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Official results for TTOC Urban Adventure - Round 1 (Jezzine Barracks - Townsville)

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Name: TTOC Urban Adventure - Round 1 (Jezzine Barracks - Townsville)
Organiser: Totally Tropical Orienteering Club
Date: Wednesday 5 February 2020

No club membership

53 starting competitors
1Brianna Only the LonelyScore (53)290completed
2Guy, Jordon, Joshus Townsville AliveScore (53)265completed
3Max, Tom Team ToryScore (53)260completed
4Bernie, Louise, Nikki Iced VovosScore (53)240completed
5Celeste, Matt Dual NationsScore (53)235completed
6Belinda, Glenn, Rebecca Belinda the CowScore (53)190completed
7Kynan, Liam, Logan, Peter, Steve SpilskidsScore (53)185completed
8Jacquie, Rebekah, Robert OrientbeeringScore (53)180completed
9Andrew, Jenni, Lucy, Patrick, Paul Twos and ThreesScore (53)175completed
10Jack, Meagan, Melissa, Rose Same SameScore (53)175completed
11Ayla, Joel, Koby, Tamara Orientators with a side of AvocardioScore (53)170completed
12Julie, Katrina, Patrick AquaholicsScore (53)165completed
13Gay, Jill, Stephanie, Terry PobblebonksScore (53)165completed
14Damian, Jewelie, Kat, Rita, Tiffany Princess WarriorsScore (53)160completed
15Angus, Annika, Brian, Martin, Sue Just 4 FunScore (53)160completed
16Jason, Simon Western ForceScore (53)160completed
17Marcel, Myles M n MsScore (53)160completed
18Jenny, Ross R & JScore (53)155completed
19Eleanor, Gary, Helen, Hula, Vanessa Walkie TalkiesScore (53)155completed
20Barb, Linda, Rhonda Hot Like SunriseScore (53)155completed
21Kieran, Leanne, Troy The PacemakersScore (53)150completed
22Anders, Anna, Stacey RuffScore (53)140completed
23Charlotte, Hannele, Margaret, Sue Choc WenchesScore (53)140completed
24Amie, Andrew A SquareScore (53)140completed
25Ellina, Elysia, Shane, Wilton GoGo BearsScore (53)140completed
26Fiona, Rod AKScore (53)140completed
27Carolyn, Robin, Tracy Meet GrindersScore (53)130completed
28Carlie, Georgie, Paul The WalkersScore (53)130completed
29Jeremy, Sven Terrific TwoScore (53)130completed
30Ashley, Caleb, Carryn, Grace, Jordan Magic BeansScore (53)130completed
31Carl, Elise, Jo, Justin, Tegan Mad HikersScore (53)130completed
32Iona, Milana Gina LinettiScore (53)130completed
33Bear, Mark Strand StrollersScore (53)125completed
34Alicia, Morgan Unprepared but ExcitedScore (53)125completed
35Reece, Tamara TamreeScore (53)125completed
36Claire, Dana Lamas RuleScore (53)120completed
37Cheryl, Jason Team Leader of the LostScore (53)120completed
38Brandi, Brock Scooters n HootersScore (53)120completed
39Hayden, Kynan, Mckenzie LilleysScore (53)120completed
40Neville, Peta Team TannaScore (53)110completed
41Jack, Katie, Kira Spy CadetsScore (53)110completed
42Greer, Leslie BetasScore (53)110completed
43Ciara, Damien, Dante, Helen EndacoolScore (53)105completed
44Abigail, Kai, Matthew, Mika The ChickensScore (53)100completed
45Jess, Max, Sam Which Way is UpScore (53)90completed
46Damien, Joanne, Robert 4 minus 1Score (53)90completed
47Gordon, Issac, Judah, Lily, Lucas, Natalie SmithsonitesScore (53)80completed
48Kelly, Sam DunkersScore (53)80completed
49Addison, Lachlan, Neil, Robyn American BluesScore (53)80completed
50Keith, Samantha, Timmy B-UtesScore (53)75completed
51Cameron, Greg The Green SheepScore (53)45completed
52Caitlin, Grace, Jack, Jane, Sebby NewmanScore (53)45completed
53Dom, Elle, Heath DominellesScore (53)20completed

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