Official results for Bendigo Training 1 - St Just Point

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Name: Bendigo Training 1 - St Just Point
Organiser: Bendigo Orienteers
Date: Saturday 4 March 2017

3k hard

3 250 m, 11 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Jim RussellBG V Bendigo Orienteers24:357:33
2Craig FeuerhardtBG V Bendigo Orienteers25:55+1:207:58
3Angus RobertsBG V Bendigo Orienteers27:24+2:498:25
4John WilkinsonBG V Bendigo Orienteers42:56+18:2113:12
5Leisha MaggsBG V Bendigo Orienteers45:12+20:3713:54
6Tony RadfordBG V Bendigo Orienteers45:56+21:2114:08
7Steve RobertsBG V Bendigo Orienteers48:45+24:1015:00
8Julie FlynnBG V Bendigo Orienteers56:34+31:5917:24
9Andrew WallaceBG V Bendigo Orienteers59:49+35:1418:24
10Jenny BallBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:03:04+38:2919:24
11Peter SearleBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:03:58+39:2319:40

2k hard

2 425 m, 12 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Michael LoughnanBG V Bendigo Orienteers27:2411:17
2Serryn EenjesBG V Bendigo Orienteers32:31+5:0713:24
3Katherine McMillanBG V Bendigo Orienteers36:43+9:1915:08
4Raelee EenjesBG V Bendigo Orienteers39:28+12:0416:16
5Charles BrownridgeBG V Bendigo Orienteers40:01+12:3716:30
6Darren EenjesBG V Bendigo Orienteers40:05+12:4116:31
7Viv McMillanBG V Bendigo Orienteers40:53+13:2916:51
8Alison RadfordBG V Bendigo Orienteers45:12+17:4818:38
9Jason CarterBG V Bendigo Orienteers50:10+22:4620:41
10Dianne SearleBG V Bendigo Orienteers53:11+25:4721:55
11Louise HallBG V Bendigo Orienteers55:03+27:3922:42
12Lorraine LevershaBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:10:07+42:4328:54

2k mod

2 025 m, 4 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lachlan FeuerherdtBG V Bendigo Orienteers27:0213:20
2Judy FittBG V Bendigo Orienteers58:08+31:0628:42
3Isobel CarterBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:05:32+38:3032:21
4Ian JohnsonBG V Bendigo Orienteers1:28:58+1:01:5643:56

1.5k easy

1 825 m, 1 starting competitor
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Joanne CherryBG V Bendigo Orienteers43:3423:52

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