Official results for Night Nav - Mitchelton - BCC Event

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Name: Night Nav - Mitchelton - BCC Event
Organiser: Enoggeroos
Date: Tuesday 14 March 2017

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52 starting competitors
1Paul Elby77036:46
2Kurt Neumann77039:19+2:33
3Krystal Neumann77042:18+5:32
4Heather Muir70038:12+1:26
5Owen Richmond63041:27+4:41
6Ken Williamson59038:57+2:11
7Thomas Garbellini57041:29+4:43
8Nick Allan55037:28+0:42
9Karen Beath55037:30+0:44
10Gordon Muir50037:17+0:31
11Tony Usher49038:15+1:29
12Angela Lissett45037:32+0:46
13Jacquie Rand44038:55+2:09
14Kelli Thomas39039:02+2:16
15Nerida Hart39042:57+6:11
16Anchalee Scout38038:01+1:15
17Savannah Scout38038:06+1:20
18Ella Scout38038:08+1:22
19Julie Fisher37038:23+1:37
20Hamish Scout37038:50+2:04
21Morgan Scout37038:52+2:06
22Lincoln Sinclair36038:43+1:57
23Bob Sinclair36038:49+2:03
24James Ellison34042:52+6:06
25JamesA Scout32038:54+2:08
26Sam Scout28038:11+1:25
27Lapat Scout28038:20+1:34
28Petrea Rogers27034:28
29Ainsley Scout22038:38+1:52
30Chloe Scout22038:44+1:58
31Maya Scout22038:47+2:01
32Quinn Scout22041:30+4:44
33Jettrim Scout22041:34+4:48
34JamesSy Scout22041:35+4:49
35Naomi Guide16043:36+6:50
36Josaphine Guide16043:37+6:51
37Tayla Guide16043:48+7:02
38Ave Guide13044:19+7:33
39Bella Scout5036:35
40Maddy Scout5036:39
41Keeley Scout5036:40
42Lachlan Scout5039:47+3:01
43Jonathon Scout5039:59+3:13
44JamesW Scout2040:03+3:17
45Will Scout2040:07+3:21
46Ruby Guide045:47+9:01
47Skye Guide045:49+9:03
48Annabel Guide045:51+9:05
49Brooke Guide046:07+9:21
50Zoe Guide047:23+10:37
51Casper Scout-did not finish
51Hayden Scout-did not finish

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