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19 events were found between 01/02/2018 and 31/03/2018 with the following selection: FootO, International event, Championship event, National event, Regional event.

All arena locations are shown with competition areas (yellow). Remember that as a competitor you are not allowed to visit the competition area, if not explicitly sanctioned by the organiser. Please refer to relevant rules for details.

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Date Event Organiser Regions
w 5Thu 1/2
Fri 2/2
Sat 3/2
Sun 4/2
w 6Mon 5/2
Tue 6/2
Wed 7/2
Thu 8/2
Fri 9/2
Sat 10/2
Sun 11/2
w 7Mon 12/2
Tue 13/2
Wed 14/2
Thu 15/2
Fri 16/2
Sat 17/2
Sun 18/2
w 8Mon 19/2
Tue 20/2
Wed 21/2
Thu 22/2
Fri 23/2
Sat 24/2
Sun 25/2
w 9Mon 26/2
Tue 27/2
Wed 28/2
Thu 1/3
Fri 2/3
Sat 3/3
Sun 4/3WOC Nominations 2018Orienteering Australia19
WUOC Nominations 2018Orienteering Australia22
JWOC Nominations 2018Orienteering Australia36
Bushrangers trip to NZOrienteering Australia22
OY1 - Sprint USQ Toowoomba & OQ AGMRange Runners Orienteering ClubOrienteering Queensland83
SA Sprint Championships: Tatachilla Lutheran College Tjuringa OrienteersOrienteering SA100
w 10Mon 5/3
Tue 6/3
Wed 7/3
Thu 8/3
Fri 9/3
Sat 10/3East Coast 3 Days, bicheno (short)Esk ValleyOrienteering Tasmania81
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Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 1, Monash Clayton - Australian University Sprint Champs, NOL and OpenOrienteering VictoriaOrienteering Victoria304
Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2, Caulfield Grammar - WRE, NOL and OpenOrienteering VictoriaOrienteering Victoria313
Sun 11/3East Coast 3 Days, kelvedon (Long) OST 1Esk ValleyOrienteering Tasmania100
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Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3, Sprint Relay - NOL Managers only for relay team selectionsMelbourne Forest Racers
Orienteering Victoria
Orienteering Victoria31
Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3, Yarra Valley Grammar - NOL Sprint Relay, Open IndividualOrienteering VictoriaOrienteering Victoria294
Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 4, Kurunjang Schools - NOL and OpenOrienteering VictoriaOrienteering Victoria269
w 11Mon 12/3East Coast 3 Days, royal George (Middle) OST 2Esk ValleyOrienteering Tasmania94
regMShow routes in LiveloxResults
Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 5, Royal ParkOrienteering VictoriaOrienteering Victoria247
Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 6, Keilor Downs SchoolsOrienteering VictoriaOrienteering Victoria210
Tue 13/3
Wed 14/3
Thu 15/3
Fri 16/3
Sat 17/3ACT League #1, Collector Hill (NSW State League #1)Bushflyers
Orienteering NSW
Orienteering ACT
Orienteering NSW
Sun 18/3
w 12Mon 19/3
Tue 20/3
Wed 21/3
Thu 22/3
Fri 23/3
Sat 24/3
Sun 25/3Victorian Autumn Series 1 - Eureka ChallengeEureka OrienteersOrienteering Victoria114
w 13Mon 26/3
Tue 27/3
Wed 28/3
Thu 29/3
Fri 30/3Easter Tas - Australian 3 Days - Elites, prologue - NOL 5 - UTas Sandy BayOrienteering TasmaniaOrienteering Tasmania105
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Easter Tas - Australian 3 Days - Prologue - Non ElitesOrienteering TasmaniaOrienteering Tasmania357
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Sat 31/3Easter Tas - Australian 3 Days - Elites, day 1 - NOL 6 - Lovelybanks EastOrienteering TasmaniaOrienteering Tasmania105
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Easter Tas - Australian 3 Days - Non Elites, day 1 - Lovelybanks EastOrienteering TasmaniaOrienteering Tasmania501
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