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Official results for Sydney West Schools Orienteering (primary)

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Name: Sydney West Schools Orienteering (primary)
Organiser: Bold Horizons Event Organiser
Date: Thursday 20 June 2019

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Year 5 & 6 Boys A

73 starting competitors
1Sam CCrestwood Public School14:44
2Riley HCrestwood Public School15:02+0:18
3Damien SCrestwood Public School15:05+0:21
4Taj BCrestwood Public School15:12+0:28
5Justin LNorth Rocks Public School15:44+1:00
6Lucas MSchofields Public School15:45+1:01
7Sione LCrestwood Public School15:59+1:15
8Max MCrestwood Public School16:20+1:36
9Matthew CNorth Rocks Public School16:22+1:38
10Finlay HKellyville Ridge Public School16:36+1:52
11Ryan BSchofields Public School16:38+1:54
12Cameron WCrestwood Public School16:40+1:56
13Jamie ESchofields Public School16:50+2:06
14Nicholas PCrestwood Public School17:02+2:18
15Parker KSchofields Public School17:14+2:30
16Akira BSchofields Public School17:17+2:33
17Jake DCrestwood Public School17:19+2:35
17Jed JCrestwood Public School17:19+2:35
19Isaac GCrestwood Public School17:32+2:48
20Austin BSchofields Public School18:03+3:19
21Aryan KBella Vista Public School18:27+3:43
22Josh ECrestwood Public School18:32+3:48
23Harry KCrestwood Public School18:33+3:49
24Jamie TKellyville Ridge Public School18:37+3:53
25Thomas ASherwood Ridge Public School18:39+3:55
26Arjun NSherwood Ridge Public School18:47+4:03
27Alex WSherwood Ridge Public School18:51+4:07
28Jad NSchofields Public School19:25+4:41
29Nathaniel GKellyville Ridge Public School19:41+4:57
30Leo FSchofields Public School20:17+5:33
31Naveen PKellyville Ridge Public School20:50+6:06
32Daniel BSherwood Ridge Public School21:00+6:16
33Mahesh NSchofields Public School21:15+6:31
34Issac SSherwood Ridge Public School21:36+6:52
35Joel YBella Vista Public School23:08+8:24
36Krish ASherwood Ridge Public School23:21+8:37
37Aaron TKellyville Ridge Public School23:34+8:50
38Nikil ANorth Rocks Public School24:11+9:27
39Jaden PSherwood Ridge Public School24:18+9:34
40Alex LCrestwood Public School24:55+10:11
41Stefan VBella Vista Public School25:39+10:55
42Jacob GCrestwood Public School25:45+11:01
43Narayan MSchofields Public School27:10+12:26
44Nicholas BSchofields Public School27:43+12:59
45Riley DKellyville Ridge Public School29:31+14:47
46Kevin WKellyville Ridge Public School29:37+14:53
47Jaskirat BBella Vista Public School29:52+15:08
48Jonah HSherwood Ridge Public School30:17+15:33
49Samrath JBella Vista Public School30:45+16:01
50Amarjot DBella Vista Public School33:10+18:26
51Eduard ZCrestwood Public School37:04+22:20
52Benson CNorth Rocks Public School37:25+22:41
53Hesham AKellyville Ridge Public School51:47+37:03
54Abhilash YSchofields Public School52:52+38:08
55Mohammed GKellyville Ridge Public School53:08+38:24
56Pavan PSchofields Public School54:38+39:54
Brendan BNorth Rocks Public Schoolmispunched
Idris BSherwood Ridge Public Schoolmispunched
Linkin BCrestwood Public Schoolmispunched
Alex CKellyville Ridge Public Schoolmispunched
DJ CCrestwood Public Schoolmispunched
Riley FKellyville Ridge Public Schoolmispunched
Karthik KNorth Rocks Public Schoolmispunched
Ryan LCrestwood Public Schoolmispunched
Tao LSherwood Ridge Public Schoolmispunched
Wayne PNorth Rocks Public Schoolmispunched
Oshiel SKellyville Ridge Public Schoolmispunched
Hugo WSherwood Ridge Public Schoolmispunched
Rory WSherwood Ridge Public Schoolmispunched
William WBella Vista Public Schoolmispunched
William ZCrestwood Public Schoolmispunched
Giordy SKellyville Ridge Public Schooldid not finish
Jap SSchofields Public Schooldid not finish

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