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Official results for Sydney North Schools Orienteering

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Name: Sydney North Schools Orienteering
Organiser: Bold Horizons Event Organiser
Date: Monday 12 August 2019

Classes: Show all | Year 11 & 12 Boys | Year 11 & 12 Girls | Year 5 & 6 Boys | Year 5 & 6 Girls | Year 7 & 8 Boys | Year 7 & 8 Girls | Year 9 & 10 Boys | Year 9 & 10 Girls

Year 11 & 12 Boys

4 starting competitors
1Riley GNorth Sydney Boys HS25:53
2James LNorth Sydney Boys HS34:23+8:30
3Ethan LNorth Sydney Boys HS35:46+9:53
4Jarrad BGalston High School40:50+14:57

Year 11 & 12 Girls

1 starting competitor
1Victoria CGalston High School44:26

Year 5 & 6 Boys

50 starting competitors
1Zac BMowbray PS14:10
2Toby CMowbray PS15:12+1:02
3Kari MMowbray PS15:53+1:43
4Jayden KMona Vale PS18:52+4:42
5Ben MGreenwich Public School20:31+6:21
6Hugh FMowbray PS22:02+7:52
7Tiago SMona Vale PS22:26+8:16
8Lucas AMona Vale PS22:27+8:17
9Lachlan WGreenwich Public School22:34+8:24
10Eamon CNeutral Bay Public School22:50+8:40
11Toby CGreenwich Public School23:03+8:53
12Harry EGreenwich Public School23:27+9:17
13Charlie SMona Vale PS23:30+9:20
14Zach AMona Vale PS23:33+9:23
14Jackson KTurramurra Public School23:33+9:23
16Jack MTurramurra Public School23:55+9:45
17Justin RTurramurra Public School24:25+10:15
18Richard WTurramurra Public School24:32+10:22
19Bryce SMowbray PS24:58+10:48
20Benji TTurramurra Public School25:41+11:31
21Archie IMona Vale PS26:17+12:07
22Chris ATurramurra Public School27:23+13:13
23Korbee HEttalong PS27:52+13:42
24Saxon LTerrey Hills Public27:57+13:47
24Liam MTerrey Hills Public27:57+13:47
26Lachlan SEttalong PS28:05+13:55
27Brayden MEttalong PS28:10+14:00
28Ollie BMona Vale PS30:43+16:33
29Nick WGreenwich Public School34:52+20:42
30Josh CTerrey Hills Public35:05+20:55
31Harry NTerrey Hills Public35:28+21:18
32Liam KTurramurra Public School35:46+21:36
33Harry PMona Vale PS36:49+22:39
34Dominic BEttalong PS37:26+23:16
35Roger HTurramurra Public School37:36+23:26
36Atticus HMona Vale PS38:42+24:32
37Zac WGwandalan PS43:20+29:10
38Luka KTerrey Hills Public43:27+29:17
39Zahn GTurramurra Public School45:42+31:32
40Rafi BTerrey Hills Public49:26+35:16
41Ben CTerrey Hills Public49:42+35:32
42Ethan CEttalong PS1:11:23+57:13
43Jaidan HEttalong PS1:11:24+57:14
44Nathan LEttalong PS1:13:27+59:17
Alex BGwandalan PSmispunched
Jude BMowbray PSmispunched
Tim CMona Vale PSmispunched
Harry DGwandalan PSmispunched
Jamie PMona Vale PSmispunched
Rohan STerrey Hills Publicmispunched

Year 5 & 6 Girls

26 starting competitors
1Savanna SWest Pennant Hills Public School17:19
2Maya AMona Vale PS18:47+1:28
3Mia SMona Vale PS19:06+1:47
4Milla LMona Vale PS19:46+2:27
5Isabelle FMona Vale PS20:03+2:44
6Amelie CMona Vale PS20:44+3:25
7Jen DMona Vale PS24:26+7:07
8Frankie TMona Vale PS25:30+8:11
9Tia CMona Vale PS25:45+8:26
10Hannah CMowbray PS31:58+14:39
11Gwen SMowbray PS32:17+14:58
12Katerina MMona Vale PS33:20+16:01
13Amelia DMona Vale PS33:30+16:11
14Ari DEttalong PS38:54+21:35
15Lara CEttalong PS39:28+22:09
16Amie PGreenwich Public School43:09+25:50
17Morgan FEttalong PS44:09+26:50
18Rodden AEttalong PS46:23+29:04
19Hiam AEttalong PS46:30+29:11
20Rain ETerrey Hills Public46:35+29:16
21Dia MTerrey Hills Public46:37+29:18
22Amelia SEttalong PS47:03+29:44
23Kaley BGwandalan PS48:59+31:40
24Briella GGwandalan PS50:08+32:49
25Imogen MGwandalan PS50:24+33:05
26Georgie CMona Vale PS1:20:47+1:03:28

Year 7 & 8 Boys

56 starting competitors
1Cooper HKillarney Heights High School15:59
2Ryan FSt Ives High School17:29+1:30
3Charlie WCammeraygal HS17:55+1:56
4Jamie MChatswood HS18:24+2:25
5Alex BLindfield Learning Village18:43+2:44
6Lucas CSt Ives High School20:49+4:50
7Jake CChatswood HS21:27+5:28
8Jensen WSt Ives High School21:29+5:30
9Daniel HSt Ives High School21:58+5:59
10Lynden WSt Ives High School22:44+6:45
11Zavier PGalston High School26:16+10:17
12Jude BSt Ives High School26:18+10:19
13Eric LNorth Sydney Boys HS27:22+11:23
14Lockie SGalston High School27:53+11:54
15Maxwell FGalston High School28:08+12:09
16Lachlan PGalston High School28:29+12:30
17Kevin YSt Ives High School28:50+12:51
18Nate RSt Ives High School29:27+13:28
19James BGalston High School30:00+14:01
20Steven NCammeraygal HS30:25+14:26
21Samuel CGalston High School33:59+18:00
22Kalan LGalston High School34:00+18:01
23Will SChatswood HS35:13+19:14
24Ben MGalston High School35:18+19:19
25Ryan BGalston High School35:40+19:41
26Luca PSt Ives High School35:59+20:00
27Henri MSt Ives High School36:37+20:38
28Anthony WNorth Sydney Boys HS37:08+21:09
29Brandyn BGalston High School37:11+21:12
30Arthur GNorth Sydney Boys HS40:54+24:55
31Josh HCammeraygal HS43:52+27:53
32Oscar MGalston High School47:11+31:12
33Charlie RGalston High School47:37+31:38
34Benjamin BGalston High School49:28+33:29
35Travis OCammeraygal HS54:45+38:46
36Jared ACammeraygal HS54:49+38:50
37KK KGalston High School56:07+40:08
38Mannix OGalston High School57:12+41:13
39Jackson PSt Ives High School57:52+41:53
40Lachlan FCammeraygal HS58:06+42:07
41Declan RSt Ives High School58:09+42:10
42Tyson PGalston High School58:23+42:24
43Jesse BGalston High School58:40+42:41
44Joe YCammeraygal HS59:09+43:10
45Logan SSt Ives High School59:12+43:13
46Michael ACammeraygal HS59:23+43:24
47Jackson DGalston High School1:17:23+1:01:24
Corey CSt Ives High Schoolmispunched
Aiden DSt Ives High Schoolmispunched
Bradley DGalston High Schoolmispunched
Jack ESt Ives High Schoolmispunched
Harley KGalston High Schoolmispunched
Carlos LCammeraygal HSmispunched
Mark NCammeraygal HSmispunched
Noah RCammeraygal HSmispunched
Arson SSt Ives High Schoolmispunched

Year 7 & 8 Girls

26 starting competitors
1Anneke CMackellar Girls HS21:16
2Coco GCammeraygal HS25:55+4:39
2Sumire ICammeraygal HS25:55+4:39
4Mugi iCammeraygal HS26:08+4:52
5Nina HCammeraygal HS27:02+5:46
6Daisy WCammeraygal HS29:26+8:10
7Liv WCammeraygal HS29:55+8:39
8Keira WConcord HS30:08+8:52
9Bree CGalston High School34:43+13:27
10Trinity NGalston High School39:35+18:19
11Eloise WGalston High School40:03+18:47
12Zoe JGalston High School42:04+20:48
13Maddison HGalston High School42:24+21:08
14Emma GCammeraygal HS43:40+22:24
15Erika MSt Ives High School44:39+23:23
16Taylah RCammeraygal HS45:11+23:55
17Annabelle LGalston High School45:40+24:24
18Bridget LGalston High School45:58+24:42
19Charlotte RGalston High School48:19+27:03
20Catherine EGalston High School55:49+34:33
21Lily DGalston High School57:05+35:49
Bianca CGalston High Schoolmispunched
Brooklyn CGalston High Schoolmispunched
Dee CGalston High Schoolmispunched
Angie HGalston High Schoolmispunched
Monique RGalston High Schoolmispunched

Year 9 & 10 Boys

9 starting competitors
1Cameron WConcord HS29:09
2Jayden BGalston High School43:29+14:20
3Jordan HGalston High School50:22+21:13
4Xander MGalston High School51:22+22:13
5Dakota BGalston High School51:40+22:31
6William HGalston High School52:13+23:04
7Hudson CGalston High School1:10:43+41:34
8Joshua LGalston High School1:11:32+42:23
Bowen CGalston High Schoolmispunched

Year 9 & 10 Girls

9 starting competitors
1Ashley TGalston High School33:55
2Stephanie CHornsby Girls HS34:42+0:47
3India DGalston High School36:31+2:36
4Eloise BGalston High School44:58+11:03
5Felicity WGalston High School55:42+21:47
6Mykaela HGalston High School56:44+22:49
7Brianna DGalston High School57:27+23:32
Ariel AHornsby Girls HSmispunched
Lucy SHornsby Girls HSmispunched

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