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Official results for ACT Street Series: Hawker

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Name: ACT Street Series: Hawker
Organiser: Orienteering ACT
Date: Monday 11 March 2019

A: Men

15 starting competitors
1Graham FifieldRR-A31:40
2Jack ReadNo club membership33:16
3Matthew PurcellGS-A34:45
4Siqi WuNo club membership36:00
5Broderick MatthewsNo club membership37:16
6Andrew ChapmanNo club membership37:30
7Tim CochranePO-A37:35
8Tenzing JohnsonBS-A38:30
9Jonathan RicksRR-A38:40
10Jonathan MillerBS-A38:55
11Tony SlatyerPO-A40:30
12Vosta ZverinaNo club membership47:32
13Roger PilkingtonNo club membership47:41
14Peter AntcliffBS-A52:22
15Josh CockerillNo club membership57:54

A: Women

1 starting competitor
1Rowena WoodsNo club membership37:46

A: Teams

4 starting competitors
1Isaac MuscatNo club membership40:20
1William MuscatNo club membership40:20
2Jen BrightNo club membership46:51
2Bron SparkesNo club membership46:51

B: Men

6 starting competitors
1James SwannNo club membership27:26
2Andrew JohnsonBS-A29:18
3Greg LanePO-A37:00
4Maurice PattenRR-A43:46
5Eric WainwrightRR-A44:45
6Paul ArcherNo club membership45:52

B: Women

1 starting competitor
1Ellen JohnsonBS-A36:10

B: Teams

6 starting competitors
1Ben JoweffNo club membership34:15
1Carl SounessNo club membership34:15
2Jess SchmittNo club membership40:40
2Amelia WaltonNo club membership40:40
3Carla Allmich-CairaNo club membership48:58
3Gary CairaNo club membership48:58

C: Men

8 starting competitors
1David JenkinsBS-A30:50
2Geoff WoodPO-A31:23
3Phil WalkerPO-A32:16
4Unknown UnknownNo club membership33:02
5Jim WhiteNo club membership35:46
6Ewen ThompsonNo club membership35:53
7John SpoonerNo club membership43:33
8John SuominenWE-A43:45

C: Women

6 starting competitors
1Tracey WhiteNo club membership33:38
2Mary BullockBS-A33:50
3Elizabeth DunbarPO-A42:45
4Rosemarie EdwardsWE-A49:43
5Jane BarnettBS-A49:58
6Susan ArcherNo club membership55:58

C: Teams

11 starting competitors
1Connor DentRR-A34:35
1Hayden DentRR-A34:35
1Martin DentRR-A34:35
2Dwayne CurryNo club membership34:55
2Lisa MooreNo club membership34:55
3Peter PrinceNo club membership37:26
3Shona PrinceNo club membership37:26
4A CrockerNo club membership38:00
4B CrockerNo club membership38:00
5Craig JohnsonNo club membership39:51
5Max JohnsonNo club membership39:51

D: Men

2 starting competitors
1Alan ThompsonRR-A30:37
2Peter PalmerNo club membership39:35

D: Teams

12 starting competitors
1Natalie ShadwellNo club membership19:26
1Alistair SmithNo club membership19:26
2Michael TedeschiRR-A35:25
2Rebecca TedeschiRR-A35:25
3Elye DentRR-A37:15
3Kathie DentRR-A37:15
3Layla DentRR-A37:15
4Jackie BryobyNo club membership37:50
4Henry JohnsonNo club membership37:50
5Aaron KerrNo club membership54:50
5Ada KerrNo club membership54:50
5Viv NapierNo club membership54:50

PowerWalk: Men

4 starting competitors
1Keith FifieldRR-A1958:19
2Mick SaundersNo club membership161:00:05
3John HardingPO-A1459:58
4Hermann WehnerWE-A757:10

PowerWalk: Women

3 starting competitors
1Michelle CochranePO-A1759:46
2Pat MiethkePO-A1558:30
3Carol MastersNo club membership1255:20

PowerWalk: Teams

14 starting competitors
1Caroline BallardNo club membership171:00:02
1Sue McDonaldNo club membership171:00:02
2Stephen GloagNo club membership1158:01
2Sonya LoveNo club membership1158:01
3Julian JulianNo club membership855:50
3Mejan MejanNo club membership855:50
3Oliver OliverNo club membership855:50
4Isaac DuncanNo club membership9-1.51:03:15
4Jackson DuncanNo club membership9-1.51:03:15
4Sarah DuncanNo club membership9-1.51:03:15
5Jack PalmerNo club membership759:35
5Jane ReynoldsNo club membership759:35
6Armaiti CarnahanNo club membership448:53
6Michael CarnahanNo club membership448:53

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