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Official results for Sprint Adelaide (All days entry only), race 5 - Mt Barker Primary School - Morning

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Name: Sprint Adelaide (All days entry only)
Organisers: Orienteering Australia / Orienteering SA
Date: Friday 25 January 2019 - Monday 28 January 2019

Race 1 - Belair Golf Course - Night OrienteeringRace 2 - Heathfield High School - AfternoonRace 2 - Heathfield High School - Afternoon (overall)Race 3 - Flinders University - MorningRace 3 - Flinders University - Morning (overall)Race 4 - Flinders University - AfternoonRace 4 - Flinders University - Afternoon (overall)Race 5 - Mt Barker Primary School - MorningRace 5 - Mt Barker Primary School - Morning (overall)


41 starting competitors
1Martin DentRR A Red Roos ACT14:33
2Joe WoodleyOV/No club Orienteering Victoria15:14+0:41
3Simon UppillOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering15:26+0:53
4Robert BennettNO N Newcastle Orienteering Club15:45+1:12
5Bruce ArthurMF V Melbourne Forest Racers16:13+1:40
6Alastair GeorgeBF A Big Foot Orienteers16:45+2:12
7Grace MolloyBF A Big Foot Orienteers16:55+2:22
8Dante AfnanYO S Yalanga Orienteers16:58+2:25
9Ethan PenckYO S Yalanga Orienteers17:01+2:28
10Tara MelhuishPW A Parawanga Orienteers ACT17:27+2:54
11Oliver WilliamsSW S Arrows17:48+3:15
12Kathie DentRR A Red Roos ACT18:49+4:16
13Natasha KeyMF V Melbourne Forest Racers19:20+4:47
14Olivia SprodTT S Tintookies Orienteers19:21+4:48
15Mason ArthurMF V Melbourne Forest Racers19:49+5:16
16Toby CazzolatoTJ S Tjuringa Orienteers19:51+5:18
17Torren ArthurMF V Melbourne Forest Racers20:45+6:12
17Joanna GeorgeTT S Tintookies Orienteers20:45+6:12
19Kristian RuuskaAR V Victorian ARDF Group21:06+6:33
20Lanita SteerDR V Dandenong Ranges Orienteering21:14+6:41
21Ben CazzolatoTJ S Tjuringa Orienteers21:35+7:02
22Ruhi AfnanYO S Yalanga Orienteers21:39+7:06
23Remi AfnanYO S Yalanga Orienteers21:48+7:15
24Warren KeyMF V Melbourne Forest Racers21:51+7:18
25Abigail GeorgeTT S Tintookies Orienteers22:21+7:48
26Jenny CasanovaWR S Wallaringa Orienteering Club22:41+8:08
27Blair TrewinYV V Yarra Valley Orienteering Club22:55+8:22
28Leith SodenOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering23:16+8:43
29Tyson HillyardWR S Wallaringa Orienteering Club23:49+9:16
30Rebecca GeorgeST N Stingers25:02+10:29
31Sarah GilbertWR S Wallaringa Orienteering Club25:30+10:57
32Jensen KeyMF V Melbourne Forest Racers28:23+13:50
Meredith NormanTJ S Tjuringa Orienteersmispunched
Bridget AndersonOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteeringmispunched
Brodie NankervisEV T Esk Valley Orienteering Clubmispunched
Kong Chak LonOA/No club Orienteering Australianot competing
Finn FogartyOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteeringnot competing
Ryhs FogartyOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteeringnot competing
Doug JohnstonTJ S Tjuringa Orienteersnot competing
Oscar JohnstonTJ S Tjuringa Orienteersnot competing
Jack MarschallTT S Tintookies Orienteersnot competing
William DaveyMF V Melbourne Forest Racersdid not start
Angus HainesOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteeringdid not start
Aston KeyMF V Melbourne Forest Racersdid not start
Nathan LawsonMF V Melbourne Forest Racersdid not start
Emily SorensenTT S Tintookies Orienteersdid not start
Caitlin YoungBF A Bushflyers ACTdid not start


42 starting competitors
1Max GrivellTT S Tintookies Orienteers17:59
2Steve CooperYO S Yalanga Orienteers19:11+1:12
3Damian SpencerDR V Dandenong Ranges Orienteering19:13+1:14
4Brodie DobsonKeeffeYO S Yalanga Orienteers19:37+1:38
5Adrian UppillOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering20:23+2:24
6Philip EelesSouthampton Orienteering Club20:44+2:45
7James LithgowGO N Garingal Orienteers21:25+3:26
8Fern HillyardWR S Wallaringa Orienteering Club21:27+3:28
9Zara SodenOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering21:29+3:30
10David GeorgeTT S Tintookies Orienteers22:01+4:02
11Sophie ArthurMF V Melbourne Forest Racers23:04+5:05
12Ian GrivellTT S Tintookies Orienteers24:27+6:28
13Nigel DobsonYO S Yalanga Orienteers24:55+6:56
14Jemima LloydTT S Tintookies Orienteers25:38+7:39
15Trevor DimentTT S Tintookies Orienteers26:25+8:26
16Milla KeyMF V Melbourne Forest Racers26:27+8:28
17Robin UppillOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering26:41+8:42
18Peter DalwoodDR V Dandenong Ranges Orienteering27:18+9:19
19Sandra AfnanYO S Yalanga Orienteers27:42+9:43
20Desmond NormanTJ S Tjuringa Orienteers28:03+10:04
21Harry WaterhouseTJ S Tjuringa Orienteers28:19+10:20
22Lucy BurleyYO S Yalanga Orienteers29:22+11:23
23Jeffrey DinningOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering30:18+12:19
24Murray HannaBK V Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers30:19+12:20
25Clive ArthurTT S Tintookies Orienteers30:29+12:30
26Erica DimentTT S Tintookies Orienteers31:13+13:14
27Leila HendersonYO S Yalanga Orienteers32:27+14:28
28Jill CongediOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering34:23+16:24
29Peter CuttenWR S Wallaringa Orienteering Club37:43+19:44
30Lan KellyTJ S Tjuringa Orienteers38:01+20:02
31Pamela KingDR V Dandenong Ranges Orienteering43:21+25:22
32Ana PenckYO S Yalanga Orienteers43:50+25:51
Finn FogartyOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteeringnot competing
Matilda FogartyOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteeringnot competing
Rhys FogartyOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteeringnot competing
Joaquín GinerWR S Wallaringa Orienteering Clubnot competing
James LloydTT S Tintookies Orienteersnot competing
Kate MarschallTT S Tintookies Orienteersnot competing
Sandra McKeanOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteeringnot competing
Dave NicolsonYO S Yalanga Orienteersnot competing
Ruth NicolsonYO S Yalanga Orienteersnot competing
Robert SmithTT S Tintookies Orienteersnot competing
Carolyn JacksonBK V Bayside Kangaroos Orienteersdid not start
Peter KreminskiWR S Wallaringa Orienteering Clubdid not start
Jim RussellBG V Bendigo Orienteersdid not start
Bill VandendoolBK V Bayside Kangaroos Orienteersdid not start


5 starting competitors
1Gemma BurleyYO S Yalanga Orienteers18:46
2Marcus CazzolatoTJ S Tjuringa Orienteers29:05+10:19
3Janet HillyardTJ S Tjuringa Orienteers32:41+13:55
Lucinda FogartyOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteeringnot competing
Jenny KamOA/No club Orienteering Australianot competing

EOD Medium

6 starting competitors
1Simon BurdenOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering22:32
2Lexie AshforthWR S Wallaringa Orienteering Club24:44+2:12
3Lewis CarterTJ S Tjuringa Orienteers26:36+4:04
4Robert TuckerYO S Yalanga Orienteers29:56+7:24
5Sarah LithgowGO N Garingal Orienteers30:15+7:43
6Rachael UptonWR S Wallaringa Orienteering Club30:28+7:56

EOD Short

8 starting competitors
1Daniel BurdenOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering17:19
2James LloydTT S Tintookies Orienteers20:03+2:44
3Rachel BurdenOH S Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering21:39+4:20
4Annabel LloydTT S Tintookies Orienteers31:46+14:27
5Julia LloydTT S Tintookies Orienteers33:56+16:37
6Hugo WestoverWR S Wallaringa Orienteering Club46:42+29:23
David LawTT S Tintookies Orienteersnot competing
Sara LemanskiWR S Wallaringa Orienteering Clubnot competing

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