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Official results for Newcastle OY 3 - FENNELL BAY

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Name: Newcastle OY 3 - FENNELL BAY
Organiser: Newcastle Orienteering Club
Date: Sunday 2 June 2019


2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
3Cath ChalmersHard Short (26)45:18+4:5515:24
19Michael RoylanceHard Medium (22)2:07:59+1:12:1326:16


1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
16Michael HalmyHard Medium (22)1:42:17+46:3121:00Download route in GPX format


3 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Nick DentHard Short (26)40:2313:44
2Melissa RobertsonModerate Long (5)1:16:08+16:0721:26
5Hilary WoodHard Short (26)47:06+6:4316:01


5 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
11Robert HerkesHard Medium (22)1:23:03+27:1717:03
14Ross BarrHard Medium (22)1:31:08+35:2218:42
17Johnny PetersenHard Medium (22)1:43:47+48:0121:18
18Dan RedfernHard Medium (22)1:52:55+57:0923:11
Wei-Hsuan LuModerate Short (9)did not finish


67 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Jared MartinEasy (6)25:5811:26
1Brad and Maya CoxModerate Short (9)34:3013:48
1Maya KellyVery Easy (5)30:4615:13
1Justin StaffordHard Long (4)55:019:10
1Glenn DowneyModerate Long (5)1:00:0116:54
1Oskar MellaHard Medium (22)55:4611:27
2Michelle AshtonEasy (6)42:29+16:3118:42
2Rudi LandsiedelHard Short (26)41:47+1:2414:12
2Frankie KellyVery Easy (5)33:16+2:3016:28
2Nicholas ShieldsModerate Short (9)44:32+10:0217:48
2Glenn BurgessHard Medium (22)58:48+3:0212:04
2Damien EnderbyHard Long (4)58:19+3:189:43
3Mason and Chris RileyEasy (6)48:21+22:2321:17
3Donna Lawrence and Lucas RileyVery Easy (5)48:29+17:4324:00
3Aaron and Hughet SmithModerate Short (9)58:59+24:2923:35
3Nichole Dean and Tim DomanModerate Long (5)1:18:17+18:1622:03
3Jennifer EnderbyHard Long (4)1:03:59+8:5810:39
3Samantha HoweHard Medium (22)1:07:34+11:4813:52
4Andrew HaighHard Medium (22)1:10:08+14:2214:24
4Ginaya DunnModerate Long (5)1:44:32+44:3129:26
4Sven OstringModerate Short (9)59:11+24:4123:40
4Iles Family x 5Very Easy (5)50:20+19:3424:55
4Nadia Peter and Daniel StoneEasy (6)1:10:46+44:4831:10
4Duncan McLeodHard Short (26)46:37+6:1415:51
5Nicole HaighHard Medium (22)1:13:05+17:1915:00
5Isaac Tew and Melinda TazriellaVery Easy (5)1:07:40+36:5433:29
5Sam and Terry FosterEasy (6)1:27:10+1:01:1238:23
5Sally QuillModerate Short (9)1:10:31+36:0128:12
6Michael LloydModerate Short (9)1:13:24+38:5429:21
6Malcolm RobertsHard Medium (22)1:14:09+18:2315:13
6Bron Maz and kidsEasy (6)1:43:01+1:17:0345:22
6Erika EnderbyHard Short (26)48:38+8:1516:32
7Peter CharltonHard Short (26)50:09+9:4617:03
7Jack HartModerate Short (9)1:16:01+41:3130:24
7Andrew PowerHard Medium (22)1:14:19+18:3315:15
8Colin BaileyHard Short (26)50:25+10:0217:08
8Scott SimsonHard Medium (22)1:15:05+19:1915:25
9Adrian PlaskittHard Medium (22)1:15:47+20:0115:33
9Greg BaconHard Short (26)51:06+10:4317:22
10Mikayla EnderbyHard Medium (22)1:16:47+21:0115:45
10Geoff PeelHard Short (26)51:40+11:1717:34
11Graham FowlerHard Short (26)54:42+14:1918:36
12Claire BurgessHard Medium (22)1:26:40+30:5417:47
12Jim LeeHard Short (26)55:39+15:1618:55
13Katherine DynonHard Short (26)57:49+17:2619:39
13Shane JenkinsHard Medium (22)1:27:52+32:0618:02
14Emile AltmannHard Short (26)1:01:24+21:0120:53
15Tim TewHard Medium (22)1:32:49+37:0319:03
15Peter OrrHard Short (26)1:04:52+24:2922:03
16Margaret PeelHard Short (26)1:07:37+27:1422:59
17Caroline JenkinsHard Short (26)1:08:11+27:4823:11
18Joy GuyHard Short (26)1:08:57+28:3423:27
19Bridget WhiteheadHard Short (26)1:11:01+30:3824:09
20Toy MartinHard Short (26)1:11:33+31:1024:20
20Justin GoodwinHard Medium (22)2:19:17+1:23:3128:36
21Lisa LampeHard Short (26)1:12:44+32:2124:44
21Sharon BurgessHard Medium (22)2:26:15+1:30:2930:01
22Maria OrrHard Short (26)1:18:58+38:3526:51
23Viola O'ConnorHard Short (26)1:23:59+43:3628:33
24Carolyn RigbyHard Short (26)1:26:00+45:3729:15
25Diana CharltonHard Short (26)1:28:03+47:4029:56
26Rowena GehlHard Short (26)1:43:26+1:03:0335:10
Jared MartinModerate Short (9)disqualified
Zachary GoodwinModerate Long (5)mispunched
Carolyn MatthewsHard Medium (22)mispunched
Bec ShuggModerate Short (9)mispunched
Bjorn MellaHard Long (4)mispunched

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