Official results for Sprint - Warwick West State School

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Name: Sprint - Warwick West State School
Organiser: Bullecourt Boulder Bounders
Date: Thursday 8 February 2018

Very Easy

6 starting competitors
1Ariona LawsNo club membership7:25
2Tyler ClacyNo club membership11:15+3:50
3Declan EzzyNo club membership11:47+4:22
4Bonnie SamsNo club membership21:47+14:22
Tye & Tobin CrannaNo club membershipmispunched
Taneika HoffmanNo club membershipdid not finish


9 starting competitors
1Ariona LawsNo club membership12:42
2Teagen HoffmanNo club membership14:07+1:25
3Jaiden HoffmanNo club membership16:50+4:08
4Ty & Tobin CranaNo club membership31:30+18:48
5Taneika HoffmanNo club membership37:29+24:47
Tyrese GleasonNo club membershipdisqualified
Cooper MortonNo club membershipmispunched
Jasper & Tyler CrannaNo club membershipmispunched
Bonnie SimsNo club membershipmispunched


9 starting competitors
1Jaiden HoffmanNo club membership11:09
2Ewan McFarlandNo club membership11:46+0:37
3Alan BallochNo club membership13:34+2:25
4Madi BallochNo club membership13:40+2:31
5Christie LyonsNo club membership13:43+2:34
6Cooper MortonNo club membership18:30+7:21
7Ariona LawsNo club membership19:20+8:11
8Steph LyonsNo club membership23:42+12:33
Tegan HoffmanNo club membershipmispunched


8 starting competitors
1Cayleb FidgeNo club membership17:06
2Alison BurrillNo club membership17:07+0:01
3Ewan McFarlandNo club membership22:24+5:18
4Madi BallochNo club membership23:15+6:09
5Alan BallochNo club membership26:28+9:22
6Steph LyonsNo club membership27:04+9:58
Ross BarrNo club membershipmispunched
Christie BallochNo club membershipmispunched
Stuart WattNo club membershipdid not start

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