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Official results for Northern Schools Championships

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Name: Northern Schools Championships
Organiser: Esk Valley
Date: Friday 23 March 2018

Primary B

34 starting competitors
1Duncan ChloeWest Launceston Primary School13:02
2Tabagari TristanRiverside Primary School13:59
3Deegan ZaydenRiverside Primary School14:56
4Corbett RubyRiverside Primary School15:55
5Daveney AmelieRiverside Primary School16:08
6Rae DeclanSt Thomas Moores17:24
7Faulkner NickSt Thomas Moores17:29
8Duff TheoSt Thomas Moores17:31
9Sullivan-Arkless AugustinSt Thomas Moores17:32
10Bezemer ChelseaRiverside Primary School18:04
11Matthews KhalenSt Thomas Moores19:24
12Barns WilliamSt Thomas Moores19:29
13Daley IsaacYoungtown Primary School19:54
14Visser TarynSummerdale Primary School21:01
15Emily CrackSummerdale21:04
16Jones DylanYoungtown Primary School22:11
17Sullivan-Arkless HerveeSt Thomas Moores22:37
18Curtis RubySummerdale Primary School23:14
19Richardson TajaSummerdale Primary School23:21
20Pace EmeliaSummerdale Primary School23:35
21Sweet ChloeSummerdale Primary School23:37
22Burton AddisenYoungtown Primary School23:40
23Hendriksen KaylaSt Thomas Moores23:44
24Manshanden EllaSt Thomas Moores23:50
25Purcell BlakeSummerdale Primary School25:41
26Burke  SamYoungtown Primary School27:19
27Clayton CodyYoungtown Primary School27:49
28Rigby KiaraYoungtown Primary School29:46
28Bishop  AlloraYoungtown Primary School29:46
30Bromley AlexRiverside Primary School31:02
31Tunks JontyRiverside Primary School33:41
Cassidy JordanRiverside Primary Schoolmispunched
Hawthorne AnabelleWest Launceston Primary Schoolmispunched
Brown AdamSummerdale Primary Schoolmispunched

Grades 7/8B

17 starting competitors
1Bakes MaddiProspect High School30:57
2Rickard IsabellaProspect High School31:06
3Spencer MollieLaunceston Church Grammar School31:22
4Martin JacksonProspect High School34:28
5Austen BrandanProspect High School34:32
6Baird CyProspect High School39:14
7Wilson CooperProspect High School39:21
8Lockhart BraydenProspect High School43:20
9Whitehouse JaiProspect High School43:25
10Mithen SophieProspect High School49:16
11Leonard DakotaProspect High School49:17
12Plumbridge TylerProspect High School1:01:57
13Brown PatrickProspect High School1:02:00
14McKellar TaylaProspect High School1:05:50
15Randell AnnalisaProspect High School1:05:53
Harris JaidynProspect High Schoolmispunched
Bussey LochlanProspect High Schoolmispunched

Grades 9/10B

3 starting competitors
1Stearnes JirananProspect High School55:23
2Sefton MadiProspect High School55:24
3Langford-Banks MaddisonProspect High School1:29:10

M 12A

8 starting competitors
1Best EuanRiverside Primary School14:42
2Robards AydenSummerdale Primary School20:49
3Shady CooperSummerdale Primary School21:51
4Brown DylanSummerdale Primary School32:55
Towns AlexSt Thomas Mooresmispunched
Garland PatrickSummerdale Primary Schoolmispunched
Kent CooperSummerdale Primary Schoolmispunched
Cassidy AlexanderSummerdale Primary Schoolmispunched

M 13A

6 starting competitors
1Kerr RileyProspect High School26:20
2Radford WillLaunceston Church Grammar School43:27
3Fitzpatrick PhoenixLaunceston Church Grammar School1:01:44
4Shady AshtonProspect High School1:09:31
5Kelb RydarProspect High School1:11:37
Mc Gee TobyLaunceston Church Grammar Schoolmispunched

M 15A

2 starting competitors
1Wickham JackLaunceston Church Grammar School20:24
2Fell LiamLaunceston Church Grammar School26:50

M 16A

3 starting competitors
1Fisher BayleyLaunceston Church Grammar School43:57
2Pitt AlecLaunceston Church Grammar School59:54
Hood SymLaunceston Church Grammar Schoolmispunched

W 12A

6 starting competitors
1Jada FitzgeraldSummerdale28:27
2Rigby GeorgiaSummerdale Primary School29:23
3O’Connor EmilySummerdale Primary School39:12
4Gillow GeorgiaYoungtown Primary School41:40
5Day AnnaYoungtown Primary School43:46
Carroll LilySummerdale Primary Schoolmispunched

W 13A

3 starting competitors
1Best SophieLaunceston Church Grammar School55:22
2Arnold ShaeLaunceston Church Grammar School1:26:12
3Richardson KieraLaunceston Church Grammar School1:41:31

W 14A

3 starting competitors
1Poland KathrynLaunceston Church Grammar School1:00:35
2Brown IsabelLaunceston Church Grammar School1:06:46
3Redburn LilyLaunceston Church Grammar School1:12:34

W 16A

1 starting competitor
1McLean EleanorLaunceston Church Grammar School42:50

W Open

1 starting competitor
1Phillips ArabellaLaunceston College44:08

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