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Official results for Queens Park, Lindsay St, Toowoomba

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Name: Queens Park, Lindsay St, Toowoomba
Organiser: Range Runners Orienteering Club
Date: Sunday 2 February 2020

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Very Easy

1 558 m, 17 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Chase DeurlooNo club membership14:029:00
2Kate TagueNo club membership14:23+0:219:13
3Dann GoodwinNo club membership15:05+1:039:40
4Caspian BureyNo club membership18:23+4:2111:47
5Polly BureyNo club membership18:31+4:2911:53
6Tess Eldridge HayesNo club membership18:59+4:5712:11
7Emrys RogersNo club membership22:04+8:0214:09
8Lewis EvansNo club membership23:54+9:5215:20
9Matilda EvansNo club membership24:39+10:3715:49
10Mia CasagrandeNo club membership25:34+11:3216:24
11Matilda RogersNo club membership26:14+12:1216:50
12Ruby  Reich No club membership27:29+13:2717:38
Eli SilverNo club membershipmispunched
Aiden SilverNo club membershipmispunched
Ruby  Reich No club membershipmispunched
Matilda RogersNo club membershipmispunched
Eve TagueNo club membershipmispunched


1 505 m, 6 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Alex VanzellaNo club membership9:346:21
2Caelan Williams No club membership11:32+1:587:39
3Elliot HassallNo club membership13:28+3:548:56
4Caspian BureyNo club membership19:07+9:3312:42
5Polly BureyNo club membership20:40+11:0613:43
Caitlin LoaderNo club membershipmispunched


2 178 m, 28 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Ella RogersNo club membership10:565:01
2Cameron WilliamsNo club membership11:36+0:405:19
3Gabriel SchubertNo club membership12:33+1:375:45
4Selby Son of JohnNo club membership12:34+1:385:46
5Grant Eldridge HayesNo club membership12:59+2:035:57
6Annette  Rogers No club membership13:49+2:536:20
7Byron FarringtonNo club membership14:19+3:236:34
8Skye HassallNo club membership14:27+3:316:38
9Xanthe SchubertUG QLD14:54+3:586:50
10Marion BurrillNo club membership15:55+4:597:18
11Deb ReinbottNo club membership17:14+6:187:54
12Breanna SimmonsNo club membership18:44+7:488:36
13Cassy ReinbottNo club membership19:30+8:348:57
14Rhys LoaderNo club membership19:58+9:029:10
15Brenda Lindsay-HolleyNo club membership20:22+9:269:21
16Jules CouttsNo club membership21:19+10:239:47
17Deborah LoaderNo club membership23:38+12:4210:51
18Bailey SykesNo club membership23:59+13:0311:00
19Douglas WilsonNo club membership24:08+13:1211:04
20Scott LoaderNo club membership25:38+14:4211:46
21Doug SeymourNo club membership27:08+16:1212:27
22Dave EdwardsNo club membership27:18+16:2212:32
23Anne WilsonNo club membership27:42+16:4612:43
Isabella CasagrandeNo club membershipmispunched
Phil GarrattNo club membershipmispunched
Sienna DeurlooNo club membershipmispunched
Caitlyn GarrattNo club membershipmispunched
Sara LoaderNo club membershipmispunched


2 872 m, 22 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Grant ReinbottNo club membership10:353:41
2William CoxNo club membership12:25+1:504:19
3Byron FarringtonNo club membership13:53+3:184:50
4Dave EDWARDSNo club membership14:56+4:215:11
5Ken LawsNo club membership16:07+5:325:36
6Rani  BrennanNo club membership16:45+6:105:49
7Jack ReinbottNo club membership16:57+6:225:54
8Vanzella RichardNo club membership16:58+6:235:54
9Eve TagueNo club membership17:35+7:006:07
10CHRISTINA MEELEN No club membership17:36+7:016:07
11Stewart MeelenNo club membership17:48+7:136:11
12Nicole  Williams No club membership18:13+7:386:20
13Josie MoylanNo club membership18:27+7:526:25
14Sean Lindsay-HolleyNo club membership18:42+8:076:30
15Jacob SykesNo club membership19:14+8:396:41
16Cayleb FidgeNo club membership21:25+10:507:27
17-- Reiny SnrNo club membership25:08+14:338:45
18Flynn TaylorNo club membership25:20+14:458:49
19Stacy NottleNo club membership30:56+20:2110:46
20Alex VanzellaNo club membership32:54+22:1911:27
Oliver SchubertNo club membershipmispunched
Elliott MeelenNo club membershipdid not finish

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