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Official results for PAS#1 Bendigo

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Name: PAS#1 Bendigo
Organiser: Bendigo Orienteers
Date: Sunday 25 November 2018


42 starting competitors
Runner 1No club membership39:01
Runner 3No club membership42:25
Neil BarrNo club membership33:22
Michael BrenchNo club membership54:04
Jimmy CameronNo club membership22:07
Rina CaseNo club membership36:07
Carol CoadNo club membership38:50
Tamara CottinghamNo club membership28:50
David David LonsdaleNo club membership5:23
David David LonsdaleNo club membership12:23
Anna de VriesNo club membership44:09
Will de VriesNo club membership44:07
Raelee EenjesNo club membership11:04
Raelee EenjesNo club membership1:50
Raelee EenjesNo club membership5:57
Joshua FeuerherdtNo club membership34:59
Lachlan FeuerherdtNo club membership29:51
Luke FeuerherdtNo club membership29:39
Julie FlynnNo club membership47:32
Corey HarveyNo club membership2:31
Corey HarveyNo club membership2:31
Leanne JonesNo club membership39:01
Family KettererNo club membership57:00
Aalyah LakeyNo club membership40:01
Leanne LakeyNo club membership39:42
Matthew LakeyNo club membership39:41
Katherine McMillanNo club membership8:11
Viv McMillanNo club membership56:53
Angus McphersonNo club membership57:57
Erica OxladeNo club membership24:45
Jamie PethybridgeNo club membership57:17
Rebecca PethybridgeNo club membership43:26
Vincent PethybridgeNo club membership43:25
Desiree Pettit-KeatingNo club membership31:27
Desiree Pettit-KeatingNo club membership31:27
Jim RussellNo club membership26:16
Erica SlakhorstNo club membership34:50
Andrea SmithNo club membership32:10
Andrea SmithNo club membership32:10
Andrea SmithNo club membership38:58
Bec WelshNo club membership57:10
Rhi Wik-gambleNo club membership34:18

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