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Start list for FootO 12 State Middle Distance Championships Jumbuck (Bells)

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Name: FootO 12 State Middle Distance Championships Jumbuck (Bells)
Organisers: Orienteering WA / Wullundigong Orienteers of the West
Date: Saturday 22 September 2018


24 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameClassCourse lengthStart time (WST)
71407375Lily McFarlaneW17-20A3 700 m13:32:31
11470356Amy DuftyW10A m13:33:05
401407419Riley McFarlaneM14A2 400 m13:34:31
421407376Liam DuftyM14A2 400 m13:38:00
101131773Eleanor SansomW21A3 700 m13:38:31
517207979Hadrien DevillepoixM21A4 700 m13:40:30
671391611Rob WestM65A2 700 m13:40:34
251391612Lois WestW65A2 300 m13:44:32
689201359Jack DowlingM65A2 700 m13:44:35
131391620Rachel WestW21A3 700 m13:46:31
551391619Craig DuftyM21A4 700 m13:48:30
271392048Sue DowlingW65A2 300 m13:48:35
88264055Phil DuftyM35A4 700 m13:50:35
901392050Paul DowlingM35A4 700 m13:54:31
307205863Toni FrankW70A2 300 m13:54:36
431407399Mason EvesM16A3 700 m13:56:32
451399628Patrick DuftyM16A3 700 m14:00:33
781421085Andrea EvesW45A2 700 m14:02:31
791407393Sharon McFarlaneW45A2 700 m14:04:00
941407378Michael DuftyM45A3 700 m14:06:32
801399632Coreen MaynardW45A2 700 m14:06:34
3409655Sasha EvesW14A2 400 m14:18:36
60409611Rob BeattieM55A3 700 m14:30:32
148633234Jo Anna MaynardW21A3 700 m14:34:30