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Official results for Port Lincoln Golf Club Night Event

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Name: Port Lincoln Golf Club Night Event
Organiser: Lincoln Orienteers
Date: Saturday 25 May 2019

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45-min individual

4 starting competitors
1Phil ClemLi25032:09
2Tim AshmanLi25038:18
3Bron SaintLi16049:47
4Linda BickNo club membership13041:58

45-min group

10 starting competitors
1James RussellNo club membership21540:40
1Tia RussellNo club membership21540:40
2Portia ClemLi20040:15
2Hinano NishikawaNo club membership20040:15
3Amelie BlackshawNo club membership15042:10
3Sienna WhiteLi15042:10
4Sebastian ClemLi13526:00
4Zane Hamilton-ReidNo club membership13526:00
5Bella WhiteLi13048:58
5Paquita WhiteLi13048:58

60-min individual

3 starting competitors
1Warren DickieLi17052:55
2Kevin VigarLi14056:09
3Cath DickieLi8551:00

60-min group

20 starting competitors
1Lauryn FarmerNo club membership25035:00
1Peter LitwinNo club membership25035:00
1Jonathan StoryNo club membership25035:00
2Darren GoodwinNo club membership25046:46
2Alison HoopmannNo club membership25046:46
3Jane ThomasNo club membership25058:00
3Neve ThomasNo club membership25058:00
3Shaun ThomasNo club membership25058:00
4Austin ClemLi21044:13
4Oscar Hamilton-ReidNo club membership21044:13
5Callie LiffnerNo club membership18041:00
5Dylan LiffnerNo club membership18041:00
5Kai LiffnerNo club membership18041:00
5Rebecca LiffnerNo club membership18041:00
5Tayah LiffnerNo club membership18041:00
6Libby HoopmannNo club membership13558:50
6Elodie NohlmansNo club membership13558:50
7Robert KammermanNo club membership12543:57
7Kirsty RoughLi12543:57
7Jai Rough-BeyLi12543:57

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