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Official results for SOS Northside - North Sydney

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Name: SOS Northside - North Sydney
Organiser: Bold Horizons Event Organiser
Date: Saturday 2 February 2019


15 starting competitors
1Alastair GeorgeLong Line Maroon Open (51)13:45
4Paula ShinglerLong Line Yellow Open (41)15:22
5Mark ShinglerLong Line Yellow Open (41)17:10
8Nicole MealingLong Line Maroon Open (51)18:33
9Lyra SimpsonLong Line Yellow High School (14)23:08
10Paula ShinglerLong Line Maroon Open (51)18:50
11Mark ShinglerLong Line Maroon Open (51)19:02
15Nicole MealingLong Line Yellow Open (41)19:51
17Andy SimpsonLong Line Yellow Open (41)22:00
29Keith GoodeLong Line Yellow Open (41)30:14
Jo ParrLong Line Maroon Open (51)mispunched
Andy SimpsonLong Line Maroon Open (51)mispunched
Lyra SimpsonLong Line Maroon High School (12)mispunched
Alastair GeorgeLong Line Yellow Open (41)mispunched
Jo ParrLong Line Yellow Open (41)mispunched


24 starting competitors
1Curtis PepperLong Line Maroon Primary (4)24:27
1Melissa ThomasShort Line Open (9)8:58
1Clyde McGheeLong Line Yellow High School (14)14:14
2Clyde McGheeLong Line Maroon High School (12)16:04
2Melissa ThomasScore Open (3)3504:45
3Richard PattisonShort Line Open (9)10:07
3Richard PattisonScore Open (3)3504:49
4Daniel PovahShort Line High School (17)16:06
5Melissa ThomasLong Line Maroon Open (51)16:32
7Jacob PovahShort Line High School (17)18:37
10Brett SewellLong Line Yellow Open (41)17:55
12Brett SewellLong Line Maroon Open (51)19:06
12Richard PattisonLong Line Yellow Open (41)18:31
15Richard PattisonLong Line Maroon Open (51)19:42
16Rodney ParkinLong Line Yellow Open (41)20:01
19Terry BluettLong Line Yellow Open (41)22:38
21Rodney ParkinLong Line Maroon Open (51)22:39
21Melissa ThomasLong Line Yellow Open (41)24:12
23Keith PovahLong Line Maroon Open (51)23:24
25Michelle PovahLong Line Yellow Open (41)27:16
26Terry BluettLong Line Maroon Open (51)24:05
31Peter ThomasonLong Line Maroon Open (51)27:54
Wayne PepperLong Line Maroon Open (51)mispunched
Lincoln WatersonLong Line Yellow Primary (5)mispunched


57 starting competitors
1Riley GraingerLong Line Maroon High School (12)15:45
1Cooper HorleyShort Line High School (17)9:25
1Curtis PepperShort Line Primary (7)15:03
1David StanleyScore Open (3)3504:40
1Cooper HorleyScore High School (5)3504:35
1Aidan HorleyScore Primary (4)34010:00
1Toby WilsonLong Line Yellow Open (41)13:49
2David StanleyShort Line Open (9)9:04
2Arthur LusherShort Line Primary (7)20:31
2Riley GraingerLong Line Yellow High School (14)14:44
2Lilja LehtonenLong Line Yellow Primary (5)29:44
3Cooper HorleyLong Line Maroon High School (12)17:03
3Aidan HorleyScore Primary (4)2201:12
3Angus LeungLong Line Yellow High School (14)15:05
4Ethan LeeLong Line Maroon High School (12)18:17
4Barbara JunghansShort Line Open (9)25:07
4Iida LehtonenLong Line Yellow High School (14)16:28
5Cooper HorleyLong Line Yellow High School (14)17:31
6Andrew SmithLong Line Maroon Open (51)17:32
6Jamie LeeLong Line Maroon High School (12)19:01
6Andrew SmithLong Line Yellow Open (41)17:19
6David StanleyLong Line Yellow Open (41)17:19
7Toni BachvarovaLong Line Maroon Open (51)17:52
8Iida LehtonenLong Line Maroon High School (12)19:34
8Toni BachvarovaLong Line Yellow Open (41)17:34
9David StanleyLong Line Maroon Open (51)18:35
11Tony HillLong Line Yellow Open (41)18:24
14Aniko Fozo-KerteszLong Line Maroon Open (51)19:23
14Melissa AnnettsLong Line Yellow Open (41)19:36
15Yunwoo KimShort Line High School (17)47:36
16Huon WilsonLong Line Maroon Open (51)19:44
18Colin BurnettLong Line Maroon Open (51)21:42
19Melissa AnnettsLong Line Maroon Open (51)21:53
22Ellis LeungLong Line Maroon Open (51)22:46
24Ellis LeungLong Line Yellow Open (41)26:11
25John BulmanLong Line Maroon Open (51)23:59
27Ron JunghansLong Line Yellow Open (41)28:26
28Ian JessupLong Line Maroon Open (51)24:39
28Barbara DawsonLong Line Yellow Open (41)28:53
29Dianne BergenLong Line Maroon Open (51)26:07
30Elizabeth BulmanLong Line Yellow Open (41)32:18
31Mark LusherLong Line Yellow Open (41)32:37
32Michael FreeLong Line Maroon Open (51)28:35
33Jill WoodruffLong Line Maroon Open (51)29:48
33Y C LeeLong Line Yellow Open (41)33:37
34Teresa LynchLong Line Yellow Open (41)34:46
37Ian BlaydenLong Line Maroon Open (51)33:11
39Stephanie AllenLong Line Maroon Open (51)42:27
40Dennis SparlingLong Line Maroon Open (51)42:59
41Tim CoxLong Line Maroon Open (51)43:50
42Sue ThomsonLong Line Maroon Open (51)46:03
43Ross DukerLong Line Maroon Open (51)46:56
Bryony CoxLong Line Maroon Open (51)mispunched
Graeme DawsonLong Line Maroon Open (51)mispunched
Toby WilsonLong Line Maroon Open (51)mispunched
Andra LeungLong Line Maroon High School (12)mispunched
Airdrie LongLong Line Yellow Open (41)mispunched


1 starting competitor
7Cameron WillLong Line Maroon High School (12)19:17

No club membership

56 starting competitors
1Julian HessLong Line Yellow Primary (5)26:52
2Grace MolloyLong Line Maroon Open (51)15:34
2Severina HessLong Line Maroon Primary (4)35:35
2Anthony IvanovScore High School (5)3507:15
2Aidan PehScore High School (5)3507:15
2Fern FamilyScore Primary (4)31026:58
2Grace MolloyLong Line Yellow Open (41)13:53
3Andrew BrownLong Line Maroon Open (51)15:54
3Andy WangLong Line Maroon Primary (4)46:40
3Nick StanleyShort Line High School (17)14:36
3Andy WangShort Line Primary (7)25:33
3Elsie DarlingLong Line Yellow Primary (5)1:15:17
4Toby WilsonShort Line Primary (7)29:14
4Nick StanleyScore High School (5)3507:19
4Renwick FamilyScore Primary (4)19027:37
5Oriana WangShort Line Open (9)25:36
5Aiden PehShort Line High School (17)18:20
5Noah DorShort Line Primary (7)35:47
5Chung FamilyScore High School (5)35011:33
6Nana ZhangShort Line Open (9)25:44
6Chung FamilyShort Line High School (17)18:26
6Hugo PaillasLong Line Yellow High School (14)18:16
8Michael GotleyShort Line Open (9)48:19
8Anthony IvanovShort Line High School (17)20:03
9Hugo PaillasLong Line Maroon High School (12)23:27
9Nicolas LiuShort Line High School (17)20:52
10Vivian WangLong Line Maroon High School (12)46:42
10Matthew TangShort Line High School (17)23:29
10Eric LiuLong Line Yellow High School (14)26:43
11Vivian WangShort Line High School (17)25:34
11Anthony IvanovLong Line Yellow High School (14)30:58
12Eric LiuShort Line High School (17)25:41
12Aidan PehLong Line Yellow High School (14)31:16
13Simon NashLong Line Maroon Open (51)19:15
13Eric LiuShort Line High School (17)32:16
13Simon NashLong Line Yellow Open (41)18:52
13Ben & Michael GotleyLong Line Yellow High School (14)31:38
14Arthur GouezigouxShort Line High School (17)43:13
18Clare MurphyLong Line Yellow Open (41)22:09
20Melissa JosephLong Line Yellow Open (41)23:47
22Shiona WillLong Line Yellow Open (41)25:27
24Mark LusherLong Line Maroon Open (51)23:28
26Ian BlaydenLong Line Yellow Open (41)27:48
27Brett LeaversLong Line Maroon Open (51)24:28
30Teresa LynchLong Line Maroon Open (51)26:58
35Marco SieviLong Line Maroon Open (51)30:48
36Jackie BrightonLong Line Maroon Open (51)31:46
37Louise BrooksLong Line Yellow Open (41)1:11:09
Nana ZhangLong Line Maroon Open (51)mispunched
Oriana WangLong Line Maroon Primary (4)mispunched
Susan HealyShort Line Open (9)mispunched
Kieran JosephShort Line High School (17)mispunched
Anthony WuShort Line High School (17)mispunched
Aidan HorleyShort Line Primary (7)mispunched
Jessica WebbShort Line Primary (7)mispunched
Milan CookLong Line Yellow Primary (5)mispunched


15 starting competitors
3Shane DoyleLong Line Yellow Open (41)14:59
4Shane DoyleLong Line Maroon Open (51)16:20
5Serena DoyleLong Line Maroon High School (12)18:39
9Linda SestaLong Line Yellow Open (41)17:49
17Linda SestaLong Line Maroon Open (51)19:48
20Clare MurphyLong Line Maroon Open (51)22:19
23Ian McKenzieLong Line Yellow Open (41)26:02
32Terry MurphyLong Line Yellow Open (41)33:25
34Helen MurphyLong Line Maroon Open (51)30:18
35Dave LottyLong Line Yellow Open (41)36:32
36Edie MarkLong Line Yellow Open (41)1:09:44
38Terry MurphyLong Line Maroon Open (51)38:48
Ian McKenzieLong Line Maroon Open (51)mispunched
Helen MurphyLong Line Yellow Open (41)mispunched
Serena DoyleLong Line Yellow High School (14)mispunched


4 starting competitors
2Niamh CassarShort Line High School (17)11:49
7Ian MillerShort Line Open (9)25:46
7Niamh CassarLong Line Yellow High School (14)20:06
8Will KayLong Line Yellow High School (14)23:05

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