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Official results for HOG Event 2

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Name: HOG Event 2
Organiser: Hastings Orienteering Group
Date: Sunday 25 August 2019


87 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationScorePenaltyTime R
1James StevensonHO N450019:37 Download route in GPX format
2Binskin FamilyNo club membership450026:23
3Alison McLachlanNo club membership450026:24
4Sam KobelkeNo club membership450027:42
5Josh & Norm KobelkeNo club membership450028:21
6Michelle DelaneyNo club membership450028:59
7Adam Tamara Summer JackNo club membership450029:01
8Chris & Ashley Livingston Kylie Borham Deklan PateNo club membership450029:18
9Rowan, Cara, Amber McIlroy DamianNo club membership450030:30
10Evans FamilyNo club membership450030:36
11Laura & Ed & Hamish GranfieldNo club membership450031:16
12Elise Xanthe & Ashley & Bec & Sam BurkeNo club membership450031:18
13Kristy GeorgeNo club membership450031:33
14Maggs FamilyNo club membership450031:55
15Matt DelaneyNo club membership450032:07
16James & Nathan BrumbyNo club membership450032:21
17Dan & Elkie CroftNo club membership450032:42
18Robinson FamilyNo club membership450033:26
19Brumby FamilyNo club membership450033:31
20Rowe FamilyNo club membership450033:36
21Matthew & Hermoine PolockNo club membership450033:40
22Robert, Sarah, Auraiha EvieNo club membership450034:34
23Jo & Harriet HoughtonNo club membership450035:04
24Walker FamilyNo club membership450035:15
25Angus & Ben & RobNo club membership450036:00
26Sharyn & Marli Leighton Beck & Jaylen MilesNo club membership450036:02
27Kelly Family Jen AllenNo club membership450036:17
28Jessica & Andrew DunNo club membership450037:10
29Darleen CheneyNo club membership450037:34
30David ChapmanNo club membership450037:36
31Peter LangranBB N450037:41
32Harry Smead Sam BeaverNo club membership450038:47
33Nikita & Natalie PoltoraskyNo club membership450038:52
34Cazhami & MayaNo club membership450039:01
35Connor HaakNo club membership450039:08
36Charlotte & Julianne WeatherleyNo club membership450039:15
37Clarissa MorrisNo club membership450040:01
38Harper & AmyliaNo club membership450040:58
39Stephen & Theodore WoodNo club membership450041:15
40Medcalf Family & Susan HeaneyNo club membership450044:20
41Ingrid Lucas Ethan Maher SharonNo club membership450045:00
42Kishore Sanghi Myles JamesNo club membership440043:40
43Louise Hopkins Jenni LangNo club membership4401045:29
44Matt BellHO N420023:08
45Blayne & Kaylum WestNo club membership420039:35
46Crichton FamilyNo club membership420041:02
47Luke MorrisNo club membership420042:02
48Tarbox FamilyNo club membership420042:55
49Adam Mcormack, Brooke Ethan DeanNo club membership4203047:30
50Sharon McDonald & Liam & Connor & Jesse & LukeNo club membership410040:03
51Allan Bowditch Seth Maggs Taj JonesNo club membership410041:28
52Radika MichniewczNo club membership410043:05
53Jones FamilyNo club membership400042:50
54Adam & Elise & Sofia & Oliver McNeilNo club membership4005049:54
55Stephen & Margaret BembrickNo club membership390039:51
56Rachel & Sally TaylorNo club membership380032:43
57Jason & Nelly HiltonNo club membership380044:37
58Luke & JackNo club membership370030:17
59Goldie FamilyNo club membership370043:59
60Cassidy & LeaNo club membership3701045:20
61Cameron & Blake PerryNo club membership360043:02
62Ryan, Chris & Mel Clarke AlexNo club membership360044:19
63Diane & Toby & Henry WarrenNo club membership350039:49
64Andrew & Mitchell Yates Bernadette WarnerNo club membership350044:59
65Daniels FamilyNo club membership3501045:08
66Karen & Jade BrownNo club membership3402046:53
67Lucy & James RummeryNo club membership3403048:00
68Kathryn Connell FlorineNo club membership320038:31
69Prince FamilyNo club membership32013057:29
70Currie FamilyNo club membership310030:18
71Wendy Kelly Suz EllisNo club membership310038:18
72Stephanie & Thomas & Madeline CairnsNo club membership300038:20
73Kate and AnicaNo club membership3009053:43
74Amanda O'Brien Matilda Riley Daniel Oli ZavoneNo club membership2901045:26
75Liam, Jorja Symonds CraigNo club membership280039:58
76Margaret CraigGO N270037:37
77Samuel & Lachlan WarrenNo club membership270044:16
78Catherine AtkinsonNo club membership2501045:02
79Grace & Jack & Emily MorrisNo club membership240034:36
80Roberta Shields Jack Abi Luci Matilda Di WarrenNo club membership240038:47
81Amelie & Robert YatesNo club membership2302201:06:31
82Patrice GlassNo club membership210032:37
83Debbie Smythe Derek GarsonNo club membership190041:34
84Isabel LingNo club membership150044:47
85Jess & CoNo club membership130029:56
86Drake & Oliver HoughtonNo club membership110044:48
87Zac, Tom JedNo club membership702201:06:14

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