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Start list for Newcastle Pairs Championships

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Name: Newcastle Pairs Championships
Organiser: Newcastle Orienteering Club
Date: Sunday 17 July 2016


44 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameClassCourse lengthStart time (EST)
2048441Seren and Kale and Edee BlakeE/VE1 560 m09:34:39
2057047Bridget WhiteheadMod-Long4 250 m09:58:08
9005184Andrew PowerMod-Long4 250 m10:05:46
2036844Tim and Andrea HackneyShort-A4 590 m10:06
2048443Jenny and Graham FrancisShort-A4 590 m10:06
2084722Clint and Jessica LawrenceShort-A4 590 m10:06
2052013Andrew and Matthew KillenShort-A4 590 m10:06
1400061Maria and Peter OrrShort-A4 590 m10:06
4626650Carolyn and Russell RigbyShort-A4 590 m10:06
2042981Caroline and Shane JenkinsShort-A4 590 m10:06
2048442Ann Montgomery and Patrick PhillipsShort-A4 590 m10:06
9101018Gayle Quantock and Kaitlin RadstaakShort-A4 590 m10:06
2084715Neil Alston and Lily FrancisShort-B4 590 m10:06
2084721Tracy and Amy PhillipsShort-B4 590 m10:06
9005151Graeme and Caleb TaplinShort-B4 590 m10:06
2048444Murray and Neale JonesShort-B4 590 m10:06
402445Carolyn Chalmers and Diana CharltonShort-B4 590 m10:06
1392478Sam Howe and Viola OConnorShort-B4 590 m10:06
2052015Paul Killen and Ingrid OblasserShort-B4 590 m10:06
2056440Lisa Lampe and Michael LloydShort-B4 590 m10:06
1931373Toy Martin and Bert van NettenShort-B4 590 m10:06
1931359Steven and Angus RobertsLong-A6 650 m10:06
625462Josh Blatchford and Malin AnderssonLong-A6 650 m10:06
1931382Jim Lee and Rudi LandsiedelLong-A6 650 m10:06
7200118Scott Simson and Ben RadstaakLong-A6 650 m10:06
1398390Shane Trotter and Kirsten AmblerLong-A6 650 m10:06
2042984Anne and David KitchenerLong-B6 650 m10:06
7668668John Linich and Margaret PeelLong-B6 650 m10:06
7200358Carolyn Matthews and Malcolm RobertsLong-B6 650 m10:06
1398382Damian Welbourne and Alex MasseyLong-B6 650 m10:06
364436Chris and Helen WelbourneMod-Short2 190 m10:06:15
2048445Dianne Windcombe and Anita Bickle and Katrina ReynoldsMod-Long4 250 m10:06:31
2084703Glenn DowneyMod-Long4 250 m10:07:56
402467Arthur KingslandMod-Long4 250 m10:10:03
2048446Zoe and Brian HillMod-Short2 190 m10:10:30
2048447Heather FreemanMod-Long4 250 m10:11:00
4626654Cassandra Thompson and kidsE/VE1 560 m10:15:57
4626653William ThompsonMod-Short2 190 m10:17:29
2057044Lyn RaywardMod-Short2 190 m10:18:56
2048450Dug FloydMod-Short2 190 m10:26:47
2053111Lynda HewsonMod-Long4 250 m10:30:09
2048448Phil RobeyMod-Long4 250 m10:45:59
2048451Archer NewtonE/VE1 560 m11:01:08
2048455James Asha John and Lois NewtonMod-Short2 190 m11:06:47