Official results for Newcastle Pairs - MINMI

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Name: Newcastle Pairs - MINMI
Organiser: Newcastle Orienteering Club
Date: Sunday 26 May 2019

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47 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Peter and Daniel OrrShort Pairs (15)38:479:10
1Mikayla and Erika EnderbyShort Pairs (15)38:479:10
1Damien and Jenny EnderbyLong Pairs (14)41:106:20
1Douglas PiantaEasy (3)15:518:17
1Emile AltmannModerate Short (8)34:5513:19
1Maya KellyVery Easy (3)20:4911:49
1Katherine DynonProgressive (3)36:4514:24
2Alex Massey and Josh BlatchfordLong Pairs (14)41:27+0:176:23
2Iain Lily and Remy McDougallVery Easy (3)25:00+4:1114:12
2Bert van NettenModerate Short (8)55:06+20:1121:01
2Iles FamilyEasy (3)48:56+33:0525:37
2Grant WatsonProgressive (3)38:59+2:1415:17
3Maria OrrModerate Short (8)56:04+21:0921:23
3Tommy and Bjorn MellaShort Pairs (15)41:12+2:259:44
3Oskar Mella and Steven RobertsLong Pairs (14)47:22+6:127:17
3Team JohnstonEasy (3)56:46+40:5529:43
3Duncan McLeodProgressive (3)1:16:51+40:0630:08
3Frankie KellyVery Easy (3)26:25+5:3615:00
4Sally QuillModerate Short (8)1:01:22+26:2723:25
4Peter and Nathan BerkholzShort Pairs (15)42:00+3:139:55
4Justin Stafford and Shane BowditchLong Pairs (14)47:45+6:357:21
5Bridget Whitehead and Glenn DowneyShort Pairs (15)45:08+6:2110:40
5Samantha Howe and Kendall O'ConnorLong Pairs (14)52:22+11:128:04
5Samantha MellaModerate Short (8)1:07:59+33:0425:56
6Chris WelbourneModerate Short (8)1:18:41+43:4630:01
6Rebecca Craig and Jim LeeShort Pairs (15)45:13+6:2610:41
6Rob Bennett and Laura Lewis-MinogueLong Pairs (14)53:19+12:098:12
7Nick and Janine BenditModerate Short (8)1:33:44+58:4935:46
7Caroline and Shane JenkinsShort Pairs (15)50:20+11:3311:53
7Steven Craig and Tim TewLong Pairs (14)54:54+13:448:27
8Heather FreemanModerate Short (8)1:39:45+1:04:5038:04
8Kerry Bennett and Alex WheelerShort Pairs (15)52:06+13:1912:19
8Carolyn Matthews and Malcolm RobertsLong Pairs (14)55:38+14:288:34
9Elaine Bennett and Bridget WheelerShort Pairs (15)55:09+16:2213:02
9Greg Bacon and Rudi LandseidelLong Pairs (14)59:14+18:049:07
10Margaret Peel and Sharon BurgessShort Pairs (15)1:03:23+24:3614:59
10Martina Craig and Gayle QuantockLong Pairs (14)1:05:57+24:4710:09
11Carolyn Chalmers and Viola O'ConnorShort Pairs (15)1:07:16+28:2915:54
11Ginaya Dunn and Ryan PuklowskiLong Pairs (14)1:49:02+1:07:5216:48
12Joy Guy and Lynda HewsonShort Pairs (15)1:08:12+29:2516:07
12Rob Preston and Monique BortoliLong Pairs (14)2:13:44+1:32:3420:36
13Lisa Lampe and Michael LloydShort Pairs (15)1:08:54+30:0716:17
13Steven Todkill and Genevieve NawrotLong Pairs (14)2:19:42+1:38:3221:31
14Ingred Oblasser and Paul KillenShort Pairs (15)1:12:56+34:0917:14
15Andrea and Tim HackneyShort Pairs (15)1:15:50+37:0317:55Download route in GPX format
Glenn BurgessLong Pairs (14)disqualified
Anita Bickle Sue Beric and Di WinchcombeModerate Short (8)did not finish
Lewis Berkholz and Brooke FauxShort Pairs (15)did not start

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