Official results for ACT Street Series: Duffy

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Name: ACT Street Series: Duffy
Organiser: Orienteering ACT
Date: Monday 25 February 2019

Classes: Show all | A: Men | A: Women | A: Teams | B: Men | B: Women | B: Teams | C: Men | C: Women | C: Teams | D: Men | D: Women | D: Teams | PowerWalk: Men | PowerWalk: Women | PowerWalk: Teams | Bike: All

A: Men

13 starting competitors
1Jack BrandNo club membership36:22
2Greg HoskingNo club membership39:23
3Tim CochranePO-A42:40
4Matthew PurcellGS-A43:21
5Tate NeedhamRR-A45:47
6Broderick MatthewsNo club membership46:21
7Noname NonameNo club membership49:07
8James HillNo club membership49:29
9Jonathan RicksRR-A49:29
10Jeremy SmithNo club membership53:27
11Tony SlatyerPO-A54:12
12Peter AntcliffBS-A59:19
13Vosta ZverinaNo club membership1:04:00

A: Women

4 starting competitors
1Keira DohertyNo club membership43:45
2Susie SpragueNo club membership46:51
3Natalie ShadwellNo club membership48:18
4Rowena WoodsNo club membership53:15

A: Teams

4 starting competitors
1Michael ReedNo club membership44:12
1Matt ShadwellNo club membership44:12
2Jen BrightNo club membership58:18
2Isaac MuscatNo club membership58:18

B: Men

12 starting competitors
1Phil WalkerPO-A34:39
2Jesse PiiroinenBS-A35:36
3Richard SmythNo club membership35:43
4Caleb HodgsonNo club membership35:56
5Tenzing JohsonBS-A35:56
6James SwannNo club membership41:41
7David BaussmannNo club membership42:03
8Andrew ChapmanNo club membership42:29
9Greg LanePO-A44:06
10Paul ArcherNo club membership49:24
11Josh CockerillNo club membership54:18
12Eric WainwrightRR-A59:33

B: Women

2 starting competitors
1Carol HardingBS-A45:10
2Amanda DysonNo club membership1:04:00

B: Teams

6 starting competitors
1Jess SchmittNo club membership44:24
1Amelia WaltonNo club membership44:24
2Andre AndreNo club membership54:05
2Zuzana ZuzanaNo club membership54:05
3Bryte HaganNo club membership54:29
3Freya WilsonNo club membership54:29

C: Men

11 starting competitors
1Jonathan MillerBS-A29:33
2David JenkinsBS-A36:44
3Dwayne CurrieNo club membership37:38
4Geoff WoodPO-A42:55
5Garry FryRR-A43:03
6Jim WhiteNo club membership43:36
7Lawrence DohertyNo club membership46:41
8Bryant AllenPO-A47:53
9Alex RicksRR-A48:00
10John SuominenWE-A50:55
11Florian BenzNo club membership53:32

C: Women

8 starting competitors
1Tracey WhiteNo club membership40:25
2Elizabeth DunbarPO-A46:21
3Mary BullockNo club membership46:29
4Parissa PoulisNo club membership50:29
5Rosemarie EdwardsWE-A51:59
6Jane BarnettBS-A52:10
7Susan ArcherNo club membership53:39
8Kamini ReddyNo club membership53:46

C: Teams

14 starting competitors
1Morilla CavenaghNo club membership40:42
1Rob CavenaghNo club membership40:42
2Kendall CrockerNo club membership43:13
2Kim WillcoxNo club membership43:13
3Eleonora Bidcad-BrennnNo club membership51:01
3Elvie Bidcad-BrennnNo club membership51:01
3Jed Bidcad-BrennnNo club membership51:01
3Leon Bidcad-BrennnNo club membership51:01
4Melissa FrostNo club membership53:53
4Christine PalmerNo club membership53:53
5Jamie DroneyNo club membership56:04
5Samson DroneyNo club membership56:04
6Gabby BrownNo club membership56:48
6Thomas PalmerNo club membership56:48

D: Men

4 starting competitors
1Roger EdwardWE-A20:50
2Michael TedeschiRR-A27:06
3Alan ThompsonRR-A30:30
4Peter PalmerNo club membership33:22

D: Teams

7 starting competitors
1Linda HallidayNo club membership36:32
1Jane TedeschiNo club membership36:32
2Amelia BrownNo club membership41:28
2Elizabeth PalmerNo club membership41:28
3Fergus SmythNo club membership45:00
3Kylie SmythNo club membership45:00
3Minnie SmythNo club membership45:00

PowerWalk: Men

6 starting competitors
1Keith FifieldRR-A1658:34
2Craig GeorgeNo club membership1659:11
3Michael BurtRR-A1557:17
4Geoff BarkerNo club membership1256:24
5John HardingPO-A1158:04
6Hermann WehnerWE-A955:33

PowerWalk: Women

5 starting competitors
1Michelle CochranePO-A1457:36
2Pat MiethkePO-A1255:50
3Monika ShortNo club membership1256:12
4Tamara NeedhamRR-A1256:31
5Carol MastersNo club membership947:09

PowerWalk: Teams

11 starting competitors
1Kerrie CowanBS-A1456:38
1Sue McDonaldNo club membership1456:38
2Daniel BrightNo club membership958:45
2Richard FNo club membership958:45
2L MuscatNo club membership958:45
3Armaiti CarnahanNo club membership853:58
3Michael CarnahanNo club membership853:58
4Jack PalmerNo club membership856:53
4Jane ReynoldsNo club membership856:53
5Alaia Ramiez-RoseNo club membership247:34
5Louise RoseRR-A247:34

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