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Official overall results for Sprint Adelaide (All days entry only), after 4 races

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Name: Sprint Adelaide (All days entry only)
Organisers: Orienteering Australia / Orienteering SA
Date: Friday 25 January 2019 - Monday 28 January 2019

Race 1 - Belair Golf Course - Night OrienteeringRace 2 - Heathfield High School - AfternoonRace 2 - Heathfield High School - Afternoon (overall)Race 3 - Flinders University - MorningRace 3 - Flinders University - Morning (overall)Race 4 - Flinders University - AfternoonRace 4 - Flinders University - Afternoon (overall)Race 5 - Mt Barker Primary School - MorningRace 5 - Mt Barker Primary School - Morning (overall)

AR V Victorian ARDF Group

1 starting competitor
Kristian RuuskaOpen (165)did not finish

BF A Big Foot Orienteers

2 starting competitors
3Alastair GeorgeOpen (165)1:01:16+4:02
8Grace MolloyOpen (165)1:11:13+13:59

BF A Bushflyers ACT

1 starting competitor
Caitlin YoungOpen (165)did not finish

BG V Bendigo Orienteers

1 starting competitor
Jim RussellMedium (156)did not finish

BK V Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers

3 starting competitors
7Carolyn JacksonMedium (156)1:53:19+20:16
Murray HannaMedium (156)did not finish
Bill VandendoolMedium (156)did not finish

DR V Dandenong Ranges Orienteering

4 starting competitors
5Damian SpencerMedium (156)1:47:50+14:47
12Peter DalwoodMedium (156)2:30:11+57:08
13Lanita SteerOpen (165)1:24:29+27:15
Pamela KingMedium (156)did not finish

EV T Esk Valley Orienteering Club

1 starting competitor
Brodie NankervisOpen (165)did not finish

GO N Garingal Orienteers

1 starting competitor
6James LithgowMedium (156)1:48:47+15:44

MF V Melbourne Forest Racers

12 starting competitors
15William DaveyOpen (165)1:31:55+34:41
Bruce ArthurOpen (165)did not finish
Mason ArthurOpen (165)did not finish
Torren ArthurOpen (165)did not finish
Max DalheimOpen (165)did not finish
Aston KeyOpen (165)did not finish
Jensen KeyOpen (165)did not finish
Natasha KeyOpen (165)did not finish
Warren KeyOpen (165)did not finish
Nathan LawsonOpen (165)did not finish
Sophie ArthurMedium (156)did not finish
Milla KeyMedium (156)did not finish

NO N Newcastle Orienteering Club

1 starting competitor
4Robert BennettOpen (165)1:03:13+5:59

OA/No club Orienteering Australia

2 starting competitors
Kong Chak LonOpen (165)did not finish
Jenny KamShort (12)did not finish

OH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering

18 starting competitors
1Simon UppillOpen (165)57:14
4Zara SodenMedium (156)1:45:09+12:06
10Robin UppillMedium (156)2:08:21+35:18
Bridget AndersonOpen (165)did not finish
Finn FogartyOpen (165)did not finish
Ryhs FogartyOpen (165)did not finish
Angus HainesOpen (165)did not finish
Leith SodenOpen (165)did not finish
Jill CongediMedium (156)did not finish
Jeffrey DinningMedium (156)did not finish
Finn FogartyMedium (156)did not finish
Matilda FogartyMedium (156)did not finish
Rhys FogartyMedium (156)did not finish
Sandra McKeanMedium (156)did not finish
Adrian UppillMedium (156)did not finish
Lucinda FogartyShort (12)did not finish
Simon BurdenEOD Medium (8)did not finish
Rachel BurdenEOD Short (13)did not finish

OV/No club Orienteering Victoria

1 starting competitor
2Joe WoodleyOpen (165)1:00:21+3:07

PW A Parawanga Orienteers ACT

1 starting competitor
9Tara MelhuishOpen (165)1:18:40+21:26

RR A Red Roos ACT

2 starting competitors
7Martin DentOpen (165)1:07:08+9:54
12Kathie DentOpen (165)1:24:20+27:06

Southampton Orienteering Club

1 starting competitor
Philip EelesMedium (156)did not finish

ST N Stingers

1 starting competitor
16Rebecca GeorgeOpen (165)1:38:07+40:53

SW S Arrows

1 starting competitor
5Oliver WilliamsOpen (165)1:03:21+6:07

TJ S Tjuringa Orienteers

6 starting competitors
1Janet HillyardShort (12)2:44:14
13Desmond NormanMedium (156)2:32:34+59:31
18Meredith NormanOpen (165)1:40:41+43:27
Doug JohnstonOpen (165)did not finish
Oscar JohnstonOpen (165)did not finish
Harry WaterhouseMedium (156)did not finish

TT S Tintookies Orienteers

19 starting competitors
1Max GrivellMedium (156)1:33:03
8Trevor DimentMedium (156)1:59:51+26:48
10Olivia SprodOpen (165)1:20:19+23:05
11Joanna GeorgeOpen (165)1:23:02+25:48
14Erica DimentMedium (156)2:39:19+1:06:16
17Abigail GeorgeOpen (165)1:39:13+41:59
Jack MarschallOpen (165)did not finish
Emily SorensenOpen (165)did not finish
Clive ArthurMedium (156)did not finish
David GeorgeMedium (156)did not finish
Ian GrivellMedium (156)did not finish
James LloydMedium (156)did not finish
Jemima LloydMedium (156)did not finish
Kate MarschallMedium (156)did not finish
Robert SmithMedium (156)did not finish
David LawEOD Short (13)did not finish
Annabel LloydEOD Short (13)did not finish
James LloydEOD Short (13)did not finish
Julia LloydEOD Short (13)did not finish

WR S Wallaringa Orienteering Club

8 starting competitors
Jenny CasanovaOpen (165)did not finish
Sarah GilbertOpen (165)did not finish
Tyson HillyardOpen (165)did not finish
Peter CuttenMedium (156)did not finish
Joaquín GinerMedium (156)did not finish
Fern HillyardMedium (156)did not finish
Peter KreminskiMedium (156)did not finish
Sara LemanskiEOD Short (13)did not finish

YO S Yalanga Orienteers

15 starting competitors
2Steve CooperMedium (156)1:39:13+6:10
3Brodie DobsonKeeffeMedium (156)1:40:59+7:56
6Dante AfnanOpen (165)1:06:32+9:18
9Nigel DobsonMedium (156)2:01:19+28:16
11Lucy BurleyMedium (156)2:24:55+51:52
14Remi AfnanOpen (165)1:28:49+31:35
Ruhi AfnanOpen (165)did not finish
Ethan PenckOpen (165)did not finish
Sandra AfnanMedium (156)did not finish
Leila HendersonMedium (156)did not finish
Dave NicolsonMedium (156)did not finish
Ruth NicolsonMedium (156)did not finish
Ana PenckMedium (156)did not finish
Gemma BurleyShort (12)did not finish
Robert TuckerEOD Medium (8)did not finish

YV V Yarra Valley Orienteering Club

1 starting competitor
Blair TrewinOpen (165)did not finish

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