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Official results for ACT Sprint Series #8: Ngunnawal Primary School

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Name: ACT Sprint Series #8: Ngunnawal Primary School
Organiser: Orienteering ACT
Date: Sunday 15 March 2020

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Men: Open

2 400 m, 4 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Fryderyk PryjmaParawanga Orienteers11:314:47
2Tomas KrajcaRed Roos13:20+1:495:33
3Andrew SlatteryRed Roos16:12+4:416:45
unknown No clubmispunched
Paul de JonghBushflyersdid not start

Men: Junior

2 400 m, 12 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1David StocksBushflyers12:355:14
2Hayden DentRed Roos17:41+5:067:22
3Patrick Shelton AgarAbominable O-Men17:47+5:127:24
4Zac NeedhamRed Roos18:38+6:037:45
5Jacob MillerOrienteering ACT18:52+6:177:51
6Joseph WilsonBushflyers19:18+6:438:02
7Connor DentRed Roos22:16+9:419:16
8Peter AndersenBushflyers28:46+16:1111:59
9Julian WilliamsonBushflyers38:12+25:3715:55
Elye DentRed Roosmispunched
Josh RobardsBushflyersmispunched
Ryan StocksBushflyersmispunched
Ben HobsonBushflyersdid not start
Toby LangBushflyersdid not start
Sam MorrisBennelong Northside Orienteersdid not start
Owen RadajewskiParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Alex RicksGrammar Seniordid not start
Bodie TerrillBushflyersdid not start
Brendan WilsonBushflyersdid not start

Men: Masters

2 400 m, 38 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Dave MeyerSouthern Highlands Orienteers13:585:49
2Grant BluettAbominable O-Men14:03+0:055:51
3Matthew CraneAbominable O-Men14:04+0:065:51
4Ben RattrayRed Roos14:15+0:175:56
5Tate NeedhamRed Roos14:53+0:556:12
6Matthew StocksBushflyers15:27+1:296:26
7Eric MorrisBennelong Northside Orienteers16:04+2:066:41
8Jonathan RicksRed Roos16:36+2:386:55
9Matthew PurcellGrammar Senior16:43+2:456:57
10Davin FifieldRed Roos16:52+2:547:01
11Fedor IskhakovRed Roos17:11+3:137:09
12Grant McDonaldAbominable O-Men17:56+3:587:28
13Chris AndersenBushflyers18:50+4:527:50
14John Shelton AgarAbominable O-Men19:14+5:168:00
15Rohan HyslopParawanga Orienteers19:39+5:418:11
15Greg TerrillBushflyers19:39+5:418:11
17Bruce BowenParawanga Orienteers19:40+5:428:11
18Jose ZapataRed Roos21:17+7:198:52
19Peter AntcliffBushflyers21:42+7:449:02
20Andrew CheffersWeston Emus21:49+7:519:05
21Tony GarrParawanga Orienteers22:17+8:199:17
22Jon GlanvilleParawanga Orienteers22:18+8:209:17
23Andrew Cumming ThomOrienteering ACT22:30+8:329:22
24Bill JonesRed Roos23:05+9:079:37
25Eric WainwrightRed Roos23:20+9:229:43
26David JenkinsBushflyers23:46+9:489:54
27Maurice PattenRed Roos24:20+10:2210:08
28Keith FifieldRed Roos27:58+14:0011:39
29Greg WilsonBushflyers29:14+15:1612:10
30David HoggParawanga Orienteers29:25+15:2712:15
31Robert AllisonRed Roos30:04+16:0612:31
32Bryant AllenParawanga Orienteers31:15+17:1713:01
33John SuominenWeston Emus35:55+21:5714:57
34John HardingParawanga Orienteers40:42+26:4416:57
35Michael TedeschiRed Roos42:05+28:0717:32
Hermann WehnerWeston Emusmispunched
Michael BurtRed Roosmispunched
Eoin RotheryRed Roosmispunched
Narasimha Rao BandiParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Mark BourneAbominable O-Mendid not start
Tim CochraneParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Martin DentRed Roosdid not start
Stephen GoggsRed Roosdid not start
Mark GregsonRed Roosdid not start
Andrew HobsonBushflyersdid not start
Andy HoggParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Morten PedersenParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Michael RadajewskiParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Stephen StillAbominable O-Mendid not start
Martin WehnerWeston Emusdid not start

Women: Open

2 400 m, 1 starting competitor
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lucinda AntcliffBushflyers22:589:34

Women: Junior

2 400 m, 8 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Ingrid Shelton AgarAbominable O-Men20:268:30
2Zoe TerrillBushflyers21:26+1:008:55
3Aoife RotheryRed Roos22:43+2:179:27
4Chloe MillerOrienteering ACT24:01+3:3510:00
5Elizabeth AndersenBushflyers28:27+8:0111:51
6Harriet WilliamsonBushflyers41:04+20:3817:06
Luca HoggParawanga Orienteersmispunched
Maria DeptulskaRed Roosmispunched
Ella CuthbertParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Layla DentRed Roosdid not start
Elin ErneOrienteering ACTdid not start
Justine HobsonBushflyersdid not start
Ella HoggParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Katy HoggParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Ariadna IskhakovaRed Roosdid not start
Alice RadajewskiParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Tessa RadajewskiParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Mira WalterRed Roosdid not start

Women: Masters

2 400 m, 24 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Shannon JonesAbominable O-Men15:106:19
2Kathie DentRed Roos15:16+0:066:21
3Jo AllisonRed Roos17:02+1:527:05
4Mace NeveRed Roos17:03+1:537:06
5Cath ChalmersRed Roos17:48+2:387:25
6Marina IskhakovaRed Roos18:14+3:047:35
7Ana HercegParawanga Orienteers19:00+3:507:55
8Silke SpeierBushflyers19:37+4:278:10
9Cathy HoggParawanga Orienteers20:24+5:148:30
10Phoebe DentRed Roos21:01+5:518:45
11Edith GrayAbominable O-Men21:26+6:168:55
12Mary McDonaldAbominable O-Men23:47+8:379:54
13Sue GarrParawanga Orienteers24:18+9:0810:07
14Valerie BarkerBushflyers24:21+9:1110:08
15Carol HardingBushflyers24:23+9:1310:09
16Susan HallissyBushflyers25:07+9:5710:27
17Liz AbbottParawanga Orienteers25:37+10:2710:40
18Jane BarnettBushflyers26:02+10:5210:50
19Elizabeth DunbarParawanga Orienteers26:46+11:3611:09
20Hind NeedhamRed Roos27:01+11:5111:15
21Michelle CochraneParawanga Orienteers28:17+13:0711:47
22Judy AllisonRed Roos29:01+13:5112:05
23Jenna LinehanRed Roos36:52+21:4215:21
Chris StocksBushflyersmispunched
Josephine AndersenBushflyersdid not start
Mary BullockOrienteering ACTdid not start
Anna HasanParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Jo HobsonBushflyersdid not start
Allison JonesRed Roosdid not start
Elise KennedyBennelong Northside Orienteersdid not start
Barbara MartinParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Pat MiethkeParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Deirdre SharkeyParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Natalie SmithParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Tara SutherlandParawanga Orienteersdid not start
Jackie TrotterRed Roosdid not start
Jennifer WebbAbominable O-Mendid not start
Kirsten WehnerWeston Emusdid not start

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