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16 events were found between 01/09/2019 and 31/10/2019 with the following selection: Orienteering Tasmania.

All arena locations are shown with competition areas (yellow). Remember that as a competitor you are not allowed to visit the competition area, if not explicitly sanctioned by the organiser. Please refer to relevant rules for details.

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Date Event Organiser States
w 35Sun 1/9Youth Training CampOrienteering TasmaniaOrienteering Tasmania19
w 36Mon 2/9
Tue 3/9
Wed 4/9
Thu 5/9
Fri 6/9
Sat 7/9
Sun 8/9Trevallyn - Launceston Local Series #7Esk ValleyOrienteering Tasmania20
Curryjong Rivulet - Nugent - Hobart Local #8AustralopersOrienteering Tasmania77
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w 37Mon 9/9
Tue 10/9
Wed 11/9
Thu 12/9
Fri 13/9
Sat 14/9Springvale Campania - Tas Long Distance Champs - Badge & OST 14AustralopersOrienteering Tasmania107
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OT Annual Dinner & Awards Night 2019Orienteering TasmaniaOrienteering Tasmania74
Sun 15/9Lieemunetta - Dysart - Tasmanian Relay ChampionshipsAustralopersOrienteering Tasmania54
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w 38Mon 16/9
Tue 17/9
Wed 18/9
Thu 19/9
Fri 20/9
Sat 21/9
Sun 22/9Buttons Beach Ulverstone - Burnie/Devonport Local Series #5PathfindersOrienteering Tasmania18
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w 39Mon 23/9
Tue 24/9
Wed 25/9
Thu 26/9
Fri 27/9
Sat 28/9
Sun 29/9
w 40Mon 30/9
Tue 1/10
Wed 2/10
Thu 3/10
Fri 4/10ISOM17 Mapping workshop - YackandandahBendigo Orienteers
Orienteering ACT
Orienteering Australia
Orienteering NSW
Orienteering Queensland
Orienteering SA
Orienteering Tasmania
Orienteering WA
Orienteering Victoria
Orienteering ACT
Orienteering NSW
Orienteering Queensland
Orienteering SA
Orienteering Tasmania
Orienteering WA
Sat 5/10
Sun 6/10
w 41Mon 7/10
Tue 8/10
Wed 9/10
Thu 10/10
Fri 11/10
Sat 12/10
Sun 13/10Tasmanian Arboretum - Burnie/Devonport Local Series #6PathfindersOrienteering Tasmania14
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Coningham - Hobart Local Series #9AustralopersOrienteering Tasmania80
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w 42Mon 14/10
Tue 15/10
Wed 16/10City Park - Launceston Spring Twilight #1Esk ValleyOrienteering Tasmania30
Thu 17/10
Fri 18/10
Sat 19/10
Sun 20/10
w 43Mon 21/10
Tue 22/10
Wed 23/10Sandown Park - Hobart Spring Schools/Twilight #1AustralopersOrienteering Tasmania150
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Launceston Church Grammar - Launceston Spring Twilight #2Esk ValleyOrienteering Tasmania40
Thu 24/10
Fri 25/10
Sat 26/10
Sun 27/10Waterworks - Hobart Local #10AustralopersOrienteering Tasmania76
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w 44Mon 28/10
Tue 29/10
Wed 30/10Heritage Forest - Launceston Spring Twilight #3Esk ValleyOrienteering Tasmania31
Hobart College, Mt Nelson - Hobart Spring Schools/Twilight #2AustralopersOrienteering Tasmania159
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Thu 31/10