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Official results for Louth Bay

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Name: Louth Bay
Organiser: Lincoln Orienteers
Date: Sunday 7 April 2019

Hard long

5 200 m, 6 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Tim AshmanLI S44:288:33
2Phil ClemLI S45:50+1:228:48
3Alison HoopmannNo club membership56:24+11:5610:50
4David WintersLI S58:35+14:0711:15
5Elise ClemLI S1:03:40+19:1212:14
6Paul HarrisNo club membership1:06:19+21:5112:45

Hard short

2 900 m, 11 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lana SheridanNo club membership46:3616:04
1Peter SheridanNo club membership46:3616:04
2Marc DickieNo club membership50:54+4:1817:33
3Kevin VigarLI S53:02+6:2618:17
4Barry HetheringtonNo club membership57:15+10:3919:44
5Gordon PopeNo club membership1:04:40+18:0422:17
6Lee RussellNo club membership1:08:32+21:5623:37
7Gary EttridgeNo club membership1:15:56+29:2026:11
8Sylvia DansieNo club membership1:53:55+1:07:1939:16
8Airlie ThomasNo club membership1:53:55+1:07:1939:16
9Neil RussellNo club membershipdid not finish


3 400 m, 28 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Jesse YoungNo club membership43:1812:44
1Matthew YoungNo club membership43:1812:44
1Sonya YoungNo club membership43:1812:44
2Patrice GlassNo club membership49:18+6:0014:30
3Paquita WhiteLI S51:10+7:5215:02
4Bron SaintLI S1:00:32+17:1417:48
5Portia ClemLI S1:01:57+18:3918:13
6Austin ClemLI S1:05:50+22:3219:21
7Darren GoodwinNo club membership1:09:20+26:0220:23
7Elodie NohlmansNo club membership1:09:20+26:0220:23
8Simon BeyNo club membership1:10:20+27:0220:41
8Corey CalderwoodNo club membership1:10:20+27:0220:41
8Kirsty RoughNo club membership1:10:20+27:0220:41
8Jai Rough-BeyNo club membership1:10:20+27:0220:41
9Liz BradyNo club membership1:25:10+41:5225:02
9Jenny EarlNo club membership1:25:10+41:5225:02
9Annie ForrestNo club membership1:25:10+41:5225:02
9Sue Bishop Liz BradyNo club membership1:25:10+41:5225:02
10Jack BarnettNo club membership1:28:35+45:1726:03
10Lance BarnettNo club membership1:28:35+45:1726:03
10Sue BarnettNo club membership1:28:35+45:1726:03
11Sonia TidemannLI S1:31:00+47:4226:45
12Jane CrossNo club membership1:36:30+53:1228:22
12Oscar DentNo club membership1:36:30+53:1228:22
13Maxine BarkerNo club membershipdid not finish
13Robyn GarveyNo club membershipdid not finish
13Sandy JansenNo club membershipdid not finish
14Phil DansieNo club membershipdid not finish


2 300 m, 9 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Sienna WhiteLI S29:3012:49
2Tia RussellNo club membership37:57+8:2716:30
2Erin WisemanNo club membership37:57+8:2716:30
3Jan HetheringtonNo club membership43:42+14:1219:00
4Hinano NishikawaNo club membership49:15+19:4521:24
5Ian AbbottNo club membership55:45+26:1524:14
6Julie BasshamLI S1:05:48+36:1828:36
7Wendy EttridgeNo club membershipdid not finish
8Bella WhiteLI Sdid not finish

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