Official results for WA Classic - Kenine Hill, race 2

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Name: WA Classic - Kenine Hill
Organisers: Albany & Denmark Hinterland Orienteering Club / South-West Orienteering Trekkers
Date: Sunday 2 June 2019 - Monday 3 June 2019

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4 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Edmund ToomeyE Mens (5)20:558:02
7Lyn StoltzeH4 Womens (18)1:14:51+35:0520:13
7John ToomeyH1 Mens (18)1:16:44+16:367:35
Tony WhittakerH2 Mens (10)not competing
Ruth ToomeyVE Shadow (2)did not start


17 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Riley McFarlaneH3 Mens (37)41:438:41
1Michal HubacekH1 Mens (18)1:00:085:57
2Rachel WestH2 Womens (9)1:03:12+0:178:32
2Craig DuftyH1 Mens (18)1:07:13+7:056:39
2Amy DuftyModerate Womens (6)48:33+16:4913:07
3Mason EvesH3 Mens (37)43:44+2:019:06
4Sue DowlingH5 Womens (12)59:00+19:3623:36
4Ricky ThackrayH1 Mens (18)1:13:00+12:527:13Download route in GPX format
5Penny DuftyH4 Womens (18)1:07:53+28:0718:20
6Hadrien DevillepoixH1 Mens (18)1:15:00+14:527:25
6Lois WestH4 Womens (18)1:13:41+33:5519:54
8Liam DuftyH3 Mens (37)51:05+9:2210:38
9Phil DuftyH1 Mens (18)2:46:23+1:46:1516:28
11Rob WestH3 Mens (37)56:59+15:1611:52
16John CumminsH3 Mens (37)1:02:35+20:5213:02
17Rob BeattieH3 Mens (37)1:02:45+21:0213:04Download route in GPX format
18Jack DowlingH3 Mens (37)1:22:19+40:3617:08Download route in GPX format


29 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Veronika VavrovaH2 Womens (9)1:02:558:30
1Rohan BraidVE Mens (4)17:097:47
1Kate BraidModerate Womens (6)31:448:34
1Graham BraidH2 Mens (10)1:01:568:22
1Lachlan BraidModerate Mens (8)33:419:06
1Juliette JarrettE Womens (1)41:5516:07
1Lucy JarrettH3 Womens (14)43:028:57
1Ruben ClaessensVE Shadow (2)19:579:04
2Joseph ColemanModerate Mens (8)43:05+9:2411:38
2Jennifer MajorH5 Womens (12)41:24+2:0016:33
3Swart Group2E Mens (5)37:04+16:0914:15
3Matthew ColemanModerate Mens (8)44:52+11:1112:07
3Andries SwartH1 Mens (18)1:12:35+12:277:11
3Ceri PassH2 Womens (9)1:12:18+9:239:46
3Veronica JarrettModerate Womens (6)51:57+20:1314:02
4Vanessa SmithH2 Womens (9)1:31:20+28:2512:20
5Sten ClaessensH1 Mens (18)1:14:26+14:187:22
5Erica SmaleH5 Womens (12)59:41+20:1723:52
5John MajorH4 Mens (14)1:00:56+27:3916:28
6David PassH4 Mens (14)1:02:33+29:1616:54
8Luan SwartH1 Mens (18)1:35:48+35:409:29
8Wendy HobleyH4 Womens (18)1:18:46+39:0021:17
15Paul JarrettH3 Mens (37)1:02:30+20:4713:01
19Paul SmaleH3 Mens (37)1:23:15+41:3217:20
Swart GroupE Mens (5)not competing
David PassH4 Mens (14)not competing
Erica SmaleH5 Womens (12)not competing
Wendy HobleyH4 Womens (18)not competing
Vanessa SmithH2 Womens (9)not competing


15 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Rosemary KullmannH5 Womens (12)39:2415:45
2Anthea FeaverH3 Womens (14)43:46+0:449:07
3Moreen CoxH5 Womens (12)51:10+11:4620:28
3Zali DaleH3 Womens (14)48:01+4:5910:00
3Nick DaleH2 Mens (10)1:13:43+11:479:57
3Anna NapierH4 Womens (18)1:00:52+21:0616:27
4Robert GraiegH2 Mens (10)1:30:32+28:3612:14
4Noel SchoknechtH3 Mens (37)47:13+5:309:50
4Peter StandenModerate Mens (8)46:58+13:1712:41
7Peter GillonH4 Mens (14)1:03:12+29:5517:04
9Janet FletcherH4 Womens (18)1:19:58+40:1221:36
10Tony SimpkinsH3 Mens (37)54:48+13:0511:25
12Mike HoweH3 Mens (37)57:44+16:0112:01
13Ian FletcherH3 Mens (37)58:02+16:1912:05
Jennifer PorterH2 Womens (9)mispunched

No club membership

1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
Maesepp EllaModerate Womens (6)not competing


1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
6Ella MaeseppH5 Womens (12)1:39:06+59:4239:38


9 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Liam PhillipsH4 Mens (14)33:178:59
1Nic PhillipsVE Unofficial (1)17:167:50
2Nic PhillipsE Mens (5)21:47+0:528:22
2Eckart BosmanH4 Mens (14)33:28+0:119:02
2Aldo BosmanH3 Mens (37)42:05+0:228:46
4Cliff PhillipsH4 Mens (14)46:22+13:0512:31
6Marlize BosmanH3 Womens (14)1:02:48+19:4613:05
6Jaco BosmanH3 Mens (37)50:26+8:4310:30
9Peter O'LoughlinH3 Mens (37)53:42+11:5911:11


1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
3Dan GreigH4 Mens (14)36:49+3:329:57


16 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Carol BrownlieH4 Womens (18)39:4610:44
1Ken BrownlieH5 Mens (4)36:0414:25
2Nick LethbridgeH5 Mens (4)43:14+7:1017:17
2Archie BrownlieVE Mens (4)20:07+2:589:08
2Tom BrownlieH2 Mens (10)1:11:47+9:519:42Download route in GPX format
2Helen PostH4 Womens (18)55:47+16:0115:04
4Debra LethbridgeH4 Womens (18)1:04:21+24:3517:23
4Sarah RichardsH3 Womens (14)1:00:10+17:0812:32
5Rosalie McCauleyH3 Womens (14)1:02:16+19:1412:58
5David McCauleyH3 Mens (37)49:14+7:3110:15
7Melinda RichardsH5 Womens (12)1:48:58+1:09:3443:35
7Natasha SpargH3 Womens (14)1:21:12+38:1016:55
7Shaun RichardsH3 Mens (37)50:49+9:0610:35
14Digby MercerH3 Mens (37)59:40+17:5712:25
Graeme HarrisH2 Mens (10)not competing
Digby MercerH1 Mens (18)not competing
Ken PostH5 Mens (4)did not start

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