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Official results for Bunyaville - MBRC

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Name: Bunyaville - MBRC
Organiser: Enoggeroos
Date: Sunday 2 June 2019

Very Easy

1 400 m, 12 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Adrian HardyNo club9:577:06
2Taylor JarrottNo club13:52+3:559:54
3James RackleyNo club13:58+4:019:58
4Hannah RackleyNo club16:40+6:4311:54
5Sienna JarrottNo club16:54+6:5712:04
6Hannah RackleyNo club22:05+12:0815:46
7Sienna JarrottNo club22:07+12:1015:47
8Claire RackleyNo club22:11+12:1415:50
9Paige MoranNo club29:43+19:4621:13
10Claire MoranNo club29:47+19:5021:16
11Fiona MoranNo club30:22+20:2521:41
12Scott RackleyNo club34:46+24:4924:50


2 200 m, 14 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Chelsea FinchNo club22:5910:26
2James RackleyNo club34:44+11:4515:47
3Taylor JarrottNo club35:02+12:0315:55
4Claire MoranNo club36:06+13:0716:24
4Paul MoranNo club36:06+13:0716:24
6Rebecca GloverNo club46:23+23:2421:04
7Imogen HardyNo club1:03:46+40:4728:59
8Josie HardyNo club1:04:07+41:0829:08
9Ana HardyNo club1:04:38+41:3929:22
10Adrian HardyNo club1:05:47+42:4829:54
11Ewan HardyNo club1:05:55+42:5629:57
Georgia MoranNo clubmispunched
Lily MoranNo clubmispunched
Cath JarrottNo clubmispunched


3 000 m, 9 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Karen BeathNo club membership1:09:1323:04
2Flynn SymonsUgly Gully Orienteers1:37:01+27:4832:20
3Todd SymonsUgly Gully Orienteers1:37:37+28:2432:32
Claire ThompsonNo clubmispunched
Julie ThompsonNo clubmispunched
Matthew ThompsonNo clubmispunched
Sarah ThompsonNo clubmispunched
Bryan ThompsonNo clubmispunched
Hugo Taunton-BurnetEnoggeroosdid not finish


3 700 m, 10 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lachlan HowardEnoggeroos35:569:42
2Tony HowesUgly Gully Orienteers51:48+15:5214:00
3Juliana de NooyUgly Gully Orienteers55:31+19:3515:00
4Kurt NeumannEnoggeroos58:59+23:0315:56
5Sophie ThomasNo club59:01+23:0515:57
6Nick AllanNo club membership1:02:22+26:2616:51
7Sue ClarkeSunshine Orienteers Club1:06:18+30:2217:55
8Michael RosenbergNo club1:07:17+31:2118:11
9Tom SchultsUgly Gully Orienteers1:11:33+35:3719:20
10Walter KelemenSunshine Orienteers Club1:26:24+50:2823:21

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