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Official results for SA Schools Championships - Belair NP

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Name: SA Schools Championships - Belair NP
Organiser: Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club
Date: Monday 27 May 2019

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1 620 m, 35 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Angus FairgrieveGPS Goodwood PS14:489:08
2Max FaulknerBsdPS Burnside PS14:56+0:089:13
3Samuel CollaWPS Woodside PS15:51+1:039:47
4Achilles BarnettGPS Goodwood PS15:55+1:079:49
5NATHAN LOHMANBFPS Black Forest PS16:20+1:3210:04
6Harry KempEAPS East Adelaide PS17:18+2:3010:40
7Xavier ClarkEAPS East Adelaide PS19:03+4:1511:45
8Alex FrancisEchPS Echunga PS19:44+4:5612:10
9JONES JANKOVICBFPS Black Forest PS19:50+5:0212:14
10Dylan LeEAPS East Adelaide PS20:07+5:1912:25
11Cohen O?SheaWPS Woodside PS20:39+5:5112:44
12Jack PolsonWPS Woodside PS20:49+6:0112:50
13FRANCIS HICKSBFPS Black Forest PS21:50+7:0213:28
14Luca StaianoEAPS East Adelaide PS21:57+7:0913:32
15Savar MallaEAPS East Adelaide PS24:09+9:2114:54
16Alexander SmolskiWPS Woodside PS27:59+13:1117:16
17Ethan HoltWPS Woodside PS35:39+20:5122:00
18Jeron WongEAPS East Adelaide PS38:57+24:0924:02
19Leo ParkerWPS Woodside PS41:53+27:0525:51
20Joseph ROBINSONStcC Scotch College55:52+41:0434:29
Sammy HogarthEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Jack SpillaneEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Oscar PryorEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Loxton HavrilukWPS Woodside PSmispunched
Tom HancockEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Nectarios GeorgiouEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Dylan BeanEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Ben MarschallTHPC The Heights PCmispunched
Antonio MilazzoEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Cody HillWPS Woodside PSmispunched
AARON DINGBFPS Black Forest PSmispunched
Raphael RuttEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Jude KlepcynskiEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Charlie ZORKOVICLPPS Linden Park Schoolsmispunched
Jayveer BudwalEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not finish
Leo KeohneEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
Jordan ZolloEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
Charlie BrooksEchPS Echunga PSdid not start
Nate GibbsEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
Andre BalaccoWPS Woodside PSdid not start
Prabhnoor OtalEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
Sebastian SacconeEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
Jack KolbergEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
Jordan KoufalasEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
Riley HollingEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start


1 980 m, 17 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Orlando LangbeinWPS Woodside PS12:466:26
2 Hikaru OKADALPPS Linden Park Schools17:42+4:568:56
3Maksim STRAGALPPS Linden Park Schools18:05+5:199:07
4Eamonn HoranGPS Goodwood PS18:09+5:239:10
5Will TANNERLPPS Linden Park Schools19:10+6:249:40
6Michael OWENLPPS Linden Park Schools20:38+7:5210:25
7Felix MidsonGPS Goodwood PS21:05+8:1910:38
8Alexander BUTLINLPPS Linden Park Schools21:38+8:5210:55
9Morgan BurroughesWPS Woodside PS23:52+11:0612:03
10Fletcher LawrenceWPS Woodside PS24:57+12:1112:36
11Owen DraperCLGPS Colonel Light Gardens PS27:15+14:2913:45
12Blake BilsborrowHWNPS Hawthorndene PS27:38+14:5213:57
13Ishan THOTALPPS Linden Park Schools27:40+14:5413:58
14JACK THEAKSTONEBFPS Black Forest PS29:15+16:2914:46
15Mack JohnstonWPS Woodside PS32:43+19:5716:31
Toby EGANLPPS Linden Park Schoolsmispunched
Marcus CazzolatoGPS Goodwood PSmispunched


2 190 m, 26 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Oliver FentonStEstPS Stirling East PS14:006:23
2Mitchell MorcomWoPS Woodcroft PS14:35+0:356:39
3Nicholas HerbertSSCS Sturt St Community School16:19+2:197:27
4Riley O?SheaWPS Woodside PS16:56+2:567:43
5MICAH CALLENBFPS Black Forest PS17:31+3:317:59
6Giulio ZUCKERMANNLPPS Linden Park Schools17:47+3:478:07
7Felix BullHWNPS Hawthorndene PS18:42+4:428:32
8 Wensheng ZHENGLPPS Linden Park Schools20:08+6:089:11
9Caleb MlikotaWPS Woodside PS22:02+8:0210:03
10Sam DaviesGPS Goodwood PS24:07+10:0711:00
11Tom WilliamsHWNPS Hawthorndene PS24:28+10:2811:10
12TOBY DYNESBFPS Black Forest PS26:07+12:0711:55
13Josh MagareyGPS Goodwood PS29:23+15:2313:25
14Rex McBethStEstPS Stirling East PS31:58+17:5814:35
15Daniel ZHENGLPPS Linden Park Schools32:24+18:2414:47
16Joe KeatingHWNPS Hawthorndene PS32:26+18:2614:48
17Jack SandersStEstPS Stirling East PS33:10+19:1015:08
18Dinel JAYASINGHELPPS Linden Park Schools34:24+20:2415:42
18 Nguyen PHAMLPPS Linden Park Schools34:24+20:2415:42
20Harry ChassiotisWPS Woodside PS37:34+23:3417:09
21AUSTIN FULLERBFPS Black Forest PS45:51+31:5120:56
Lincoln RiegerHWNPS Hawthorndene PSmispunched
Angus BudgenHWNPS Hawthorndene PSmispunched
Bertie HuntStEstPS Stirling East PSmispunched
Libin ZHUANGLPPS Linden Park Schoolsmispunched
Caleb MackeyHWNPS Hawthorndene PSdid not finish
Darcy PrinceHWNPS Hawthorndene PSdid not start
Jack BeckerHWNPS Hawthorndene PSdid not start


3 110 m, 14 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Hadrian CottonWPS Woodside PS32:5410:34
2Leevi StottWPS Woodside PS36:47+3:5311:49
3Alex ClarkRstCl Rostrevor College38:12+5:1812:16
4Cameron McLeanWPS Woodside PS40:59+8:0513:10
5Chester NeildHWNPS Hawthorndene PS47:59+15:0515:25
6Isaac WhitbreadStEstPS Stirling East PS50:17+17:2316:10
7James ElleryStEstPS Stirling East PS51:32+18:3816:34
8Mitchell TimberlakeHWNPS Hawthorndene PS57:27+24:3318:28
9Sascha MCNAUGHTLPPS Linden Park Schools59:17+26:2319:03
10 Mehtaab ROOPRAJLPPS Linden Park Schools1:24:01+51:0727:00
Tyler WilcockWPS Woodside PSmispunched
Max HynesHWNPS Hawthorndene PSmispunched
Max OchotaGPS Goodwood PSmispunched
Gen OKADALPPS Linden Park Schoolsmispunched


3 820 m, 3 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Mitchell StephensMVLHS Marryatville HS29:377:45
2Alex HuynhMVLHS Marryatville HS31:33+1:568:15
3Daniel MorcomRECl Reynella East College35:37+6:009:19


4 610 m, 4 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Oscar JohnstonAdlHS Adelaide HS30:256:35
2Mitchell GregoryBFSc Black Friars Priory School52:40+22:1511:25
3Rylee HeathHHS Heathfield HS1:10:37+40:1215:19
Kelsey RypstraBFSc Black Friars Priory Schoolmispunched
Darcy CowlingHHS Heathfield HSdid not start


5 120 m, 5 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Toby CazzolatoAdlHS Adelaide HS30:265:56
2Leith SodenSJGS St Johns Grammar SC31:31+1:056:09
3Jack MarschallTHSC The Heights SC32:16+1:506:18
4Max GrivellASMS Australian Science and Maths S33:37+3:116:33
5Finn FogartyBWHS Blackwood HS41:27+11:018:05
Tyler Clark-MossopHHS Heathfield HSdid not start


5 120 m, 7 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Ethan PenckHHS Heathfield HS27:565:27
2Oscar GrayBFSc Black Friars Priory School49:38+21:429:41
3Mahdi GholamiBFSc Black Friars Priory School55:51+27:5510:54
4Ali MohammadiBFSc Black Friars Priory School1:05:46+37:5012:50
5Riley CavanaghBFSc Black Friars Priory School1:07:01+39:0513:05
6Ryan RossBFSc Black Friars Priory School1:16:56+49:0015:01
7Jack HainesBFSc Black Friars Priory School1:18:59+51:0315:25


1 460 m, 25 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lenya BertramGPS Goodwood PS12:068:17
2REGAN O'RIELLYBFPS Black Forest PS12:15+0:098:23
3Abigail WillissHWNPS Hawthorndene PS12:28+0:228:32
4Adeline RichmondHWNPS Hawthorndene PS12:40+0:348:40
5VIOLET WATKINSONBFPS Black Forest PS16:14+4:0811:07
6Shyla DaviesWPS Woodside PS17:58+5:5212:18
7Kiana BattersBlCrC Blakes Crossing Christian Coll18:54+6:4812:56
8Lily-Rose ElbahmaEAPS East Adelaide PS20:02+7:5613:43
9Matilda PelhamBsdPS Burnside PS20:30+8:2414:02
10Charli KnipeWPS Woodside PS20:43+8:3714:11
11Isabella LiuEAPS East Adelaide PS22:47+10:4115:36
12Zoe WhittamEAPS East Adelaide PS26:24+14:1818:04
13Olivia MartinEAPS East Adelaide PS26:43+14:3718:17
14Felicity NyeWPS Woodside PS27:15+15:0918:39
15Sienna ReuterEAPS East Adelaide PS29:15+17:0920:02
16Jess MaMahonWPS Woodside PS29:37+17:3120:17
17Penny MurrayEAPS East Adelaide PS32:09+20:0322:01
18Jennifer TranEAPS East Adelaide PS38:48+26:4226:34
19Shaye DoranWPS Woodside PS1:00:03+47:5741:07
Zara-Sophia ParashkevovaEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Georgia KeaneEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Louise LuEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Jaynie HengEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Hannah MlikotaWPS Woodside PSmispunched
MAEVE O'SULLIVANBFPS Black Forest PSmispunched
Jaiden FiegertEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
Zainab Abdul WajidEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
Emma LiangEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
Hannah BeaumontEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
HARRISON WISEBFPS Black Forest PSdid not start


1 980 m, 12 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lucinda FogartyHWNPS Hawthorndene PS14:417:24
2Zoe BennettWPS Woodside PS19:24+4:439:47
3Annabel LloydGLLS Good Shepherd Lutheran21:49+7:0811:01
4Shilah Francis-SonsiriGPS Goodwood PS23:08+8:2711:41
5Sienna GlasperWPS Woodside PS23:11+8:3011:42
6Natalie LOWLPPS Linden Park Schools30:06+15:2515:12
7Hanna GregoryStEstPS Stirling East PS30:35+15:5415:26
8Shixan WEILPPS Linden Park Schools32:07+17:2616:13
9Evie GardinerWPS Woodside PS34:40+19:5917:30
10CHARLOTTE SPECKBFPS Black Forest PS34:56+20:1517:38
11 Elyssia GALLOMARINOLPPS Linden Park Schools36:59+22:1818:40
12Steph HolmesWPS Woodside PS44:15+29:3422:20
DARIA KOVALOVABFPS Black Forest PSdid not start


2 190 m, 13 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Isabella PolsonWPS Woodside PS20:109:12
2Jasmin PashleyStEstPS Stirling East PS21:29+1:199:48
3Heather IngramStEstPS Stirling East PS22:45+2:3510:23
4Jessica JarvisCrPS Crafers PS23:39+3:2910:47
5Chelsea CHEUNGLPPS Linden Park Schools24:43+4:3311:17
6Zara PelhamSymCl Seymour College26:40+6:3012:10
7Audrey LOOKERLPPS Linden Park Schools26:46+6:3612:13
8Diana BAKHTIYAROVALPPS Linden Park Schools33:21+13:1115:13
9Dylann PlattLPPS Linden Park Schools39:42+19:3218:07
10Jess GreenhalghHWNPS Hawthorndene PS45:24+25:1420:43
11Poppy ThomasWPS Woodside PS47:42+27:3221:46
Alekhya SATYAVOLULPPS Linden Park Schoolsmispunched
Mia ANANDLPPS Linden Park Schoolsdid not finish
Amalia TsalikisSSCS Sturt St Community Schooldid not start
Lucy ParkesHWNPS Hawthorndene PSdid not start
Cadence LorenzHWNPS Hawthorndene PSdid not start
Abigail StevensHWNPS Hawthorndene PSdid not start


2 900 m, 12 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Giselle DraperSJGS St Johns Grammar SC22:197:41
2Gemma BurleyStEstPS Stirling East PS24:31+2:128:27
3Yannika BertramGPS Goodwood PS25:37+3:188:50
4Harriet BerryStEstPS Stirling East PS29:52+7:3310:17
5Amelia GrantHHS Heathfield HS41:45+19:2614:23
6Evie CantHWNPS Hawthorndene PS49:22+27:0317:01
7Scarlett BauerHHS Heathfield HS1:07:28+45:0923:15
8Lucy ParkesHWNPS Hawthorndene PS1:11:10+48:5124:32
9Jumanah HassonLPPS Linden Park Schools1:17:49+55:3026:50
10Ayaka OHARALPPS Linden Park Schools1:19:32+57:1327:25
11Ella MYERSLPPS Linden Park Schools1:21:38+59:1928:08
12 Julianne LAULPPS Linden Park Schools1:23:36+1:01:1728:49


3 110 m, 3 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Jemima LloydFLS Faith Luthern School25:248:10
Charlotte MuffettHHS Heathfield HSmispunched
Abbie FaulknerMVLHS Marryatville HSmispunched


3 820 m, 4 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Ana PenckHHS Heathfield HS27:127:07
2Lucy BurleyHHS Heathfield HS35:57+8:459:24
3Zoe CarterBrSc Brighton Secondary School39:45+12:3310:24
4Isobel RichardsonMVLHS Marryatville HS1:18:57+51:4520:40
Karly Van Der WolffHHS Heathfield HSdid not start


4 610 m, 3 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Penny MayHHS Heathfield HS1:02:2113:31
2Georgina KelmanHHS Heathfield HS1:09:53+7:3215:09
Elleanor Norton-FoxHHS Heathfield HSdid not finish


4 610 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Joanna GeorgeTCSC Trinity College SC28:106:06
2Abigail GeorgeTCSC Trinity College SC33:40+5:307:18


1 960 m, 9 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1William HuntleyWPS Woodside PS16:448:32
2Austin ReeceEchPS Echunga PS20:49+4:0510:37
3Scott SchulzWPS Woodside PS21:26+4:4210:56
4Akshat ShahEAPS East Adelaide PS22:52+6:0811:40
5Oliver JonesEAPS East Adelaide PS28:11+11:2714:22
6Bryce RitterWPS Woodside PS44:05+27:2122:29
7Kit VyasEAPS East Adelaide PS45:38+28:5423:16
Josh HanckelWPS Woodside PSmispunched
Tim SteeleEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Harrison CaddEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
Jesse LorenzinEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start


2 060 m, 3 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Brandon SmithWPS Woodside PS20:319:57
2Oliver OwensWPS Woodside PS21:25+0:5410:23
3Harrison JonesWPS Woodside PS25:26+4:5512:20
Arjan BudwalEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start


2 370 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Aiden LonsdaleGPS Goodwood PS29:1312:19
2Jack FillmoreStEstPS Stirling East PS55:35+26:2223:27


2 570 m, 4 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Shannen ThomasHHS Heathfield HS21:148:15
2Ava TurnbullHHS Heathfield HS25:40+4:269:59
3Flynn EdwardsBFSc Black Friars Priory School44:30+23:1617:18
4Luke PogoreckiBFSc Black Friars Priory School48:29+27:1518:51
Lachlan BurkeHHS Heathfield HSdid not start
Andrew BlewdenHHS Heathfield HSdid not start


2 900 m, 1 starting competitor
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
Rhys BartonHHS Heathfield HSmispunched
Sanujaya Kalugala Hewage DonHHS Heathfield HSdid not start
Jordan Thiele-WagnitzHHS Heathfield HSdid not start
Cristian BarresiBFSc Black Friars Priory Schooldid not start


3 820 m, 10 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Caleb MalletHHS Heathfield HS49:3012:57
2William CaruanaHHS Heathfield HS1:04:02+14:3216:45
3Bodhi ReinpuuHHS Heathfield HS1:10:02+20:3218:20
4Isaac PrenticeHHS Heathfield HS1:22:00+32:3021:27
5Yahya KrmlyOVClg Ocean View College1:23:06+33:3621:45
6Jake SmidsHHS Heathfield HS1:33:37+44:0724:30
7Kyle FriebeHHS Heathfield HS1:35:36+46:0625:01
8Akuei MachOVClg Ocean View College1:38:50+49:2025:52
9Tom WagenknechtHHS Heathfield HS2:12:09+1:22:3934:35
Dylan IdaOVClg Ocean View Collegemispunched
Joseph PridmoreHHS Heathfield HSdid not start
Nathaniel PatersonHHS Heathfield HSdid not start
Sayed TurkeyOVClg Ocean View Collegedid not start
Daniel HarkerBFSc Black Friars Priory Schooldid not start
Louis KasperskiMVLHS Marryatville HSdid not start


1 960 m, 14 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lily PardoeEAPS East Adelaide PS22:3911:33
2Kaitlyn AtkinWPS Woodside PS22:57+0:1811:42
3Macey LoyEAPS East Adelaide PS23:25+0:4611:56
4Zoe SheridanEAPS East Adelaide PS24:46+2:0712:38
5Kate NguyenEAPS East Adelaide PS26:45+4:0613:38
6Sahara SchwarzEAPS East Adelaide PS27:53+5:1414:13
7Payton YardleyWPS Woodside PS27:58+5:1914:16
8Vasiliki PapayianisEAPS East Adelaide PS29:17+6:3814:56
9Hannah CheongEAPS East Adelaide PS30:28+7:4915:32
10Ester EvansWPS Woodside PS31:55+9:1616:17
11Mariam JosephEAPS East Adelaide PS33:16+10:3716:58
12Milly BishopEAPS East Adelaide PS1:09:27+46:4835:26
Anne ViljoenEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Anika SosEAPS East Adelaide PSmispunched
Edie JackEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
Trisha NguyenEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start
Jasper DarwentEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start


2 060 m, 6 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Eliza PannellEAPS East Adelaide PS15:117:22
2Charli PlumberWPS Woodside PS24:38+9:2711:57
3Maddison WebberEAPS East Adelaide PS27:14+12:0313:13
4Rachael CollaWPS Woodside PS34:14+19:0316:37
5Simone BurtonEAPS East Adelaide PS36:35+21:2417:45
Jaida FoxStEstPS Stirling East PSmispunched
Yolanna MeliEAPS East Adelaide PSdid not start


2 370 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Zoe AndersonGPS Goodwood PS34:4314:38
2Holly BurtonEAPS East Adelaide PS56:26+21:4323:48


2 570 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lucy WilsonHHS Heathfield HS27:3710:44
Grace YoungHHS Heathfield HSmispunched
Amber PaechHHS Heathfield HSdid not start


2 900 m, 6 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Abbie DaveyHHS Heathfield HS41:1614:13
2Emma BeareHHS Heathfield HS47:03+5:4716:13
3Pauline DrescherHHS Heathfield HS47:36+6:2016:24
4Ruby WalkerHHS Heathfield HS49:20+8:0417:00
5Lily StrevensHHS Heathfield HS53:06+11:5018:18
Demi HerftHHS Heathfield HSmispunched
Manar ZoubaaHHS Heathfield HSdid not start
Ellie FreemanHHS Heathfield HSdid not start
Monica RigonMVLHS Marryatville HSdid not start


3 110 m, 5 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Hannah BakerOVClg Ocean View College1:08:5522:09
2Jessica DixonOVClg Ocean View College1:35:27+26:3230:41
3Renee MiddletonOVClg Ocean View College1:43:27+34:3233:15
4Amber ElvinOVClg Ocean View College1:47:30+38:3534:33
Madeline StevensHHS Heathfield HSmispunched
Yasmin KraftHHS Heathfield HSdid not start
Winona BeltrameHHS Heathfield HSdid not start

M11 Pairs

1 960 m, 9 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Max/Jordan Bennett/MolierWPS Woodside PS17:499:05
2Hunter/Kobi Garlett/SmithWPS Woodside PS18:39+0:509:30
3Liam/Rowan Mellow/KeyGPS Goodwood PS19:07+1:189:45
4Jack/Will Brooks/ThringWPS Woodside PS20:53+3:0410:39
5Lucas/Tom Bracho Cabezas/McGinnGPS Goodwood PS24:10+6:2112:19
6Ryan/Banjo Sutton/BladesWPS Woodside PS25:23+7:3412:57
7Jasper/Max Jones/ArmstrongWPS Woodside PS26:33+8:4413:32
Samuel/Harrison Rudd/MoralesWPS Woodside PSmispunched
Flynn/Otis Ritossa/TomkinsGPS Goodwood PSmispunched
Luca/George Truswell Bald/BeatonWPS Woodside PSdid not start

M13 Pairs

1 980 m, 3 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Declan/Luca Lovell/Trudswell-BaldWPS Woodside PS15:477:58
2Kaelan/Emerson Maloney/O'ShaeWPS Woodside PS22:28+6:4111:20
3Jacob/Tarrant Molier/HeadingWPS Woodside PS25:10+9:2312:42

W11 Pairs

1 960 m, 6 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Phillipa/Amber-L Jackson/UdeGPS Goodwood PS19:5410:09
2Alexandra/Holly Garden/SleepWPS Woodside PS21:11+1:1710:48
3Destiny/Violet Heading/NicolWPS Woodside PS45:59+26:0523:27
Karsha/Shae Smolski/McMahonWPS Woodside PSmispunched
Sylvie/Ava Ochota/CarrollGPS Goodwood PSmispunched
Delaynie/Ruby May/MulqueenWPS Woodside PSmispunched

W13 Pairs

2 060 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Janae/Kiara Lee/WaseWPS Woodside PS22:2210:51
Stella/Lucy McNicol/DonnellyWPS Woodside PSmispunched

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