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17 events were found between 01/11/2020 and 31/12/2020 with the following selection: Orienteering Tasmania, International event, Championship event, National event, State event, Local event, Club event.

Date Event Organiser States
w 44Sun 1/11
w 45Mon 2/11
Tue 3/11
Wed 4/11Bonus Event -QR Code Come & Try Tailrace Esk ValleyOrienteering Tasmania27
Tailrace Park- Launceston Spring Twilight #3Esk ValleyOrienteering Tasmania45
Mt Nelson - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight #3AustralopersOrienteering Tasmania178
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Thu 5/11
Fri 6/11
Sat 7/11
Sun 8/11Stringy Bark Gully - Southern Local #10AustralopersOrienteering Tasmania72
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w 46Mon 9/11
Tue 10/11
Wed 11/11St Anthony's - Launceston Spring Twilight #4Esk ValleyOrienteering Tasmania40
Rose Bay - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight #4AustralopersOrienteering Tasmania117
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Thu 12/11
Fri 13/11
Sat 14/11
Sun 15/11Kingston Beach Foreshore - Southern Local #11AustralopersOrienteering Tasmania71
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w 47Mon 16/11
Tue 17/11
Wed 18/11Trevallyn - Launceston Spring Twilight #5Esk ValleyOrienteering Tasmania36
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Cornelian Bay - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight #5AustralopersOrienteering Tasmania153
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Thu 19/11
Fri 20/11
Sat 21/11
Sun 22/117 Mile Beach - Southern Local #11AustralopersOrienteering Tasmania77
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w 48Mon 23/11
Tue 24/11
Wed 25/11Prospect High School- Launceston Spring Twilight #6Esk ValleyOrienteering Tasmania45
Botanical Gardens - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight #6AustralopersOrienteering Tasmania195
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Thu 26/11
Fri 27/11
Sat 28/11
Sun 29/11
w 49Mon 30/11
Tue 1/12
Wed 2/12Heritage Forest - Launceston Spring Twilight #7 Christmas EventEsk ValleyOrienteering Tasmania31
Thu 3/12
Fri 4/12
Sat 5/12
Sun 6/12Howrah - Southern Local - Christmas EventAustralopersOrienteering Tasmania97
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Tiagarra West - NW Region - NW Local #5PathfindersOrienteering Tasmania21
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w 50Mon 7/12
Tue 8/12
Wed 9/12
Thu 10/12
Fri 11/12
Sat 12/12
Sun 13/12Event management, course planning, and controllingOrienteering TasmaniaOrienteering Tasmania18
w 51Mon 14/12
Tue 15/12
Wed 16/12
Thu 17/12
Fri 18/12
Sat 19/12
Sun 20/12
w 52Mon 21/12
Tue 22/12
Wed 23/12
Thu 24/12
Fri 25/12
Sat 26/12
Sun 27/12
w 53Mon 28/12
Tue 29/12
Wed 30/12
Thu 31/12Purchase of Re-Usable O CupsAustralopersOrienteering Tasmania23