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Official results for Peacehaven, Highfields

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Name: Peacehaven, Highfields
Organiser: Range Runners Orienteering Club
Date: Sunday 28 October 2018

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Very Easy

880 m, 7 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Grace VanzellaNo club membership10:3612:02
2Alex VanzellaNo club membership10:43+0:0612:10
3Sara LoaderRR Q13:11+2:3414:58
4Charlie GladwinNo club membership14:44+4:0716:44
5Emrys RogersRR Q17:03+6:2619:22
6Matilda RogersRR Q17:31+6:5419:54
7Caitlin LoaderRR Q19:58+9:2122:41


1 110 m, 9 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Cassy ReinbottRR Q9:078:12
2Danielle RichterRR Q9:08+0:018:13
3Deb ReinbottRR Q11:17+2:1010:09
4Grace VanzellaNo club membership11:56+2:4810:45
5Alex VanzellaNo club membership12:44+3:3611:28
6Rhys LoaderRR Q13:59+4:5112:35
7Deborah LoaderRR Q14:00+4:5212:36
8Saxon RichterRR Q17:17+8:1015:34
9Charlie GladwinNo club membership18:49+9:4216:57

Ultrasprint A

890 m, 14 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Blake ReinbottRR Q4:054:35
2Jaiden FidgeBB Q4:22+0:174:54
3William CoxRR Q4:49+0:445:24
4Jess RogersRR Q5:56+1:516:40
5Cayleb FidgeBB Q6:13+2:086:59
6Laura de JongRR Q6:54+2:487:45
7Jack ReinbottRR Q7:11+3:068:04
8Andrew BrennanRR Q7:28+3:238:23
9Mali BrennanRR Q7:36+3:318:32
10Annette RogersRR Q7:45+3:408:42
11Bella CooperRR Q8:03+3:589:02
12Grant ReinbottRR Q9:45+5:4010:57
13Scott LoaderRR Q9:51+5:4511:04
14Samuel GladwinRR Q16:13+12:0818:13

Ultrasprint B

1 040 m, 14 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Blake ReinbottRR Q4:254:14
2Jaiden FidgeBB Q5:41+1:165:27
3Jess RogersRR Q6:12+1:475:57
4William CoxRR Q6:25+2:006:10
5Jack ReinbottRR Q6:41+2:156:25
6Laura de JongRR Q6:41+2:166:25
7Andrew BrennanRR Q6:49+2:246:33
8Cayleb FidgeBB Q7:13+2:486:56
9Grant ReinbottRR Q7:39+3:147:21
10Bella CooperRR Q8:08+3:437:49
10Scott LoaderRR Q8:08+3:437:49
12Annette RogersRR Q8:47+4:218:26
13Samuel GladwinRR Q9:18+4:538:56
14Mali BrennanRR Q10:39+6:1310:14

Ultrasprint C

1 060 m, 15 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Blake ReinbottRR Q4:224:07
2William CoxRR Q5:45+1:225:25
3Jaiden FidgeBB Q5:45+1:235:25
4Jess RogersRR Q6:39+2:166:16
5Jack ReinbottRR Q7:00+2:386:36
6Laura de JongRR Q7:23+3:006:57
7Cayleb FidgeBB Q7:31+3:097:05
8Samuel GladwinRR Q7:54+3:317:27
9Annette RogersRR Q8:20+3:587:51
10Mali BrennanRR Q8:40+4:188:10
11Bella CooperRR Q9:14+4:518:42
12Grant ReinbottRR Q11:55+7:3311:14
13Charlie GladwinNo club membership12:58+8:3512:13
14Scott LoaderRR Q13:14+8:5112:29
15Andrew BrennanRR Q16:43+12:2115:46

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