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Official results for Sprint Into Spring Race 3, VU St Albans

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Name: Sprint Into Spring Race 3, VU St Albans
Organisers: Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers / Tuckonie Orienteering Club
Date: Saturday 27 October 2018

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Mo Men

3 725 m, 47 starting competitors
1Aston KeyMFV Melbourne Forest Racers14:40
2Bruce ArthurMFV Melbourne Forest Racers16:26+1:46
3Brody McCarthyYVV Yarra Valley Orienteering Club16:41+2:01
4Jensen KeyMFV Melbourne Forest Racers17:35+2:55
5Warren KeyMFV Melbourne Forest Racers17:50+3:10
6Mason ArthurMFV Melbourne Forest Racers18:07+3:27
7Simon RouseDRV Dandenong Ranges Orienteering18:40+4:00
7David BrownridgeBGV Bendigo Orienteers18:40+4:00
9Will DaveyMFV Melbourne Forest Racers19:01+4:21
10Fredrik JohanssonMFV Melbourne Forest Racers19:04+4:24
11Scott GavensBKV Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers19:17+4:37
12Alex IkinBKV Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers19:25+4:45
13Chris NorwoodEUV Eureka Orienteers20:09+5:29
14Dion KeechMFV Melbourne Forest Racers20:20+5:40
15Daniel StottOV Orienteering Victoria/No club20:44+6:04
16Nick MaddockDRV Dandenong Ranges Orienteering21:06+6:26
17Kristian RuuskaARV Victorian ARDF Group21:08+6:28
18Ian DaviesDRV Dandenong Ranges Orienteering21:20+6:40
19Conan PrendergastOV Orienteering Victoria/No club21:52+7:12
20Toby CooperEUV Eureka Orienteers22:22+7:42
21Stephen CollinsBKV Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers22:28+7:48
22Blair TrewinYVV Yarra Valley Orienteering Club22:38+7:58
23Artem OsmerkinYVV Yarra Valley Orienteering Club22:45+8:05
24Roch PrendergastEUV Eureka Orienteers24:04+9:24
25Tom LothianBKV Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers24:08+9:28
26Warwick WilliamsEUV Eureka Orienteers24:35+9:55
27Peter DalwoodDRV Dandenong Ranges Orienteering26:10+11:30
28Bill VandendoolMFV Melbourne Forest Racers26:21+11:41
29Martin KozmaOV Orienteering Victoria/No club26:30+11:50
30Ron ScholesYVV Yarra Valley Orienteering Club27:24+12:44
31Aidan MayallBKV Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers28:06+13:26
32David KnightBKV Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers28:16+13:36
33Michael KippOV Orienteering Victoria/No club29:48+15:08
34Matthew KingBKV Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers30:11+15:31
35Steven O'ConnellBKV Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers30:58+16:18
36Steve GelsiBKV Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers31:03+16:23
37Gary BuchanEUV Eureka Orienteers31:56+17:16
38Stuart McWilliamDRV Dandenong Ranges Orienteering33:10+18:30
39Murray HannaBKV Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers33:45+19:05
40Don FellNEV Nillumbik Emus Orienteering Cl34:17+19:37
41Stephen BirdBKV Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers35:49+21:09
42Carl DalheimMFV Melbourne Forest Racers35:59+21:19
43Peter ChenDRV Dandenong Ranges Orienteering37:04+22:24
44Greg PalmerNEV Nillumbik Emus Orienteering Cl41:10+26:30
45Ian MathiesonOV Orienteering Victoria/No club55:39+40:59
46Elijah SpencerOV Orienteering Victoria/No club1:02:49+48:09
Warwick DavisTKV Tuckonie Orienteering Clubnot competing

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