

5 100 m, 3 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Julia GannonRange Runners Orienteering Club1:02:2712:14
2Nina GannonRange Runners Orienteering Club1:16:48+14:2115:03
3Anastasia HeikkilaSunshine Orienteers Club1:19:37+17:1015:36

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