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Official results for ACT & NSW Ski-O Championships

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Name: ACT & NSW Ski-O Championships
Organisers: Big Foot Orienteers / Orienteering ACT / Orienteering NSW / Red Roos
Date: Sunday 11 August 2019


6 700 m, 6 starting competitors
1Tom Landom-SmithNo club51:48
2Virpi KomulainenNo club1:09:28
3Jock DavisBF N1:28:38
4Callum DavisBF N1:48:45
5Ken YoungBS A1:56:58
6Tamar AmichaiNo club membership2:09:54
Connor LineenAO Adid not start
Jono LineenAO Adid not start


5 400 m, 16 starting competitors
1Albert the MooseNo club54:18
2Nathan GuinnessPO A1:03:29
3Kyle McGregorNo club membership1:24:49
4Bethen McDonaldNo club1:25:57
5Gary McGregorNo club membership1:26:11
6Eoin RotheryBF N1:26:33
7Andy SimpsonBF N1:31:32
8Cath ChalmersBF N1:35:51
9Nerida HoldawayNo club1:36:26
10Alexa TroedsonBF N1:46:39
11Samuel WilsonRR A1:56:12
12Nicola NyghBF N2:01:52
13Daniel HaipolaBS A3:25:02
14Shauna HaipolaBS A3:25:10
15Tommi HaipolaBS A3:27:10
Julian PalstraNo clubmispunched


2 000 m, 11 starting competitors
1Nicole StrachanNo club membership22:44
2Aoife RotheryBF N23:45
3Jodie ColvinNo club26:27
4Lyra SimpsonBF N28:22
5Ariadna IskhakovaRR A29:49
6Blake McDonaldNo club34:11
7Aidan GuinnessPO A42:42
8Shannan ForrestPO A43:40
9Veronika IskhakovaRR A51:52
10Cath ZasiadczykNo club membership52:05
11Amber McDonaldNo club54:55


0 starting competitors
Julie SunleyNSW00did not start
Sean SunleyNSW00did not start

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