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Official results for Orienteering NSW Space Racing

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Name: Orienteering NSW Space Racing
Organiser: Orienteering NSW
Date: Tuesday 8 October 2019


22 starting competitors
1Owen MitchellScore (25)200030:19
2Alec MitchellScore (25)200034:34
3Anthony SaveskiScore (25)200041:48
4Paula MitchellScore (25)200043:14
5Jessica and Ella SmythScore (25)1703050:34
6Vlad Skorokhad and AlexScore (25)150044:02
9Henry and Sophie JohnsonScore (25)140041:13
10Levi BrainScore (25)1307058:55
11Kaelynn BrainScore (25)1257559:04
12Luke SmithScore (25)120034:20
13Lewis RyanScore (25)120039:01
14Holly RyanScore (25)120039:08
15Jaemon BrainScore (25)120801:00:13
17Miriam and AndrewScore (25)85545:34
18Riley BestScore (25)80042:26
19Aidan FiskScore (25)60042:36
20Ari P and Oliver SScore (25)-202201:28:50
21Kevin KimScore (25)-501701:18:36
22Roy KimScore (25)-952451:33:18
23Nayul Bona NayunScore (25)-1402501:34:22
24Jimmy WenScore (25)-1603001:44:22
25Emily WenScore (25)-1603001:44:27

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