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Official results for ACT Street Series: Red Hill

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Name: ACT Street Series: Red Hill
Organiser: Orienteering ACT
Date: Monday 5 November 2018

A: Men

13 starting competitors
1Geoff StaceyNo club membership52:30
2Tim CochraneNo club membership56:50
3Brad ValletteNo club membership57:00
4Leroy DickieNo club membership57:20
5Ged KeaneNo club membership58:50
6Kathie DentRR-A59:59
7Michael RadajewskiPO-A1:00:01
8Kieran MacdonellBS-A1:01:00
9Jonathan RicksRR-A1:01:10
10Jon GlanvillePO-A1:04:00
11David AlderNo club membership1:05:20
12Matthew PurcellGS-A1:05:22
13Zac ZahariasBS-A1:10:56

A: Teams

2 starting competitors
1Trevor JacobsNo club membership1:05:00
1Rowena WoodsNo club membership1:05:00

B: Men

9 starting competitors
1Andrew JohnsonBS-A48:40
2Richard SmythNo club membership53:20
3Florian BenzNo club membership54:00
4Roderick MatthewsNo club membership56:05
5Tate NeedhamRR-A56:25
6Jonathan MillerBS-A59:50
7Eric WainwrightRR-A1:04:20
8Andrew WardenBS-A1:04:27
9Peter AntcliffBS-A1:06:20

B: Teams

2 starting competitors
1Daniel GreenNo club membership57:50
1Amelia WaltonNo club membership57:50

C: Men

7 starting competitors
1Phil WalkerPO-A40:19
2Sandeep ChandraNo club membership43:27
3Owen RadajewskiPO-A44:20
4Geoff WoodPO-A52:16
5Toby WilsonBS-A58:00
6John SuominenWE-A59:40
7Bryant AllenPO-A1:09:20

C: Women

4 starting competitors
1Ellen JohnsonNo club membership46:16
2Parissa PoulisNo club membership1:01:40
3Janet StreetPO-A1:03:00
4Jane BarnettBS-A1:05:50

C: Teams

20 starting competitors
1James SwannNo club membership43:25
1Max SwannNo club membership43:25
2Brett GrahamNo club membership45:00
2Sebastien GrahamNo club membership45:00
3Ella DannNo club membership49:30
3Leanne DannNo club membership49:30
3Sarah DannNo club membership49:30
4Chloe DannNo club membership52:00
4Jack DannNo club membership52:00
4Rod DannNo club membership52:00
5Evan LeesonNo club membership59:10
5Oscar LeesonNo club membership59:10
5Natalie TaffsNo club membership59:10
6Isaac MuscatNo club membership1:07:50
6Wil MuscatNo club membership1:07:50
7Karla AdamsonNo club membership1:10:08
7Jason deRooyNo club membership1:10:08
7Rohan deRooyNo club membership1:10:08
8Alice FarquharsonNo club membership1:10:25
8Oscar WoodPO-A1:10:25

D: Men

2 starting competitors
1Alex RicksRR-A47:00
2Peter PalmerNo club membership1:01:50

D: Women

4 starting competitors
1Susanne HarryssonBS-A35:30
2Karla CirantNo club membership41:56
3Hind NeedhamRR-A55:35
4Kathy SawNo club membership57:40

D: Teams

9 starting competitors
1Erin PrinceNo club membership41:00
1Shona PrinceNo club membership41:00
1Ed TownerNo club membership41:00
2Jaclyn FletcherNo club membership46:45
2Kevin KeeganNo club membership46:45
3Magnus HendersonNo club membership57:10
3Tamara NeedhamRR-A57:10
4Natalie ShadwellNo club membership59:20
4Maddie SoudonNo club membership59:20

PowerWalk: Men

5 starting competitors
1Bruce BarnettBS-A1258:00
2Keith FifieldRR-A121:01:00
3Michael BurtRR-A1059:40
4John HardingPO-A759:30
5Geoff BarkerNo club membership656:39

PowerWalk: Women

7 starting competitors
1Monika BinderPO-A1255:00
2Kerrie CowanBS-A101:01:30
3Michelle CochraneNo club membership101:01:30
4Pat MiethkePO-A958:40
5Catherine McCarronNo club membership753:00
6Lyara McCarronNo club membership656:20
7Monika ShortNo club membership656:35

PowerWalk: Teams

22 starting competitors
1Jeff MossNo club membership101:01:30
1Oliver MossNo club membership101:01:30
2Glenn MuscatNo club membership955:15
2Laura MuscatNo club membership955:15
3Richard HillNo club membership956:00
3Christina SanchezNo club membership956:00
4Daniel BrightNo club membership91:02:00
4Jen BrightNo club membership91:02:00
5Fletcher MossNo club membership81:00:00
5Karen MossNo club membership81:00:00
6Kim ListonNo club membership81:01:00
6Tegan ListonNo club membership81:01:00
6Laura PoundNo club membership81:01:00
7Armaiti CarnahanNo club membership558:30
7Michael CarnahanNo club membership558:30
8Fergus SmythNo club membership340:48
8Kylie SmythNo club membership340:48
8Minnie SmythNo club membership340:48
9Christine ButterholdNo club membership355:00
9Lola ButterholdNo club membership355:00
10Jack PalmerNo club membership355:26
10Jane ReynoldsNo club membership355:26

Bike: All

1 starting competitor
1David PolandBS-A41:55

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