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Official results for Park Orienteering at Point Cartwright

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Name: Park Orienteering at Point Cartwright
Organiser: Sunshine Orienteers Club
Date: Sunday 8 July 2018


1 200 m, 10 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Mick and Nat Bourke AaronNo club membership11:399:42
2Mellisa Rossow and FamilyNo club membership14:42+3:0312:15
3Hallee, Caleb and Eliza Moran DebNo club membership14:47+3:0812:19
4Jeremy Tibbits and familyNo club membership15:57+4:1813:17
5Barbara DickerNo club membership16:36+4:5713:50
6Cole Craig andf FamilyNo club membership20:14+8:3516:51
7Jess and Teo DavidsonNo club membership20:56+9:1717:26
8Benjamin + family GaskeNo club membership23:36+11:5719:40
9Jenny Hill and ScarlettNo club membership29:56+18:1724:56
10Gary RichardsNo club membership31:25+19:4626:10
Cat CarieNo club membershipdid not start
Luke RadnedgeNo club membershipdid not start
Michelle RadnedgeNo club membershipdid not start

Moderate Short

2 500 m, 14 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lasse JanssenNo club membership28:3711:26
2Christopher SpriggsUG.Q30:03+1:2612:01
3Robin SpriggsUG.Q32:39+4:0213:03
4August GaskeNo club membership37:28+8:5114:59
5Matthew & Josh TurnerNo club membership41:42+13:0516:40
6Leah & AbbeyTrikilisNo club membership43:29+14:5217:23
6Jo RogersSO.Q43:29+14:5217:23
8Melissa Rossow and familyNo club membership43:53+15:1617:33
9Free FamilyNo club membership50:25+21:4820:10
10Debbie GordonNo club membership52:17+23:4020:54
11Grace & Isaac Sarah KwarcianyiNo club membership53:08+24:3121:15
12Ruth Devine and familyNo club membership58:46+30:0923:30
12Toni Duetzmann and familyNo club membership58:46+30:0923:30
Esther TownsendNo club membershipcompleted
Sharon WithersNo club membershipdid not start

Moderate Long

5 000 m, 18 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1John BakerSO.Q25:505:10
2Peter JonesNo club membership28:25+2:355:41
3Kim BeckinsaleSO.Q29:58+4:085:59
4Nyle & Neo Anderson AbbeyNo club membership35:57+10:077:11
5Jan LevertonSO.Q38:19+12:297:39
6Lilly & Willow Anderson RickNo club membership38:43+12:437:44
7Monica Campbell and Nadia GuterresNo club membership40:20+14:308:04
8Steven Will  and familyNo club membership45:05+19:159:01
9Diprose Tracy and DeanneNo club membership47:19+21:299:27
10Andrew & Linda EarleNo club membership48:26+22:369:41
11John & Cathie KenafakeNo club membership49:08+23:189:49
12Jay MairNo club membership51:19+25:2910:15
13Alex MairNo club membership51:42+25:5210:20
14Kirsty and Tara TelburnNo club membership1:04:42+38:5212:56
15Steve and Blake TelburnNo club membership1:04:46+38:5612:57
16Jeroen & Maryse JanssenNo club membership1:15:43+49:5315:08
17Jayda & Riley DavidsonNo club membership1:29:14+1:03:2417:50
17Amali & Noah DavidsonNo club membership1:29:14+1:03:2417:50

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