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Official results for Sydney West Schools Orienteering (primary)

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Name: Sydney West Schools Orienteering (primary)
Organiser: Bold Horizons Event Organiser
Date: Thursday 20 June 2019

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Year 5 & 6 Girls B

64 starting competitors
1Katie DSchofields Public School15:40
2Jacinta SSchofields Public School16:52+1:12
3Jessika SSchofields Public School17:36+1:56
4Kaley RNorth Rocks Public School18:24+2:44
5Zoe WNorth Rocks Public School18:49+3:09
6Eva SNorth Rocks Public School20:10+4:30
7Caitlyn WKellyville Ridge Public School20:35+4:55
8Jasmine PNorth Rocks Public School22:14+6:34
9Savannah BNorth Rocks Public School22:23+6:43
10Chloe MNorth Rocks Public School22:27+6:47
11Ava FCrestwood Public School23:00+7:20
12Nicky WCrestwood Public School23:34+7:54
13Kailey CCrestwood Public School24:07+8:27
14Cody KKellyville Ridge Public School24:25+8:45
15Kate SSherwood Ridge Public School24:35+8:55
16Zoe NKellyville Ridge Public School25:01+9:21
17Emma LKellyville Ridge Public School25:21+9:41
18Khristina PSchofields Public School25:24+9:44
19Swarna VKellyville Ridge Public School25:40+10:00
20Sophie WSherwood Ridge Public School25:59+10:19
21Eva JCrestwood Public School26:21+10:41
22Siya PSchofields Public School26:26+10:46
23Makayla DKellyville Ridge Public School26:58+11:18
24Sybella HCrestwood Public School27:16+11:36
25Tegan NCrestwood Public School27:17+11:37
26Holly JSherwood Ridge Public School27:35+11:55
27Ria SKellyville Ridge Public School27:39+11:59
28Mia RCrestwood Public School30:26+14:46
29Nicole MCrestwood Public School30:27+14:47
30Marissa PCrestwood Public School30:48+15:08
31Tamara MSherwood Ridge Public School30:55+15:15
32Kaitlyn MKellyville Ridge Public School31:00+15:20
33Priya BCrestwood Public School31:05+15:25
34Georgia BCrestwood Public School31:29+15:49
35Hanya OCrestwood Public School32:07+16:27
36Grace WCrestwood Public School32:09+16:29
37Hope HKellyville Ridge Public School32:21+16:41
38Skye MKellyville Ridge Public School32:51+17:11
39Chloe MKellyville Ridge Public School32:53+17:13
40Sasha QKellyville Ridge Public School32:58+17:18
41Sophia TCrestwood Public School33:06+17:26
42Rhea GCrestwood Public School33:28+17:48
43Amelia WCrestwood Public School33:49+18:09
44Haadia ACrestwood Public School34:49+19:09
45Callista YCrestwood Public School35:07+19:27
46Setarah HCrestwood Public School35:08+19:28
47Amelia QCrestwood Public School36:02+20:22
48Lauren PSherwood Ridge Public School37:44+22:04
49Grace HSherwood Ridge Public School38:37+22:57
50Charlotte NSherwood Ridge Public School41:13+25:33
51Paige BCrestwood Public School42:25+26:45
52Seriya RSherwood Ridge Public School42:31+26:51
53Hannah GNorth Rocks Public School42:43+27:03
54Katy LNorth Rocks Public School43:00+27:20
55Eloise SSherwood Ridge Public School43:08+27:28
56Theodora TNorth Rocks Public School44:05+28:25
57Miley PKellyville Ridge Public School45:47+30:07
58Amrit GKellyville Ridge Public School45:51+30:11
59Sarah SCrestwood Public School46:30+30:50
Stephanie FSchofields Public Schoolmispunched
Tanya NKellyville Ridge Public Schoolmispunched
Shania PKellyville Ridge Public Schoolmispunched
Navya SKellyville Ridge Public Schoolmispunched
Summer TSchofields Public Schoolmispunched

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