Official results for Sydney West Schools Orienteering (secondary)

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Name: Sydney West Schools Orienteering (secondary)
Organiser: Bold Horizons Event Organiser
Date: Friday 21 June 2019

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Year 11 & 12 Boys

16 starting competitors
1Jeremiah NThe Ponds High School33:50
2Nathan SThe Ponds High School34:17+0:27
3Joel BRichmond High School37:00+3:10
4Cameron MRichmond High School37:39+3:49
5Alec RColo High School40:54+7:04
6corey fColo High School41:57+8:07
7Nicholas wColo High School42:51+9:01
8Jacob KColo High School44:22+10:32
9Jack HColo High School56:36+22:46
10Luke DColo High School57:28+23:38
11Ben LColo High School57:38+23:48
12Jordan PColo High School58:43+24:53
13Cooper SColo High School59:40+25:50
14Timothy ARichmond High School59:49+25:59
15Benjamin BColo High School1:15:48+41:58
16Michael KColo High School1:33:31+59:41

Year 11 & 12 Girls

9 starting competitors
1Dylan MColo High School52:44
2keira zColo High School54:41+1:57
3Katherine DColo High School55:34+2:50
4georgia wColo High School56:26+3:42
5Maddy CRichmond High School59:15+6:31
6Siobhan SRichmond High School1:01:01+8:17
7Jasmine LColo High School1:17:51+25:07
8lily rColo High School1:18:57+26:13
Melissa AColo High Schoolmispunched

Year 7 & 8 Boys

22 starting competitors
1Max CKatoomba High School22:36
2Jake CKatoomba High School23:41+1:05
3Jordan TRichmond High School25:32+2:56
4Aiden WRichmond High School26:19+3:43
5Nicholas CRichmond High School27:40+5:04
6Riley CRichmond High School28:15+5:39
7Jacob WRichmond High School29:15+6:39
8Randall TRichmond High School34:41+12:05
9Manveer BThe Ponds High School38:52+16:16
10Nicolas DThe Ponds High School39:16+16:40
11Nathan KRichmond High School54:52+32:16
12Chad ORichmond High School55:54+33:18
13Curtis DRichmond High School57:29+34:53
14Calleja NRichmond High School1:00:09+37:33
15Ansh CRouse Hill High School1:01:45+39:09
16Dominic ERouse Hill High School1:02:47+40:11
Jesse BRichmond High Schoolmispunched
Jacob ERichmond High Schoolmispunched
Codie FRichmond High Schoolmispunched
Ethan HRichmond High Schoolmispunched
Jason PRichmond High Schoolmispunched
Cooper WRichmond High Schoolmispunched

Year 7 & 8 Girls

28 starting competitors
1Coco MKatoomba High School17:33
2Chelsea ORouse Hill High School18:50+1:17
3Emmagen CKatoomba High School21:34+4:01
4Lauren TThe Ponds High School28:33+11:00
5Harshita KThe Ponds High School29:44+12:11
6Letitia CRouse Hill High School31:32+13:59
7Caitlin BRouse Hill High School32:49+15:16
8Fiona BRouse Hill High School34:09+16:36
8Holly SRouse Hill High School34:09+16:36
10Jessica WRouse Hill High School35:00+17:27
11Damanjot KRouse Hill High School35:02+17:29
12Jordan LRichmond High School36:27+18:54
13Emma TRouse Hill High School36:33+19:00
14Bhoomi MRouse Hill High School37:16+19:43
15Holly LRichmond High School37:26+19:53
16Tori MRichmond High School38:28+20:55
17Zoe PRichmond High School40:32+22:59
18Mahalia HRichmond High School41:40+24:07
19Teagan MRichmond High School44:34+27:01
20Ava JRouse Hill High School49:50+32:17
21Joanna LRouse Hill High School51:20+33:47
22Chloe BRouse Hill High School52:18+34:45
23Jade MRichmond High School53:01+35:28
24Nicole TRichmond High School54:10+36:37
25Julie PThe Ponds High School56:02+38:29
26Katya JThe Ponds High School59:01+41:28
27Maria MThe Ponds High School1:03:38+46:05
28Jessica BThe Ponds High School1:04:59+47:26

Year 9 & 10 Boys

41 starting competitors
1Curtis ARouse Hill High School26:16
2Matthew LRouse Hill High School27:57+1:41
3Diego SRouse Hill High School28:30+2:14
4Kye TRouse Hill High School29:13+2:57
5Daksh HRouse Hill High School29:59+3:43
6Mathew CRouse Hill High School30:33+4:17
7Kyan HThe Ponds High School31:23+5:07
8Ryan LRichmond High School34:45+8:29
9Ethan MRichmond High School35:32+9:16
10Harry SRichmond High School38:43+12:27
11Benjamin MRichmond High School38:48+12:32
12Ryan JRouse Hill High School39:14+12:58
13Max PRichmond High School39:59+13:43
14Steven NRichmond High School40:51+14:35
15Thomas JRichmond High School40:54+14:38
16Mykel SRichmond High School41:43+15:27
17Ethan BRouse Hill High School42:20+16:04
18Brandon WRichmond High School42:41+16:25
19Ayush CRouse Hill High School46:10+19:54
20Oliver ARouse Hill High School50:13+23:57
21Alexandre RRouse Hill High School50:59+24:43
22Richard WRichmond High School51:55+25:39
23Ivan LRouse Hill High School52:06+25:50
24Chris LRouse Hill High School53:43+27:27
25Brock SRouse Hill High School56:18+30:02
26Ryley BRichmond High School57:41+31:25
27Corey KRichmond High School58:29+32:13
28Jaxen CRichmond High School59:35+33:19
29Jack WRouse Hill High School1:00:46+34:30
30Zach VRouse Hill High School1:01:57+35:41
31Jake KRouse Hill High School1:03:34+37:18
32Cooper SRouse Hill High School1:04:33+38:17
33James FRouse Hill High School1:07:13+40:57
34Jed SRouse Hill High School1:19:50+53:34
35Tim RRouse Hill High School1:22:02+55:46
36Zack BRouse Hill High School1:22:55+56:39
37Cooper MRouse Hill High School1:24:16+58:00
38Joshua FRouse Hill High School1:25:30+59:14
Lachlan HRichmond High Schoolmispunched
Ben SRichmond High Schoolmispunched
Kyle URichmond High Schoolmispunched

Year 9 & 10 Girls

21 starting competitors
1Tiana MThe Ponds High School30:35
2Evie JKatoomba High School31:38+1:03
3Keely SThe Ponds High School32:46+2:11
4Amelia MThe Ponds High School37:52+7:17
5Regina ERouse Hill High School40:09+9:34
6Jemma CRouse Hill High School41:13+10:38
7Izzy CRichmond High School43:01+12:26
8Schae SRichmond High School43:03+12:28
9Molly WRichmond High School44:38+14:03
10Claudia MRichmond High School45:38+15:03
11Chloe PRouse Hill High School49:57+19:22
12Tinglu WThe Ponds High School50:45+20:10
13Grace KRouse Hill High School51:28+20:53
14Paige PRichmond High School1:01:54+31:19
Aiyana BThe Ponds High Schoolmispunched
Nikki CThe Ponds High Schoolmispunched
Simone CRouse Hill High Schoolmispunched
A'Marie GThe Ponds High Schoolmispunched
Megan KRichmond High Schoolmispunched
Isla MRichmond High Schoolmispunched
Paris MRouse Hill High Schoolmispunched

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